Donald Trump found one piece of news that could tip the biggest swing state in his favor

In the final weeks of the Presidential election, both campaigns are looking for any edge they can find.

But the Trump campaign may have the upper hand in the home stretch.

And Donald Trump found one piece of news that could tip the biggest swing state in his favor.

No candidate has won the Presidency without winning Florida since Bill Clinton in 1992.

In 2016, Donald Trump carried the state of Florida by one point over Hillary Clinton despite Democrats holding a 350,000 edge in terms of numbers of registered voters over Republicans.

But in an interview with Mark Levin, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reported that Republicans cut Democrats’ advantage to 150,000 voters.

“It’s interesting, Mark,” DeSantis began, “When Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, there were about 350,00 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state of Florida. Now, it’s less than a 180,000 differential, and we think . . . it may be closer to 150,000. So, whatever it is in that range, it will be the closest Republicans have ever been to Democrats in Florida in the history of the state.”

“And I think that’s a testament to folks looking to Florida as a place to find greener pastures,” DeSantis began. “We see people who are fed up with high taxes in Illinois or the northeast, and they come down. I do think many are registering as Republicans because I think they understand that we’ve had laboratories of democracy in this country with the state doing different approaches and approaches like Florida has been more successful. So, I think the president is facing an electorate more inclined to vote for him in 2020 than the one that he successfully convinced to vote for him in 2016.”

Republicans have repeated this phenomena in other key swing states.

Polls that show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in Florida and other states may not be picking up these new voters.

And that could lead to another polling debacle on November 3.

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