Donald Trump gave the army one coronavirus order that everyone was waiting for

The Chinese coronavirus is – as Donald Trump calls it – an invisible enemy.

And it is an enemy America must fight.

To that end Donald Trump gave the army one coronavirus order that everyone was waiting for.

On Monday, President Trump announced he was invoking the Defense Production Act.

Breitbart noted that, “the act allows the president to expand the supply of resources from American industry to support the fight against the Chinese coronavirus, according to FEMA.

“‘Just in case we need it … it can do a lot of good things if we need it,’ Trump said. Invoking the Defense Production Act would give the administration the authority to speed up the production of needed resources, such as medical masks and hospital ventilators.”

Governors, doctors, and hospital administrators are clamoring for more equipment and the President authorizing the Pentagon to get into the game will only help to alleviate any potential shortfalls of mask, respirators, ventilators, and hospital beds.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media claim the President isn’t taking this seriously and is asleep at the switch.

But in the last week he’s declared a national emergency, ordered FEMA to its highest readiness level around the country, ordered the Navy’s hospital ships the “Mercy” and the “Comfort” to New York and California to provide more hospital bed capacity, relaxed regulations that allow doctors to practice across state lines, and practice more telehealth.

President Trump has pulled out all the stops to prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Even the Democrat Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has praised the President’s response.

Using the military’s production capability to help meet supply needs will only help the country manage this outbreak.

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15 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    I agree. President Trump is there for us! He Loves Us especially if we are Billionaires! But don’t worry, in a million years no one will be around to remember our stupidest President or the people duped by him and his network. They may remember the valiant freedom fighters who valiantly fought for our country and our world and ultimately , our universe. Kind of like John and Sarah Connor! Have A Nice Day!

  2. Bob says:


  3. P Lightfoot says:

    Demoncraps get the F. CK out of the way so real patriots can fix this crap go to your safe place and hide better yet get out of the U S A
    go to China. Cuba. Russia bumf. k Egypt for all we care TRUMP

  4. Orvell Froloff says:

    What is it with the MSM and the Democrats??? Don’t they know that this virus can touch their lives too? Instead of helping President Trump and the American people by supporting Trump’s efforts to bring this virus under control and to an end, they criticize and play the blame game. We are ALL in this together so buck up you Trump hating Democrats and do you part in protecting the American people and give your support to the President and our country!

  5. Patriotson says:

    MSN is contributing to the panic not offering anything substantial to pulling AMERICA together nor offering hope and a future. All is doom and gloom under their watch. Just imagine how it would have been with biden or worse Sanders in the white house.

  6. Lincoln Abe says:

    John Q.
    Are you a citizen or one of George Sorras cronies?? If you are an American, you are either IN, OR GTF OUT!!!!!

  7. merryinfidel says:

    John Q Citizen,
    President Trump did NOT “dismantle the entire global threat, security and bio-threat infrastructure set up under the Obama administration,” he merely trimmed the fat. You are a typical lying, left wing POS and right now the LAST thing America needs is you damned leftist morons spewing your liberal, anti-Trump garbage, so STFU and go away, and not necessarily in that order…

  8. mustangchar says:

    If president Trump found a cure for this virus the left would still try to find a way to impeach him. They live to put him down, damed if he does & damed if he doesn’t. When he didn’t take the test he was putting everyone in danger & shame on him, then when he did he was ridiculed for taking it although he didn’t have symptoms. Go figure. Makes one sick & extremely tired of all the negative crap coming out of those sickos mouths. Eventually, this will all catch up with them when he gets re-elected for another 4 yrs. It’s their turn to see how we felt when we got Obummer for 8 yrs. 🙂

  9. @John Q Citizen……………..Go spew your nonsense somewhere else. You’re just another Dem lowlife who shows your ignorance every time you open your mouth.

  10. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    I’m so sick of the bull crap. Under Bill Clinton and Hillary clinton’s watch.. We contracted the swine flu which killed over 12000 Americans and infected over a 115000 . So if there was a Democrat in office now they’d be playing it down like don’t worry this will all Pandora out and this will be good it’s not as badd as the swine flu was we have to remember there and even though Bill Clinton isn’t shutting down the borders are sending people home hes helping the people at the border and giving them free healthcare and it’s all good meanwhile Americans would be dying left and right to h*** with the democrats they suck

  11. John Q. Citizen says:

    It is about damn well time, Trump! You told America it was all “under control” in January and Feb. 2020, and you and the Fox professional liars called it a hoax. One Senator from Oklahoma called it, like climate change, a “hoax” and went around to shake all the hands he could. Now we see some members of Congress have tested positive. Why in the hell did Trump dismantle the entire global threat, security and bio-threat infrastructure set up under the Obama administration and not replace those administrators?

  12. Ladybug says:

    He is going his job if people especially the young people would listen and do as he said we can beat this. My husband is over 60 and i will be in 2 years both of us got health problems that stop us from driving. We got a ride to town to get toilet paper and etc and everything is gone we are now using wags we cut up to wipe with and we throw them away and burn them our store hasn’t had toilet paper for 2 weeks my son if wife work at Walmart out of state they are mailing us toilet paper. People needs to stop buying more then they need so the rest of everyone can get what they need also. Cause we can’t afford to pay money out to go to town and don’t get what we need. My God people this isn’t the dark ages. so everyone needs to listen to are president.

  13. John says:

    Agree President Trump and his Corona Team are doing a great job and everyone needs to calm down, stop the hoarding, take serious all health precautions and help others if possible.

  14. John says:

    I have been watching the Corona Virus Team updates and appalled at the fake news media’s comments during the post update question time. Peter Acosta and his side kicks with fake news CNN, ABC, etc do not add any value to this meeting. They are always negative and their goal is a political agenda. Someone needs to shut these negative and corrupt reporters down or maybe just simply do not let them ask questions.

  15. Rev.Andrew Hird says:

    keep up the good work mr. president.

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