Donald Trump just made a major announcement about the next Presidential debate

Both Democrats and Republicans are trying to figure out how Donald Trump testing positive for the coronavirus will affect the Presidential campaign.

The biggest question is the second Presidential debate scheduled for Miami on October 15.

And now Donald Trump just made a major announcement about the next Presidential debate.

Joe Biden’s campaign has said Biden will show up for the next debate.

But many political observers believe a staring contest is going on to see who blinks first and that Biden would like to cancel the remaining debates, but does not want to be seen as avoiding debating the President.

President Trump took the suspense of the situation away for the Republicans and announced on social media that he would be ready to debate on October 15 and planned to show up in Miami.

October 15 would be exactly two weeks after Donald Trump first tested positive for the coronavirus.

CDC guidelines say if you test positive for coronavirus you can leave isolation 10 days after symptoms first appeared, you have gone 24 hours with no fever without fever reducing medication and your other symptoms are improving.

That window puts Donald Trump well within range of being able to participate in the second Presidential debate.

There is no chance Donald Trump will refuse to participate in the next debate.

That puts all the pressure on Joe Biden to make a decision about appearing.

Biden’s handlers would surely prefer for Biden to sit on his supposed lead in the polls and run out the clock until Election Day.

But if Biden finds a way to back out of the debates he could pay a heavy political price.

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