Hillary Clinton faces two questions about spying on Trump and the answers terrify Democrats

The corporate-controlled media pulled out all the stops to try and cover up special counsel John Durham’s bombshell court filing about Hillary Clinton’s team spying on Donald Trump.

But Clinton and her allies can’t hide forever.

And Hillary Clinton now faces two questions about spying on Donald Trump and the answers terrify Democrats.

Former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland published an op-ed on Fox News laying out the concerning stakes of John Durham’s latest court filing.

In the court filing, Durham alleged that a tech executive worked with lawyers from Clinton’s campaign to mine the servers at Trump Tower and at the Executive Office of the President to create a false narrative that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016.

Durham also alleged that the Clinton team took their so-called “findings” to the CIA in 2017.

McFarland explained that this shocking court document raised two big questions – did the Clinton campaign keep the intelligence community in the loop about the espionage campaign against Trump, and how did they not know Clinton put him under surveillance once he became President?

McFarland wrote:

First, did the intelligence community know the Clinton campaign was hacking into Trump’s campaign, presidential transition and White House offices? If so, did they just look the other way? Did they stand on the sidelines while the Big Lie was spread far and wide? Or, did they actually participate in the effort to spy on Donald Trump?

If the intelligence community knew nothing about Clinton’s efforts to infiltrate Trump’s campaign, why not? Did they know about the ongoing surveillance when Trump was president-elect, and then sworn in as president? A key part of their job is to keep a president’s communications secure, including from hackers both foreign and domestic.

For all the hoopla in the corporate-controlled media about how every fake scandal cooked up by anti-Trump reporters was “worse than Watergate,” this enterprise actually seems to fit the bill.

The corporate-controlled media has tried to ignore or downplay the story since it dropped.

In order to delegitimize it in the minds of the broader public, corporate-controlled media outlets tried to stigmatize Durham’s filing as a hobby horse of the conservative press.

Instead of reporting on the story, the corporate-controlled press wants to provide cover for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Members of the press lie about this story because they understand telling the truth would help Donald Trump.

And given the choice between lying in service of a narrative or telling the truth and having mobs on social media accuse reporters of helping Trump, reporters will always pick lying.

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