Hillary Clinton made a stunning announcement about Joe Biden that could change everything

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are unsteady allies.

Both want to run for President in 2024.

And Hillary Clinton made a stunning announcement about Joe Biden that could change everything.

There is increased speculation in the Democrat Party that Joe Biden will not run for re-election in 2024.

In an unheard of rebuke, national Democrats have gone on the record in multiple outlets – including the New York Times – expressing their hope that Joe Biden will not run in 2024 or refusing to endorse him for that race.

One of the Democrats clearly eyeing a post-Biden political landscape is Hillary Clinton.

Clinton made every move a prospective Presidential candidate would make.

But at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Clinton also performed one of the rituals anyone looking to run for President would make – and that is to express support for the incumbent, even if it’s fake.

“I would endorse our sitting President, yes, of course,” Clinton responded when asked if she would endorse Joe Biden for re-election.

“I mean, this is a silly question,” Clinton continued.

Clinton’s oddly phrased answer where she made sure to identify Biden as “our sitting President” stuck out.

Using the phrase “sitting President” made it clear that Clinton only intended to support Joe Biden for re-election, but said nothing of the sitting Vice President Kamala Harris, who could be a potential opponent in the 2024 Primary.

Clinton couched her support for Biden in terms of electability.

“Let’s go with the person most likely to win,” Clinton added. “Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in a huge landslide victory in the popular vote. I think that says a lot.”

No potential candidate wants to be seen as encouraging a Primary challenge to a sitting President.

An incumbent President facing a Primary challenge spells doom for the General Election.

And any Democrat supporting a Primary to Joe Biden who hands the Presidency to Donald Trump or another Republican risks the wrath of rank-and-file Democrats as well as the donor class.

That’s why Hillary Clinton offered up a carefully-worded endorsement of Joe Biden that does not close the door on her own 2024 Presidential campaign.

Each day that passes, Joe Biden’s approval number sinks lower.

And the reality of a Hillary Clinton 2024 comeback grows larger.

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