Dr. Fauci will never be able to live down this massive failure

Donald Trump is moving past Dr. Fauci’s failed strategy to lockdown the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The results do not look good.

And Dr. Fauci will never be able to live down this massive failure.

Dr. Fauci spent weeks warning that it was too soon to reopen the economy and that states that ignored his advice to maintain indefinite lockdowns risked a second spike of cases that would overwhelm the health care system.

Fauci warned fake news CNN and Congress that reopening the country could lead to “needless suffering and deaths.”

Once again, Fauci’s doomsday warnings were proved to be fake news.

ABC analyzed the data from 21 states that reopened their economies and found no increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

Fauci pressed a shutdown strategy based on apocalyptic predictions that were in no way based in reality.

The claim that unless America shut down its economy 2 million people would die between now and August was fiction of the highest order.

Yet Dr. Facui peddled this nonsense to initiate job killing lockdowns.

Now the data from states that have reopened their economies is rolling in and once again Dr. Fauci’s doom and gloom prognostications about the toll of the coronavirus have been proved to be fake news.

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