Donald Trump got one stunning message about picking a woman for Vice President

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Donald Trump keeps dropping clues about who he plans to pick as his running mate.

Trump’s base made their voice heard about who they would like to see.

And Donald Trump got one stunning message about picking a woman for Vice President.

Donald Trump’s Vice President Selection Options 

Donald Trump has many options in front of him for a Vice President.

He wants someone loyal to him and who will help him win in November.

Some supporters argue he should pick a conservative like Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) or entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy who will make sure the GOP stays loyal to the America First agenda after Trump leaves office in 2028.

Others – like former Trump White House advisor Kellyanne Conway – want to see him pick Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) to appeal to black men who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with President Joe Biden.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) would – unlike Scott – check that box as well as create a successor in the GOP who represents Trump’s MAGA policies.

Others think Trump needs to pick a woman to help him win back suburban female voters.

Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump faced this very question from a gathering of supporters.

Trump Supporters Reject Using Identity Politics to Pick a Vice President 

“Do you think Donald Trump would pick a woman for Vice President?” A Trump voter asked.

Lara Trump – who is about to become the Vice Chair of the Republican National Committee – turned the question around and polled the crowd on their opinion of that question.

“Do I think Donald Trump would pick a woman for Vice President? Let me hear from you guys! Who do you think he should pick?” Lara Trump asked.

The crowd was not happy with the idea of picking a woman as his running mate just because of gender politics.

“NO!” the crowd shouted.

“MOST QUALIFIED!” Someone else in the crowd bellowed.

Trump heard the message and assured the group of supporters that the former President wouldn’t make some woke identity politics pick.

“What I can assure you is that Donald Trump does not care how you look. Donald Trump cares what you do. He will pick the best person possible for Vice President. A person who he feels, like he said, I think last night in his town hall with Laura Ingraham. He said I would pick a person who I know is ready to become President, and is the right fit for this country. Should that person need to step in. No identity politics on this side of the aisle!” Trump declared.

Trump’s Vice President is the heir apparent for 2028.

This could be the most important Vice Presidential pick in recent history as who Trump chooses will chart the course for the party over the following decade.

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