Donald Trump just made an announcement that has CNN shaking in their boots

President Trump has put CNN in a box.

When he first used the term “fake news” to describe the Leftwing media’s constant lies, the label stuck.

But Trump’s latest announcement could put the final nail in CNN’s “fake news” coffin.

In the last week of 2017, the Trump organization sent out a series of emails asking his supporters to vote on the top “fake news” story of 2017.

Now it looks like he will release the results to the public.

President Trump tweeted that he will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year.

Meanwhile, the Leftwing media is trying to ban the term “fake news” because it has been so effective at discrediting their biased reporting.

NPR Michigan reports:

President Donald Trump’s favorite way of describing news reports he doesn’t like tops this year’s list of banned words and phrases.

Lake Superior State University has been producing its annual tongue-in-cheek list of overused words and phrases for more than 40 years.

List editor John Shibley says “fake news” received more nominations from the general public than any other word or phrase on the list.

They may not like it, but as long as CNN continues to pump out biased and dishonest stories the “fake news” label will continue to stick.

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