Joe Biden started one fight with Donald Trump that blew up in his face in the worst way ever

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Joe Biden couldn’t help but gloat.

He thought the momentum was on his side and he held the upper hand.

And Joe Biden started one fight with Donald Trump that blew up in his face in the worst way ever.

Biden berates his supporters in the media for not giving him glowing coverage on his poll numbers

President Joe Biden traveled to Florida as part of his campaign’s strategy to make abortion the number one issue in the General Election.

Democrats got an initiative on the ballot to write abortion-on-demand into Florida’s Constitution.

Even though Florida’s not in play, Biden hoped campaigning for the pro-abortion ballot initiative would seep into the local media coverage in the handful of states that will pick the winner of the election.

But he committed one of his usual oatmeal for brains gaffes by going on a rant about the media not giving him enough credit for his recent poll numbers.

“I think — you know, whether the press thinks I’m good, bad, or indifferent, I think they acknowledge that there’s less than truth that comes out of the other guy’s mouth. And, you know, you wouldn’t know it from what you read and hear, but, you know, we’re in pretty good shape in the polls. The — and I know you’re all activists, so that’s why I’m bothering to tell you this: The polls don’t win you an election,” Biden began.

“But in the last 23 national polls, I’ve been ahead in 10 of them, Trump has been ahead in 8, and we’ve been tied in 5. More importantly, the momentum is clearly in our — our favor,” Biden concluded.

New poll shows race shifting back to Trump

24 hours after Biden delivered his marching orders to the leftists in the media that they needed to write more puff pieces about his poll numbers, reality intruded.

Bloomberg/Morning Consult polls from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin showed former President Donald Trump gaining ground from the previous month’s surveys and leading Biden in six of the seven swing states.

Poll contains more bad news for Biden

In the swing states, Biden had a 41 percent approval rating, and 45 percent of voters approved of Trump.

The poll also showed that by focusing on abortion, Biden wasn’t talking about the issues voters cared about as the top two issues were the economy at 34 percent and immigration at 15 percent.

Abortion came far down the list with just nine percent reporting it as their top issue.

But what could Biden say about immigration and the economy?

Prices are up over 19 percent thanks to Bidenflation.

And he decided to open the border to more than 7 million illegal aliens who are now overrunning American cities.

Biden is in a catch-22.

If he talks about the most important issues to voters, that focuses the debate on his failures.

But if he ignores what voters care about the most, he’s giving Donald Trump the full run of the playing field to tell Americans how he will make their lives better by addressing their top concerns.

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