Ilhan Omar is on the verge of tears because of one thing Brett Kavanaugh is about to do

There are few people the radical Left hates more than Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

They worked overtime to keep him off the Supreme Court, only to fail miserably.

And now Ilhan Omar is on the verge of tears because of one thing Kavanaugh is about to do.

Now that Justice Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, he can truly get his revenge for the indefensible way the Left treated him during his confirmation.

They painted him as a serial rapist, despite Kavanaugh having evidence to counter all of their despicable claims.

That’s why far-Left Democrats like Ilhan Omar are terrified after the Department of Justice argued before the Supreme Court that they have no legal authority to issue work permits to DACA migrants.

You can expect Kavanaugh to side with Trump’s DOJ on this one.

Breitbart News reports:

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) has quietly told the Supreme Court that it does not have the legal authority to issue work permits to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) migrants and has effectively invited the court to block the annual award of more than one million work permits to migrants.

“If the [judges] make a decision, it would have a huge impact,” said John Miano, a lawyer who is seeking to end two of the many work-permit programs. Prior presidents created the two programs, which allow U.S. companies and Indian managers in the United States to annually hire roughly 150,000 Indians for technology jobs sought by American graduates.

The invite is on page 19 of a “Reply Brief” that DOJ sent to the Supreme Court on October 28. The court will hear the DACA case on November 12.

The DOJ’s brief narrows the department’s prior 2018 claim that Section 1324a of federal law allows the administration to approve an unlimited number of work permits for foreigners.”

DACA was an Obama administration proposal that did not go through Congress and gave millions of illegal immigrants the ability to gain entitlement benefits in the United States despite not being citizens.

On the campaign trail, Trump called for repealing DACA, which really just means allowing it to expire, as it is something that must be renewed.

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138 Responses

  1. Debbie Downer says:

    Trump is a capitalist, not a communist.
    Learn the difference you idiot.

  2. Debbie Downer says:

    Joe, you are the one that is an idiot embarrassing yourself on this website.
    Allah is not the God of the bible. In fact, Mohammed denounced the Christian God as a fake God because He is in 3 persons.
    Maybe you shouldn’t talk about Allah anymore.

  3. Debbie Downer says:

    Allah is not the God of the bible.

  4. Mark Fontenot says:

    Sorry this Canadians are the true owners of this land. Not some proud animal name thief. Sitting bull? Eagle feathers? Ha, they are Jose or jesus, that is all

  5. Warren Abraham says:

    I believe it should be repealed, but setup a pathway for citizenship as long as they can show employment and stay employed. they receive now special benefits

  6. Culper Ring says:

    That’s actually close to a pretty good idea.

  7. Tennessee Hawk says:

    Didn’t kill all of them. My GRANDPARENTS AND DADDY were REAL AMERICAN INDIANS. They left the reservation and got a JOB. If you were a REAL RED MAN you would, too.

  8. Tennessee Hawk says:

    Because my GRANDPARENTS AND DADDY were REAL AMERICAN INDIANS. What were yours? Camels?

  9. Edward Quirk says:

    The US should issue unlimited numbers of H1 visas to companies who want them.
    The MINIMUM salary that would be paid to a H1a recipient would be $150,000 per year (net after recruitment expenses. This would insure that these are actually required skilled people and not just CHEAP labor to replace American workers. I believe you will find that this will result in a natural reduction of the corporate demand for H1s

  10. A Seeker says:

    YES! Americans must Come FIRST!! Close the Boarder! Deport all ILLEGALES

  11. Jim Arvin says:

    Being born here of parents, grand-parents, great-great-grandparents who ere also born here. I know it won’t matter to you, but we do have the same laws as every other country. One cannot travel the world without a passport or permission…

  12. Culper Ring says:

    The title of this article is misleading, as DACA has nothing to do with Ilhan Omar.

  13. TOM says:

    We’ve gone down so low as a country that we now post ???? from the guy that instructed Bush Sr on how to pardon Reagen for TREASON for the Iran Contra affair, no we’re not a 3rd world country we are far worse than that we a country of lawless morons following the tangerine man to hell eating it all up, his ???? and calling him the greatest thing since apple pie how disgusting RETARDicans have become how much more anti American can you be we’ll see from future witnesses because you morons haven’t hit bottom yet how pathetic low lifers are.

  14. TOM says:

    Evidently you love to color, I have an account set up at Dollar General for all Cheeto man fan and or supporters, just walk in tell them you love you’re supreme leader you will get a free coring book and one free red crayon to color you’re communist flag red have fun this one’s on me.

  15. Debbie Downer says:

    Actually, you are the one that is a moron Joey. Allah is not the Jewish / Christian God. The God of the bible is a triune God in 3 persons, and Allah is one god in the Koran. Furthermore, our only knowledge of Christ comes from biblical scripture so when Mohammad denied Christ’s deity and His miracles, and his resurrection then he denies Christ and his father in heaven.
    You are a moron that calls other people stupid from your own ignorance.

  16. Daniel J Barre says:

    I agree with all what you just said. And it must be done as soon as possible. But, here we have problem: some of our fellow citizen American are fools. they love iliegals, more than their own fellow Americans and their own country. have of others are don’t care anything. And as you know numbers matter. That is why the law applicable to only real Americans not people like this Ilhan Omar. So, we should educate and inform our own people , what is in store for them and threats that is coming to our way of life and to our children.

  17. Joe Bagadonuts says:

    Ah But remember that we made the parents watch us rape their daughters in Iraq.Then we made them watch us shoot them after that. Then we made them watch us piss on them. The we shot the parents. All this was done by US soldiers .

  18. Joe Bagadonuts says:

    ALLAH IS GOD. Stop being a moron and try opening up a book and read something intelligent. PLEASE.

  19. Joe Bagadonuts says:

    Musty must be that stupid as Allah is the word for God in Arabic.Muslims, Christians and Jews pray to the same Allah. Muslims and Christians revere Jesus. Jews feared him and wanted him dead. Period, end of discussion from morons that know nothing about Islam. I am Catholic for 70 years now.

  20. Joe Bagadonuts says:


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