Donald Trump can drive the final nail in the Deep State’s coffin with one order

During Donald Trump’s first term in office the swamp fought his Make America Great Again agenda tooth and nail.

If Trump wins a second term things will be different.

And now Donald Trump can drive the final nail in the Deep State’s coffin with one order.

Donald Trump’s win in 2016 took everyone – conservatives included by surprise.

That led to difficulties in staffing the Trump administration with like-minded supporters who would work in service of Trump’s agenda.

When Trump would try to build the wall or bring troops home from Syria, forces within the government would try to throw sand in the gears and stymie Trump from following through on his promises to the American people.

And of course the Deep State tried to stage a coup against Trump using the Russian collusion hoax to try and overturn the results of the 2016 election.

The Trump campaign and the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation are putting plans together to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

The centerpiece is an executive order Trump signed at the end of his term – which Joe Biden ended up reversing – entitled “Creating Schedule F in the Excepted Service.”

Schedule F stripped as many of 50,000 federal employees whose job allows them some influence on policy of civil service protections, allowing the President to fire them.

When Republicans win elections, Democrats still control the government because left-wing ideologues embed themselves in the government as the so-called “experts” and do the actual day-to-day work of carrying out policy.

Schedule F would allow Trump to clean house and find civil servants committed to his agenda.

Trump could also drain the FBI and CIA of left-wing saboteurs who are actively working against him.

The Heritage Foundation also sought to help Trump – or whichever Republican wins in 2024 – with “Project 2025.”

“Project 2025” is a database of thousands of vetted conservatives a GOP administration can hire on day one to replace the left-wing muckrakers Trump – or whichever Republican is in office – fires after implementing Schedule F.
The Heritage blueprint also includes a 180 day plan to roll back regulations and translate conservative priorities into a government vision.

Semafor reports:

That’s where the Heritage Foundation, alongside 50-plus conservative organizations in partner roles, hopes to come in. In April, the conservative nonprofit unveiled the start of a new $22 million project intended to staff the next Republican presidential administration from day one — a “private LinkedIn for conservatives,” as Paul Dans, the lead of “Project 2025,” described it . . .

. . . Besides the database the group is continuing to compile, the conservative think-tank’s ambitious effort is comprised of three additional pillars: A policy book for the next administration, an organized training effort dubbed the “Presidential Administration Academy,” and eventually a “180-day game plan of regulations and executive orders that a president could sign on day one,” Dans explained.

Conservatives learned from the growing pains in the first Trump administration.

And Trump and his allies are determined not to make the same mistake again.

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