Taylor Swift is terrified Travis Kelce will discover one awful truth

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce look like they have a storybook romance.

The hulking football champion and the female icon pop star are something right out of a movie.

But Taylor Swift is terrified Travis Kelce will discover one awful truth.

Taylor Swift’s big worry about Travis Kelce

Pop Star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce began dating last fall and she soon became a fixture at his games to cheer him on.

TV networks and the NFL ate up the fact that she attended the Super Bowl where Kelce’s Chiefs won their third Super Bowl championship in five seasons defeating the San Francisco 49ers 25 to 22 in overtime.

But while Kelce became a commercial pitchman and pop culture icon in his own right, Swift’s fame is on another level.

Swift is in the middle of her Eras Tour – the first billion-dollar concert tour – and thanks to the stardom she’s achieved in the music industry, she may be the most famous woman in history.

The 34-year-old Swift clearly wants to settle down and get married to Kelce and sources close to her told the New York Post’s Page Six that her big worry is that he can’t deal with the life-changing demands that accompany her fame.

“She wants a happy ending with Travis,” a source tells Page Six. “She is worried about jinxing things. She is nervous something will mess things up.”

“There’s very little oxygen between her life and fame,” the source close to Swift told the Post. “Travis is a peacock, but he has never dated a celeb before, and she is one of the most famous women in the world. Right now, he is enjoying everything and she is hoping that it stays like that.”

The source added that Swift hopes “he doesn’t get freaked out about the fame. That the constant-ness of it doesn’t get exhausting for him.” 

She knows how fame altered her life as she will never be able to do anything by herself or engage in normal day-to-day activities because of her security.

A good number of tracks on her 31-song The Tortured Poets Department album are about how hard life is being Taylor Swift.

“It’s stressful, you feel vulnerable. It’s her most complicated piece of art,” the source added.

Kelce unfazed

Kelce – who is getting ready to host Are You Smarter than a Celebrity for Amazon Prime seems unbothered by her celebrity and told Extra he’s used to attention.

“I think it was all the home videos my mom used to have with the old camcorder, the handheld joint, at the house. I just always felt comfortable with the camera on me and the lights on me…I love a good challenge. I get excited for a challenge. Something that I haven’t done before is something that really makes me focus…and there’s something about that that I got a love for,” Kelce stated.

There is speculation that Swift and Kelce will tie the knot this year once the Eras Tour ends and she can fade away from the spotlight for a while.

And that would be the biggest celebrity wedding since Princess Kate and Prince William.

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