Elijah Cummings is in major trouble because of this one crime

The Fake News Media is portraying Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings (D) as a saint.

Cummings is being built up by the media so they can attack President Trump as a racist.

But now Elijah Cummings is in major trouble because of this one crime.

Ever since Donald Trump told the truth about Baltimore under Democrat Party rule – that it is a crime, drug, and rodent-infested nightmare thanks to decades of Democrat neglect – the Fake News Media was quick to cast Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings as a salt of the earth “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” type who heroically fights for constituents so they could smear Donald Trump as a racist.

But Elijah Cummings is no saintly do-gooder.

He is a corrupt swamp creature.

Cummings’ wife is facing an ethics complaint filed with the Maryland State Attorney General alleging she used a charity to get rich.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The complaint asked Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh to investigate the financial relationship between the Center for Global Policy Solutions and Rockeymoore’s for-profit consulting firm, Global Policy Solutions LLC.

The similarly named entities shared an address, phone number, projects, funding sources, and had a cost-sharing arrangement that raises questions about a “potentially improper financial benefit to Ms. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings and her husband, Representative Elijah Cummings,” the complaint asserts.

“This is a unique situation that warrants necessary oversight to maintain public confidence in nonprofit donations,” said FACT’s executive director Kendra Arnold in a letter to Frosh.

Rockeymoore’s foundation came under scrutiny earlier this year after the Washington Examinerreported that the foundation had accepted millions of dollars from corporations and special interest groups with business before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a committee led by Cummings, a Maryland congressman.
The Center for Global Policy Solutions faced previous controversy when companies with business before Cummings’ committee donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the supposed “non-profit.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in these ongoing investigations.

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392 Responses

  1. Will Penny says:

    Larry right on ,. I agree 100%

  2. Blue says:

    You’re so right, Larry, we’ve finally got a President who doesn’t give-in to these Candyass leftists!!

  3. The only division is between right and wrong.Finally somebody’s standing up for the right,Donald Trump????????

  4. Juanita says:

    Gonzales you have never lied in your life if your are a republican vote for Trump everybody lies once in a while

  5. Darrel Davidson says:

    I know about The Man and his 4 Baby Momma’s Marrying only one of Them… He’s More Like A Devil Then A Saint….

  6. mark says:

    cummings and the democrats keep talking about trump’s tax return,, how did he make his millions, Maxine waters made over 50 million and Pelosi made over 100 million dollars as congress men and congress women this is the crap that needs to be investigated

  7. libra says:

    Maybe Cummins should reveal where he and trophy wifey got the millions to buy that condo in the Baltimore RITZ CARLETON. It is in trophy wifey’s name….. The deed that is… Where do they get the thousands per month for maintenance fees.?. Cummings had to do some fast talking when his apartment was robbed.. It is an address used strictly to give him a voting address in his district. It is a vacant apartment and not in an area a man of his caliber would live. He is above living where he votes. They are corruptocrats–drain the swamp

  8. Saint Cumming Head Of The Ethics Committee What A Joke, That’s Like Having The Devil At The Gates Of Heaven..Lol… By The Way I Believe Saint Cumming Has 4 Baby Mamma’s Marrying Only One Of Them… Maybe Saint Peter?

  9. Don says:

    Cummins is a racist P.O.S just like Sharpton and Obama. Baltimore is a trash town with trash politicians running it.Just look at the mayor when the riots started and what she allowed them to do…

  10. read more says:

    Right here is the perfect webpage for everyone who would like to find out about this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not
    that I really will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a
    fresh spin on a topic which has been discussed for decades.
    Excellent stuff, just excellent!

  11. robert says:


  12. robert says:

    cummings, WHERE S THE MONEY????

  13. r.b, warke says:


  14. Kathy says:

    Corrupt and incapable of running anything as most affirmative action politicians.

  15. robert says:

    his whole life!

  16. Will Penny says:

    Damn Right there brainwashing our children From preschool thru college , It’s like President Ronny Reagan said in a speech at Pearl Harbor on Memorial Day years back , ” Liberalism is the ruin of all Free Nations without a doubt ” , Well , Ronny Nailed that one , he was right then and still is now ,. God Bless him , Thank God for Donald Trump our President , I just bet Ronny is smiling down from above , GOD BLESS AMERICA

  17. Larry says:

    Elijah Cummings has been CORRUPT his entire career.

  18. Margarey says:

    Amen!! Clean out all schools!! Stop federal to all colleges who practice silencing conservative views. Put pray back in school

  19. Deplorable Betty says:

    And you are a twit! I’m a 76y.o. Great grandmother, Republican, gun rights advocate & gun owner, (you know, that 2 nd. Amendment thing), pro LEGAL immigration PRO lifer & a Trump supporter, not trash!!! Understand!!! Now go to your room & see if you can behave like a human!!!

  20. Marilyn says:

    You are a creep, Scary future.

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