Fox News asked Joe Biden the one question that all of America wanted answered

For the first time in nearly 90 days Joe Biden held a press conference.

Biden appeared to be taking scripted questions from fake news reporters and offering up scripted answers.

But then Fox News asked Joe Biden the one question that all of America wanted answered.

In his first press conference in nearly three months Joe Biden faced softball question after softball question from fake news “reporters.”

Fox News reporter Doug McKewly finally broke and asked Joe Biden about his declining mental state.

Biden claimed – without providing any evidence – that he has been tested for cognitive decline and is “constantly tested.”

In typical fashion, no fake news reporters asked Biden to provide documentation of his previous tests of cognitive decline.

Nor did they press the former Vice President to provide evidence that he was tested on a regular basis for cognitive decline.

Anyone who watches Joe Biden for more than five minutes can see he is clearly past his prime.

Fake news outlets like CNN ran stories for days and weeks on unsubstantiated and baseless conspiracy theories about President Trump being “mentally ill.”

But on a routine basis, Joe Biden will forget what state he is in or what office he is running for.

And instead of pressing him on this issue, the Fake News Media was content to let Biden lie to their faces about being tested regularly for cognitive decline.

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25 Responses

  1. locano5998 says:

    It Seems As Though FOX is Trying To Get Rid Of Anyone Who Is Not Woke Enough , Maybe It Would Be A Good Idea To Leave …

  2. Rusty Shamrock says:

    Biden’s cognitive testing happens every time he opens his mouth in public and he frequently fails the test but he’s too gone to know it. His family and advisors ought to really be ashamed of themselves for elder abuse.

  3. AD says:

    I800 hitman .that’s a good sure many are thinking about it or leaving the country , or maybe have Hillarys call out her FBI friends

  4. Myron says:

    Joe Biden will forget he’s running and then
    Hillary will show up to run…
    Altho bill is worried all his trips to that
    Island will come out.
    That’s no problem tho as they have their solution
    1 800 HITMAN

  5. MANDAGUEVOS says:


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