Donald Trump made one huge change with the military that will leave you speechless

The American people elected Donald Trump to rebuild the U.S. military.

President Trump has spent three years working to restore American armed forces after eight years of neglect by Barack Obama.

And now Donald Trump made one huge change with the military that will leave you speechless.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper rocked Washington, D.C. on Sunday with the news that President Trump fired Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer.

Spencer was on thin ice after pushing to remove the Trident pin from Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher which would remove him from the ranks.

Bloomberg reports:

Defense Secretary Mark Esper asked and received the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer on Sunday over his handling of the case of a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes in Iraq that angered President Donald Trump.

I was not pleased with the way that Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s trial was handled by the Navy,” Trump said in a series of tweets after Spencer’s ouster was announced by the Pentagon. Trump confirmed that Kenneth Braithwaite, the U.S. Ambassador to Norway since 2018, will be nominated as his replacement.

Esper acted after learning Spencer had approached White House officials privately about the case of Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher. The request was first reported by the Washington Post.

The secretary lost “trust and confidence in him regarding his lack of candor over conversations with the White House involving the handling of” Gallagher, Defense Department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in an emailed statement.

Gallagher was acquitted of war crimes charges and President Trump declared he would keep his rank.

But Spencer pressed forward with a military review board that could have kicked Gallagher out of the SEALs in spite of President Trump’s directive.

That was an act of insubordination and Spencer paid for it with his job.

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126 Responses

  1. Culper Ring says:

    What’s the relevance of that?

  2. samuel crisp says:

    US Marines say Semper Fi.

  3. samuel crisp says:

    You wanna see US troops lined up with dead body, bodies just look at library books of the WW2 Holocost or you may find them on Youtube?

  4. volsfans says:

    wrong again Bill Clinton was a draft dodger. went to Canada, smoked funny weed ,

  5. Culper Ring says:

    Right. Gallagher was not convicted of murder. Good catch.

  6. iam cooper says:

    You ain’t too bright, isn’t ya!

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