Donald Trump got hit with an ultimatum that just changed everything

Donald Trump promised during the 2016 campaign to take on the new world order.

But the Washington, D.C. establishment and their pals in the media have done everything they could to undermine him.

And Donald Trump got hit with an ultimatum that just changed everything.

Donald Trump’s trade negotiations dominated the weekend news coverage as well as the G7 summit in France.

The Fake News Media, as well as the heads of other foreign governments, panicked over President Trump taking on China for ripping off American wealth and jobs.

China retaliated against the President’s tariffs by putting its own tariffs on American goods in an effort to tank the economy and force President Trump to waive the white flag of surrender.

But President Trump held firm, and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu issued a surprising statement wishing for a ‘calm’ end to the trade dispute.

Reuters reports:

“We are willing to resolve the issue through consultations and cooperation in a calm attitude and resolutely oppose the escalation of the trade war,” Mr Liu, who is President Xi Jinping’s top economic adviser, said, according to a government transcript.

“We believe that the escalation of the trade war is not beneficial for China, the United States, nor to the interests of the people of the world,” he added.

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“We welcome enterprises from all over the world, including the United States, to invest and operate in China,” he added.

Trump’s negotiations with China will define his Presidency.

If the President fails to strike a good deal or the economy goes into a recession because of uncertainty surrounding the trade war, then President Trump will lose re-election.

But if the President comes through on a core promise to the American people, he can ride that to re-election.

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110 Responses

  1. Don lavrich says:

    You must be a brainwashed democrat. Quit listening to fake news. Trump 2020

  2. sam paris says:

    Seems anyone can take a crap in public, Joe.

  3. Joe says:

    Lincoln was not a racist – if you call polluting our air and water, alienating our allies, dismissing the advice of his key aids, lying about asylum seekers from the south criminals, attacking the press, attacking democratic institutions e.g., FBI, DOJ, stirring up fear, anger, hatred, violence, racism, being supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi, claiming to be the Chosen One – only Jesus was, leaving the NAFTA and Paris climate accord, allowing mining in our national parks, removing safeguards against pollution, denying poor access to medical care, reducing food stamps to the poor, being self-centered, trying to leave Syria against the advise of his generals, etc., making America great again and that Mr. Trump is doing great things for our country, you are delusional. These issues are not about liberal or conservative ideology but mainly moral ones – which evaluates our policies based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because I have written articles against his policies in our local paper, I received a death threat. This is what Mr. Trump has encouraged and he is the cause of violence against the Jews and Mexicans. You probably would blame the liberals but listen carefully to his rhetoric.
    I am neither liberal or conservative but simply am trying to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. You would be better off worshiping Jesus than Mr. Trump.
    As the psalmist says: do not trust in princes or men for they are here today and gone tomorrow. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED. Mr. Trump will answer to God for not caring for the poor.

  4. Agnes R Coffelt says:

    He said as he was being biased.
    * I think you were trying to say treats and not teats

  5. Joe says:

    Mr. Trump is the inventor of fake news – FBI and Cato Institute reports indicate most immigrants are not criminals, his attack against Senator McCain, our allies, wanting to pull out of Syria, his attacks against the press – Hitler and Stalin executed member of the press who disagreed with him – remember our founding fathers wanted freedom of the press because the King of England would imprison those who opposed him. Perhaps, you would feel better if we became a fascist nation. He is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups. He stirs up fear, anger, hatred, and racism as is evidence by a recent FBI report which states more hate crimes have been committed under his watch. He who does not learn the lessons of history is doomed to repeat them. He is not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ who would encourage us to welcome the stranger and provide food and medical care for the poor. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED. These issues are not just conservative/liberal one but mainly moral ones which Mr. Trump has no sense of since he only cares about himself and is destroying the very Constitution which our founding fathers gave us and which many brave men and women gave their lives to protect.

  6. Joe says:

    so any other child should die of hunger and lack of medical care. that is not what Jesus would recommend.

  7. Joe says:

    I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I am disgusted by the way Mr. Trump teats women, veterans, Mexicans, Muslims and our allies. He has advanced the wealth of the rich by his tax cuts and reduced food stamps for the poor and would deprive them of medical care. If you call that a good job, then you are delusional. He goes against the main tenets of our Constitution, the teachings of Jesus Christ and stirs up fear, anger, hatred, and racism and is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED.

  8. Vickie Ross says:

    I understand how you feel. I have seen for myself how the welfare program has been abused. I am all for the work requirement for the program. I am just worried about the ones that shouldn’t be working with the public like the ones with severe mental illness or are bipolar. Plus the ones that are really disabled. I have seen abuse of the food stamp program & SSI. These programs are to help you. When food stamps were first introduced my dad was working for a oil company. Back then you wasn’t paid as well as you are today. My dad applied for food stamps & worked. Also what gets me is the fact that the unmarried disabled people get full SSI benefits. While the ones that are married are getting the shaft. Married couples don’t get the same amount as the unmarried. I have heard of people getting divorced so they can get more money. It is a sad day when you hear that people are to lazy to work. I have worked hard at times. Not at a regular job no but I worked in the hayfields & helped people with firewood & I have done mowing jobs. My dad raised all of us to work. Now I can’t do it anymore. I loved that kind of work. We also raised a garden & we canned are own food. We also know how to live off the land. We need to return to those ways. A lot of people here in WV have gardens this year. I have never seen that many gardens in a while. It is nice to see that again. Anyhow returning back to what I was talking about. If they would work for the programs & get their wages so they can pay their bills. I have no problem. It is horrible to keep on having kids so you can stay on welfare. I didn’t like being on that program when I was married to my first husband. He worked he just didn’t bring enough money home. I felt so ashamed. I know what you are saying at least he worked. I just felt ashamed. I am grateful for the help I had. I always knew it came tax payers. I appreciate it. I thank you all for helping me when I needed it.

  9. Sandra Plants says:

    Father God
    , your will be done.

  10. Bobi says:

    SPANKY. . . wasn’t that a fat kid in “The Little Rascals”? I seem to remember HE was always doing supid things to make trouble too.

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