George Soros is shaking with anger after a Judge shot down his pro-BLM plan

George Soros has spent boatloads of his multi-billion dollar fortune on far-left causes.

He is trying to mold America and the world in his far-left globalist vision.

But now George Soros is shaking with anger after a Judge shot down his pro-BLM plan.

George Soros is involved in virtually every far-left cause you can think of.

From gun control, to illegal immigration and radical environmental causes, he has thrown untold amounts of money to bolster fake grassroots movements.

But there may be no cause he cares about more than the Black Lives Matter movement.

In 2020 alone his foundation flooded at least $220 million to BLM-linked causes.

On top of that he has funded countless campaigns of far-left politicians all the way down the ballot to promote their anti-police agenda.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is one of his crown jewels, with him spending $2.2 million to unseat then-District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Ironically, Lacey was the first black woman to hold the job, but was found to be insufficiently radical for Black Lives Matter radicals.

Since winning the position in 2020, Gascon has moved full-speed ahead to please Soros, attempting to push radical “criminal justice reform” policies.

Reforms he has attempted to implement include ending cash bail, a prohibition against prosecutors seeking the death penalty, an end to sentence enhancements for most aggravating circumstances, and a refusal to prosecute the state’s “three strikes law.”

But the Soros puppet is already facing hurdles after a judge put a stop to many of his radical proposals.

Judge James Chalfant issued a preliminary injunction on Monday barring Gascon’s refusal to prosecute California’s three strikes law, along with restricting him from dismissing special circumstance allegations without legal grounds.

The Los Angeles Judge blasted Gascon for his extreme actions, stating that he “cannot order his prosecutors to ignore laws that protect the public from repeat offenders.”

“The District Attorney’s disregard of the Three Strikes law ‘plead and prove’ requirement is unlawful, as is requiring deputy DA’s to seek dismissal of pending sentencing enhancements without a lawful basis,” the ruling judge’s ruling reads.

This isn’t the first time in recent history a Soros-funded official has been smacked down by a Judge.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner – who is bankrolled by Soros – was disqualified from prosecuting Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who were forced to defend their home with weapons in the face of a BLM mob, after a Circuit Judge found her unable to be impartial in the case.

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