Elizabeth Warren told one lie about the Supreme Court that Clarence Thomas will hate

Democrats continue to rage about the Supreme Court.

But the Left’s temper tantrums are not based on reality.

And Elizabeth Warren told one lie about the Supreme Court that Clarence Thomas will hate.

During a recent CBS interview with left-wing propagandist Stephen Colbert, Warren made the case for Democrats to eliminate the filibuster and ram through a massive federal power grab that would essentially place Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of elections.

The bill would grant rapists, child molesters, and killers the right to vote the moment they walk out of prison.

This power grab would also mandate ballot-harvesting schemes in all 50 states, while also requiring no-excuse absentee voting.

The legislation also makes cheating easier by gutting voter ID laws.

In her interview with Colbert, Warren claimed the Democrats needed to pass this bill to rig elections in their favor because of recent Supreme Court decisions that returned election administration to the states.

“When Dr. King spoke [in 1957], it was truly the case that because of restrictive state laws, that, principally, African Americans were denied the opportunity to vote,” Warren began.

Warren falsely claimed that a 2013 Supreme Court decision from Clarence Thomas and the Court’s other conservative Justices – which ended the practice of southern states needing permission from the federal government – restricted voting in America.

“And voting increased over time — but then, an extremist United States Supreme Court a few years ago gutted the Voting Rights Act. That all by itself just opened the door to restricting voting,” Warren said.

In 2020, more Americans voted than ever before.

And there are currently no bills in any state in America that would restrict access to the ballot box.

Some Republican-led states passed legislation to roll back the emergency pandemic voting measures and to strengthen voter ID laws.

But there is not a single piece of legislation anywhere in America that denies anyone the right to vote.

That is a blatant lie that Leftists like Elizabeth Warren constantly tell.

And it’s also one the media’s so-called “fact checkers” never call out.

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