Fox News just crossed an unthinkable line that will make your blood boil

Fox News Channel is supposed to be the one corporate-controlled media outlet that challenges the pro-Democrat Party narrative in the press.

But what just happened left conservatives scratching their heads.

And Fox News just crossed an unthinkable line that will make your blood boil.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is one of the most fanatical gun grabbers in all of Washington, D.C.

Senator Murphy routinely seizes on mass shootings to deploy emotional blackmail in an attempt to pressure Republicans into gutting the Second Amendment and disarming law-abiding American citizens.

Fox News is now helping Murphy in his quest to ban and confiscate firearms.

Murphy is leading a push to trick Republican Senators into accepting the framework for a national red flag confiscation law which would allow left-wing judges to order law enforcement to kick down doors and seize firearms.

Fox News allowed Murphy to promote his anti-gun crusade with an op-ed on their website.

Murphy said he only had a modest agenda in these negotiations, while falsely claiming he supports the Second Amendment.

“But before I could take my seat, the campaign had begun to try to make conservative gun owners believe my offer wasn’t sincere – that I really had a secret agenda to take people’s guns away. That isn’t true. That’s never been true. I believe that the Second Amendment protects a citizen’s right to buy and own firearms,” Murphy wrote.

Murphy then made it clear that his ultimate goal was banning entire classifications of firearms.

“But I also believe that like every constitutional right, there are limits. I don’t believe the Constitution protects the right of criminals or people with serious mental illness to own weapons. And while all of us might draw the line in a different place, I think we all agree that the Constitution allows Congress to decide which weapons are so dangerous as to be kept exclusively in the hands of the military,” Murphy added.

Murphy also admitted the national gun registration database and red flag confiscation laws that he supports would not have prevented the most recent tragedies.

“I don’t know if any of these reforms would have stopped the massacre at Robb Elementary or at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo,” Murphy added.

But Murphy made it clear that his real goal was to pass a “narrow” gun control bill to open the door for more legislation down the road that would ban and confiscate firearms.

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