Ron DeSantis set the record straight about Donald Trump’s performance in Florida’s Presidential Primary

Photo by Trump White House Archived, Public Domain, via Flickr

Donald Trump won the Florida Presidential Primary on Tuesday with roughly 81% of the vote.

The media is trying to spin Nikki Haley finishing second with 14% as a blow to Donald Trump. 

But Ron DeSantis set the record straight about Donald Trump’s performance in Florida’s Presidential Primary.

Trump Wins Florida

Former President Donald Trump received 94% of the vote in Florida’s 2020 Presidential Primary.

Of course, as the sitting President, Trump had no real challenger in the 2020 Primary.

Since he is the only Republican still in the race, he easily won the 2024 Florida Republican Primary with 81.19% of the vote.

But he was not the only one on the ballot.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley came in second with 14% of the vote and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finished in third with three percent.

Democrats and the media are always looking for any angle they can find to smear and attack Trump.

A blow to Trump’s campaign?

And they immediately pounced on Trump receiving less support than he did in 2020 as well as Haley picking up 14% of the vote.

“Tonight’s election made one thing clear: Trump is in trouble in Florida,” Florida Democrat Party Chair Nikki Fried said. “The results of Florida’s Republican Primary show Donald Trump backsliding by 14%, losing support from moderate Republicans who are rejecting his extremism in growing numbers. With moderate Republicans protesting in double digits and non-party affiliated voters breaking for Democrats in recent elections — the bottom line of the night is — Florida is in play.” 

“Don’t count us out,” Fried added.

But DeSantis did exactly that in a press conference where he defended Trump by pointing out a truth that Democrats refuse to admit.

He told reporters that Florida is “no longer a one-point state,” before adding that “this is not gonna be a state that’s competitive.”

Florida has turned from a swing state to a solid red state under DeSantis’ leadership.

He added “I don’t anticipate there being much campaigning here” this Presidential election.

The Florida Governor also set the record straight about Haley’s 14% after a reporter asked about Trump finishing lower than he did in 2020.

DeSantis smacks down media attack on Trump

“People are saying that, and they’re trying to ding Trump,” DeSantis said. “Haley was a candidate when mail ballots went out. It wasn’t that he was uncontested.”

DeSantis pointed out that voting has been underway in Florida for the past six weeks.

Haley only suspended her campaign two weeks ago on March 6 after Trump crushed her in the Super Tuesday states.

“Our election in Florida goes like six weeks,” DeSantis said. “Most of them were cast early.” 

“So, I don’t think that’s a ding on Trump, given that those mail ballots went out when she was still actively campaigning,” DeSantis added.

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