Elizabeth Warren was caught on tape admitting one truth that will devastate Democrats

Democrats are already facing stiff headwinds in the Midterm elections.

But now there is a circular firing squad on the Left.

And Elizabeth Warren was caught on tape admitting one truth that will devastate Democrats.

Polls show the economy and inflation are the top issues for voters heading into November.

Inflation reached a 4-year high in March of 8.5 %.

Last year, Joe Biden falsely claimed inflation was “transitory” and worked with Congressional Democrats to ram through a $1.9 trillion Blue-state bailout bill.

Liberal economists like former Harvard President Larry Summers warned the bill was inflationary.

But Democrats ignored the red flags and plowed ahead anyway.

Now, one year later, and Democrats are on the defensive over inflation and looking to deflect blame.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on the Pod Save America podcast, where she tried to thread the inflation needle by falsely claiming the Blue-state bailout bill, which only spent a fraction of the money on COVID relief, was necessary.

“We got out there, just about a year ago right now, and passed what was called the American Rescue package. And you may remember, it was a lot of money, but it was money that went into vaccines and the — kind of the community health center way of getting distribution out, it was money that went into getting our schools open again and making sure they would have the resources to do that, and it was money that went into small businesses to keep those little businesses open and to keep jobs open, and it worked. People have jobs. And that 7 million figure, that’s not just an abstraction,” Warren began.

But Warren admitted that the Blue-state bailout bill added to inflation while trying to baselessly claim the inflation that occurred on Joe Biden’s watch was someone else’s fault.

“And yes, putting that money in at the same time that you then turned around and hit shifts in demand because of the pandemic, supply chain kinks because of the pandemic, Putin both driving up the cost of oil and the cost of wheat and soy and other things that are produced in Ukraine, but the other one is watching the giant corporations, particularly where there’s a lot of concentration. These giant corporations said, everyone’s talking about price increases. This, they saw, was their chance to pass along costs…but to take another dollop on the price scale and just boost their profits. So, we’ve got all these companies that are at record profits, and because of increased concentration, there’s no way to compete with those prices back down. So, you’ve got these multiple threads running through here,” Warren concluded.

The biggest political mistake of Joe Biden’s Presidency was underestimating inflation.

Now Democrats are left scrambling to try and perform damage control as their Party careens towards disaster in November.

And even reliable leftists like Elizabeth Warren are trying to pass the blame to Joe Biden in some form or fashion.

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