Hillary Clinton accused Tucker Carlson of committing this serious crime

The Left is coming after Tucker Carlson.

Leftists believe they can use Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to silence Carlson once and for all.

And Hillary Clinton accused Tucker Carlson of committing this serious crime.

Hillary Clinton hosted Anne Applebaum of the Atlantic on the latest episode of Clinton’s podcast.

Applebaum is one of the mouthpieces for the pro-war establishment that dominates both political parties.

After Applebaum spent years lying about how Donald Trump was a fascist threat to America, she now has trained her venom on Tucker Carlson.

Clinton teed up Applebaum by asking her how Russia viewed Carlson and other America First conservatives who oppose war with Russia.

“How do you think Russia views somebody like Tucker Carlson and the other Trump apologists?” Clinton asked.

Applebaum claimed Americans like Tucker Carlson who looked skeptically at the prospect of war with Russia were the equivalent of the leftists during the Cold War who apologized for the Soviet Union’s evil.

Applebaum falsely claimed that Carlson and the 74 million Americans who supported Donald Trump actually hated America.

“The role of the Trump apologist is truly interesting. For me, it invokes the left-wing apologists for communism in the last century. I think their behavior comes out of something similar- their dislike of their own country, of the United States, the nature of modern America is so strong that they are looking for alternatives anywhere. Even if those are autocratic,” Applebaum began.

Applebaum then claimed, without citing evidence, that Carlson read talking points directly fed to him by the Kremlin, calling him a “useful idiot” – the name the Russians gave to dupes during the Cold War who unwittingly spread Moscow’s propaganda.

“I don’t know exactly where Tucker gets his information but some of it is quite specific. He’s made specific comments about things the Ukrainians have done that someone is feeding him information about how to describe the war and giving him ideas. Then, of course, that information is very, very useful for the Putin regime to play it back on Russian TV. Tucker Carlson appears quite frequently and it’s used as evidence that ‘we have support in America’. He’s literally a useful idiot. He’s getting information from someone with ties to Russia. I don’t know who that is and I don’t want to speculate,” Applebaum added.

“He’s acting as a conduit for the Russian government,” Applebaum concluded.

“Mm-hmm,” Clinton readily agreed.

This is the tact the establishment in both parties take.

Anyone who questions the pro-war consensus that unites establishment Democrats and Republicans is labeled a traitor or a Russian stooge.

The voices who favor war do this because they don’t want to debate the fact that the conflict they are calling for could lead to an apocalyptic nuclear war with Russia.

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