Donald Trump gave the army one coronavirus order that everyone was waiting for

The Chinese coronavirus is – as Donald Trump calls it – an invisible enemy.

And it is an enemy America must fight.

To that end Donald Trump gave the army one coronavirus order that everyone was waiting for.

On Monday, President Trump announced he was invoking the Defense Production Act.

Breitbart noted that, “the act allows the president to expand the supply of resources from American industry to support the fight against the Chinese coronavirus, according to FEMA.

“‘Just in case we need it … it can do a lot of good things if we need it,’ Trump said. Invoking the Defense Production Act would give the administration the authority to speed up the production of needed resources, such as medical masks and hospital ventilators.”

Governors, doctors, and hospital administrators are clamoring for more equipment and the President authorizing the Pentagon to get into the game will only help to alleviate any potential shortfalls of mask, respirators, ventilators, and hospital beds.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media claim the President isn’t taking this seriously and is asleep at the switch.

But in the last week he’s declared a national emergency, ordered FEMA to its highest readiness level around the country, ordered the Navy’s hospital ships the “Mercy” and the “Comfort” to New York and California to provide more hospital bed capacity, relaxed regulations that allow doctors to practice across state lines, and practice more telehealth.

President Trump has pulled out all the stops to prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Even the Democrat Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has praised the President’s response.

Using the military’s production capability to help meet supply needs will only help the country manage this outbreak.

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