Donald Trump just humiliated the globalist French President for all the world to see

French President Emmanuel Macron is making nasty attacks against Donald Trump.

Macron attacked Trump for declaring himself an American nationalist.

But Trump just humiliated Emmanuel Macron with this powerful response.

Macron used the 100th anniversary of the WWI armistice as a platform to attack President Trump’s embrace of the word “nationalism.”

President Trump fired back, “The problem is that Emmanuel suffers from a very low approval rating in France… He was just trying to get onto another subject.”

It’s no secret that Macron is not a fan of Trump.

Ever since Trump rejected the globalist Paris Agreement in 2016, Macron has become one of Trump’s biggest overseas critics.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump finally reacted on Tuesday to French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech condemning nationalism, noting his low approval ratings.

“The problem is that Emmanuel suffers from a very low Approval Rating in France, 26 percent, and an unemployment rate of almost 10 percent,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Despite Trump’s embrace of the word “nationalist” to describe his political thought, Macron warned the world that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism” during his speech marking the 100th year anniversary of the end of World War I.

Trump suggested that Macron was trying to distract from his unpopularity.

“He was just trying to get onto another subject,” Trump wrote. “By the way, there is no country more Nationalist than France, very proud people-and rightfully so! MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!”

Emmanuel’s attacks backfired and he embarrassed himself on an international stage.

Macron even stated that Europe needed to build a military to defend itself against Russia, China and even the United States.

Trump slammed him again for his ridiculous statement.

“Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two – How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!” – President Trump.

Europe has used the U.S. for our military strength while not paying their fair share for protection.

Meanwhile they push for socialism and allow illegal immigrants to stream in through their open borders.

Their globalist politicians, like Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, have eroded western European culture.

And they want the U.S. to adopt their failing model.

But President Trump knows that America cannot help the world if we don’t take care of our own problems first.


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81 Responses

  1. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!FOX NEWS!!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(McConnell, Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  2. James Rust says:

    Macron has ruined France’s economy by trying to reduce carbon dioxide by making motor fuels real expensive. Drivers November 17 stalled traffic all over France in response to Macron’s stupidity.

  3. The traveller says:

    Hey Macron: Does the word “FROG” sound eerily familiar to you?

      • The traveller says:

        Instead of coming back with “ribbit” as an answer, talk to ANY WWII veteran about WHY we vets give France the moniker of “FROG”. Look up the actual history of how “frog” came into play, and how it relates to France. Only then will you understand.

  4. Helene says:

    I’ve NEVER have thought to highly of the stupid French anyway, we lost many , many lives helping the French, during WW2 and what have they ever done for us, not a cotton-picking-thing, folks!

    • They tried to ruin us in the money market, DeGaul tried it twice and the Come along the EURO if memory serves me correctly don’t the French still owes us from the second world war ,financing them to rebuild.

  5. Mott says:

    Just remind him just WHO came to help the French in BOTH wars! The USA!

    • John Flynn says:

      AND bailed them out of VietNam in ’54 (French Indo-China). Was done secretly and this is when the USA started its entry into ‘Nam. Again, saved their asses!!

  6. Are you telling me that there are idiots in power in other countries besides the United States of America?

  7. Joseph says:

    If Pres. Trump is Putin’s puppet, why is Russia declaring a “state of war” exists between our countries?

  8. Statesman Patriot says:

    Macron is uneducated about WWII as well as being completely ignorant of definitions of words. Typical French coward! America saved their asses at least three times in modern history.
    Why do the French have rear view mirrors on their tanks? So they can keep an eye on the war!

    • Jondarmes says:

      You know the French are going to war when you see them installing back up lights on their tanks. The quality & condition of French milsurp rifles is superb, most are in NFDO condition. (Never Fired Dropped Once) BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  9. Daniel Mount says:

    Don’t forget who saved France from being taken over from Hitler and America stopped Hiler from killing even more French Jews as well not to mention how we sent Frace all of the trillions of dollars through the years to rebuild. And yet they disrespect Americans? We saved millions of French lives.

  10. walter says:

    Maga – go PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  11. Robert Morrow says:

    My Wife and I lived in France for over 4 years in a little French Village. I worked with the French workers and found them to be great People with Pride. What has happened the Slime ball corrupt Government, like the Vichy Government has sold them out again. I am sadden to see what has happen to the French People and France is no longer France, but a Globalist hate filled Government controlling hate filled to sell out to the Muslin haters. Many of my wonderful French Friends have passed on and will never have to see the Sell out by the Liberal Left haters who are so wrapped in the their hate of the wonderful things that they will destroy all. We now have that happening in our Republic the USA with the slime ball left and the lowest forms of life the corrupt lying so called Fake News People who should be tried for Treason again the County USA. My Wife and I have lived in many Country and found that the little People are the best and the problem is with the Slime Ball Politicians who will and have sold the people out for a little payola or power. Presently I am 90 years old and I despise what is being done by the hate filled Left. Enough said as most will not know of what I write. Retired ww2 Vet.

    • Carl Smith says:

      Many Thanks for your Service and like many Vets including myself WE Wonder Where the America we fought for gone?

    • pattyjo says:

      i know what you ar writing about i am76 and i since roosevelt i have watched our freedoms washed away by the so called people wswho know what’s best for us they don’t you cannot protect every body from every thing not now not ever our counttry is about to implod on itself i just pray i am not around to see much more one of the worst things in history was the truman marshall act in the 40’s after ww2

    • zee says:

      Thank you, Robert Morrow & God Bless You/Yours.
      Happy ThanksGiving ( & you did just that)__

    • James C Green says:

      Thanks for your service Robert. You DO understand what is going on in France AND the USA. Sad but true. We must educate the next generation or all that was fought for in WWII and Vietnam (where I served) will be lost.

  12. Hot Skillet says:

    Macron is a snowflake slowly melting.
    What a stupid ass.
    Maybe we ought to dig up Flanders Field and bring em on home

  13. Jazz says:

    Trump is right! To us Europeans it is becoming glaringly obvious that unfettered immigration is becoming increasingly problematic. It was the single biggest reason why the British people voted to leave the EU. Imagine, some Parisian women are dressing in Muslim clothing for fear of harrassment or rape by immigrants! Why has Stockholm become the rape capital of Europe – because Sweden has taken in the most immigrants per capita in Europe.

    Surely it’s fundimental that immigrants should show respect and gratitude to the host country not deliberate non-assimilation and sponging off welfare etc!

    Surely it makes perfect sense to introduce quotas and medical and criminal vetting to control immigration?

  14. Eric Granberg says:

    So called President Trump has embarrassed himself, and America, over and over. And his stupid supporters are so deaf and blind, but sadly not dumb, that they don’t understand it. But geeze do they mewl, puke and whine.

    • James Day says:

      It sounds as if you don’t know that you just perfectly described those on the Democratic Left. Don’t you just hate being wrong all of the time?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Granberg you must be on some extremely potent Psychedelic drugs you have absolutely no grasp on reality and there is only 1 cure for such people as you and only 1 hope for the truly cognizant and that is eradication of of people like you, I wait in anticipation of a Civil war so we have just cause to get rid of the crazies like you.

      • Rex Williams says:

        We don’t need another civil war that was horrible for our country to go through. If we could get some conservative college professors as opposed to all liberal teaching in our university their may be more a balance in debating on the merits. Even if Universities who recieve Federal Monies had to employ at least 40% conservative professors it would give some hope. The indoctrination by liberal at the University level is unbelievable, They indoctrinate hatred instead of open debate on issues. I appreciate your frustrations. Apparently 9/11 has been forgotten by the younger generation akin to war like Vietnam nobody wants to learn, where have all the educators gone?

        • Observer00 says:

          RW, “Where have all the flowers gone….”

        • BigJoe says:

          We’re already in a civil war. It may not be with guns and bayonets but there is one half of America trying to kill the other half with policies and positions that are destroying us. It’s getting to the point of no return and it feels like there is no stopping the devastation of this country unless we stop these people by whatever means necessary. They will never stop until we become just another third world country.

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      LOL>..hey Eric, remember when your gay communist coon Barry went on his world tour, apologizing for our great country? I do.

    • Murderous says:

      You don’t live in America, so shut up.

  15. Rex Williams says:

    America land of the free home of the brave. Nationalism is patriotism look it up in the dictionary. European allies are shameful when they speak against the United States of America who have sent thousands of American soldiers who have shed their blood on European soil to bring them freedom from tyranny and despot rulers. All these large cemeteries throughout Europe what a disgrace to speak ill of those who have given their lives that you’re of maybe free. They also forget the Marshall plan that help to rebuild Europe put together by the United States. I have one word for European leaders who have short memories of American Blood she’d and money given to help them gain back freedom. Fie!

  16. Truth HURTS says:

    It’s a shame a leader of another country is holding our president accountable which is something spineless Republicans refuse to do. I agree 100% with Macron. Nope not some far out Democrat, I’m an American who loves her country and the Trump administration is destroying our country.

    • Bill says:

      So you have been sucked in to the Progressive Globalist open border anti-cultural, anti-religious corner. the POTUS has pulled this country up from what was a losing agenda in the past. Yes, truth does hurt the NWO Globalist, at least you got that right.

    • thoughtful one says:

      And, truth hurts, Trump did not humiliate Macron, because Trump continually is the lowest rated president throughout his presidency. That is like Trump slamming Bill Clinton for having an affair, clearly Trump is more out of control than even Bill Clinton was. Europe no longer looks to America for leadership since Trump became president . . . Trump has NO loyalty to our allies.

      • Dude says:

        Thoughtless one-only another LIB will believe the trash you dump out. You have no clue what your talking about either. Answer why is it that people are once again wanting to come to America since Trump took office? It was going silent under Obama since they were trying to get away from dictatators and communists that Obama dwelled upon. His 4 books would tell you that also. His favorite sound that Obama ever heard was as a child. It was “the Islamic morning call to prayer.”Only done in muslim countries. Never once in Chicago, Hawaii, or in USA at all- EVER. His first speeches when he first ran for Pres. you LIBS foamed at the mouth and the lib media declared how intelligent he has to be to write such speeches! If you only did one simple thing and researched this yourself- you would see those were all Fidel Castro’s speeches when he first ran in Cuba.

    • BigJoe says:

      You are a completely uninformed fool that only thinks you know what you’re talking about. Move to France because you obviously think America is the problem. My guess is you’re also a lesbian which means you have no morals so your opinion means nothing. You don’t love America, you are what’s driving America into the ground. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time. Can’t say the same for that SOB Kenyan I’m sure you fawn all over. And thank God that fat old lady got beaten or we would have been screwed. Have a nice trip to France and don’t come back.

    • Dude says:

      Truth hurts- You have a right to show and tell your stupidity to people as you do and be proud of it. Keep listening to your liberal media and rejoice in your lunacy ! Trump is bringing this country back to being what we stand for. Not Obama’s and you LIBs third world country you so deeply desire. North Korea is the most perfect country for you right now. Kim Jung Un will accept you. He loves people who believe and obey everything they are told ( by the LIB media ) and refuse to listen to FREEDOM news. Your a perfect to fit right into communism which was Obama’s agenda.

  17. omegatalon says:

    What Macron and most of Europe forgets is that they live because of our country’s willingness to sacrifice our wealth and blood so they could live in freedom during WWII and continue to do so with our commitment to NATO; does Macron actually think if the United States withdrew from NATO that Russia would immediately launch an attack.

  18. MERRIDEE says:


  19. James Rust says:

    Great comment by Trump. The U. S. must preserve its culture as the only freedom loving and willing to preserve its society on the planet.

  20. T. Yoder says:

    Actually, Macron’s right about patriotism vs. nationalism. But I think Trump (& most people) think they’re the same. I understand what Trump meant because I see his actions as being FOR our country vs. AGAINST it. And I think Macron knew exactly what Trump meant, but since he doesn’t like him, he knit picked. What a little boy. I’m so glad Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind – it’s exactly what this country needs!

  21. GORDON says:


    • truthistruth says:

      We would NOT even be a democracy if we did not have French support during the Revolution.. The whole deep state is a conspiracy that Corsi made up with no substantial evidence – – I’ve read his book, it is a JOKE.

  22. Betty says:

    Of course the American President would “ fire back” verbally at the French President. An insecure, overinflated ego & childish immaturity wouldn’t allow that White House WORTHLESS WORM to act any other way!

    • Bill Rehs says:

      yes Trump fires back in the defense of our great country. Not bow down and kiss the ring of Islamic terrorist regimes like the former anti-American president he replaced.

      • truthistruth says:

        Trump just kisses the ring and body parts of Putin/Russia and the Saudi Prince. C O M P R O M I S E D!!

        • Celia says:

          You are truly an extreme negative person. Do you believe 100% in what the biased media tells you? Has it skewed your thinking totally? Even I who am a very conservative person in almost aspects of my life allow my opposites a point once in a while. Even Obama must have had a good point or two sometimes, not sure when but not 100% evil, probably. Much of what President Trump is trying to do for our country is laudable. Protecting the American people on many ways, our economy, patriotism, illegal immigration, etc. Take a deeper look, there is good out there.

        • Dude says:

          More LIB BS to dump out. You idiot, only another LIB will believe your LIB BS ! The rest of us know the truth and your crap doesn’t work with us. Okay T is T, give us proof of what you just said- PROVE IT ! You can’t ! Because it doesn’t exsist ! We know so well of your fantasy and make believe LIB BS and you talk and act like a elementary school child. But we do know how extremely proud you LIBs are of your stupidity and total BS and you obviously love to show it off ! If you had any evidence of what you claim, you would of given it and done so in a maturee way as well. Your a lost immature child that has to and only has fantasy and make believe trash to say about Trump. The worse you children spit out your LIB BS, the better we know Trump is doing ! You hate this coutry is doing so well. China and North Korea would absolutely love you deeply there ! GO ! You will be told one thing and that is final and you will worship and obey it there ! Just like you do here already with your LIB media BS !!!!! Your perfect and so ready to be a communist !!!! Not a chance to use your FREEDOM that you have in the USA to pay attention to FREE news. Your absolutely perfect for communism and you have proved it ! As a DEM you reject any FREE news and only listen to, worship, and obey LIB news !!!! Hitler, Stalin, and Castro to name 3 more current in time did the same thing- they all took over the media and told it as only they wanted it told. -PERIOD. It is how it helped them take over their free country. The exact same with you LIBS, worship, believe, and obey the liberal media and you do not ever try to use your FREEDOM to pay attention to the free news ! Just think, stay stupid and write more immature idiot stuff like an elementary school child and be proud of how immature and stupid you are.

    • Donna Lea Cypret says:

      Betty, Betty, Betty! You apparently have no idea and no concept as to the things that this President has accomplished. Get the bucket off your head. I know you can do it.

  23. Denise says:

    Trump we love you. Greatest First Lady too.

  24. Mikey says:

    Can hardly wait for the progressive left to pee their pants…

  25. Frances Carlson says:

    I love my president. I don’t mind his tweets and especially love the way he calls a spade a spade. I support him in every way. Go Trump, MAGA.

    • Aileen says:

      Agree with you. His toughness strengthens our country. Strength is not destroying of anything. It frightens people who don’t understand that he is not afraid, certainly not a coward by any means.

    • JoLa says:

      Frances – you have that right. Pres. Trump calls a spade a spade OK — and when attacked by his critics he responds by the “shovel full”. GO TRUMP, M.A.G.A.

  26. The traveller says:

    Hey Macron: Does the word “FROG” say anything to ya? That’s what France is…………….a nation of “FROGS”.

  27. Travis says:

    That’s my president! Go, Donald Trump, go. I’m so proud that we now have a president who doesn’t bend over every time a liberals feelings are hurt.

  28. drscot says:

    I think we should EXCLUDE France from our protection so long as Macron is in power! Let’s see how that works out for him! After all, he wants to build an Army to protect themselves from US? Go ahead! Let them! We know who our friends over there are and who they aren’t; who both the grateful ones and the ingrates are! Macron is no friend nor is he grateful for all the American lives sacrificed on his soil defending his forebears or their descendants. Jackboots and “Seig heil” should have suited him just fine. Come to think of it, collaboration suits him best.

    • Jackie Tashenberg says:

      I agree. Give France some reality and cut off all protection from America. They forget had it not been for America they would be speaking German. HEIL MACRON.

  29. Mike says:

    People of the world, the USA especially, better start educating themselves on what globalism is all about!!
    It’s designed to take away individual freedom and liberty and replace it with government control over ever aspects of the lives of the people.
    The people won’t have any rights in any decision. It’s all ran by the super rich of the world and is part of a global conspiracy.
    No freedom of speech, religion, press, gun ownership for protection, or what you eat, where you can go, who you can associate with etc:
    Educate yourself and your family. And fight globalism to the very end.

    • James Every says:

      Good for you too !!!

    • Shirley Harper says:


    • Lisa G Goff says:

      Amen Mike! You are so right!

    • Dude says:

      Mike- yes New World Order ( NWO) is what Hillary was up to. Globalism is just like being dictated and controlled or communism. There are DEM’s who want to be dictated and controlled and others who have no clue what NWO / globalism is about. But they just wanted Hillary. Clueless what she stood for nor knew if you asked a Hillary supporter what NWO is all about. They will tell you- if anything- a load of BS. Also- when a Liberal talks trash about Trump, make them show / give proof. Do not let them slide !

  30. Bill says:

    Macron has allowed so many Muslims into his country that soon they will be ruled by Shariah law. Good luck with that, you will surely regret that; especially your French women.

  31. Randall M says:

    Macron is a puppet of the Cabal, set on a new world order. Muslims have destroyed France and Macron is doing nothing to stop it.

    • Valentina says:

      You said it as it is. Obama was never elected… he was selected to destroy America just like Macron! I’m sure if the French recount , they will see Le Pen won with flying colors. If Romney fought for recount , he would have been president. The cabal was shocked when Trump threatened recount!
      Plus the elite deep state corrupt and western civilization killers underestimated the Americans who came out in full force to vote to save their country and freedom from the most corrupt clutches of heartless ruthless evil monster Hillary.
      Obama filled Fema camps with 100000s of guillotines and millions of coffins ! And they were not for illegals they desperately want in!
      Sanders win with flying colors but was silenced with possible millions?
      The end of America will happen within 6 months of democrats back in power

  32. Dave Miedema says:

    Who cares what the leader of the Surrender Monkeys thinks?

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