Donald Trump can bring down the FBI with one stroke of his pen

The Department of Justice released the 400-plus page application for a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The document was loaded with bombshells that confirmed Trump supporters’ worst fears about the out-of-control FBI.

But there is something the FBI kept hidden that could bring down former Director James Comey and his co-conspirators.

In a June 14th letter to President Trump, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee asked Trump to declassify 21 pages of the FISA application that had been redacted.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence asked President Donald Trump in a June 14 letter to declassify and release 21 pages from one of the applications for a spy warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The Republicans do not specify why they identified the 21 pages in particular, but the request suggests they believe that the heavily redacted pages contain evidence the FBI and Department of Justice misled a federal judge in its application for the Page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant.

“In the course of the Committee’s investigation, we have uncovered irregularities with the process by which DOJ and FBI obtained information and sought and renewed three times a warrant pursuant to FISA on U.S citizen Carter Page,” reads the letter, which was first reported by Fox News.

The release of the letter comes just after the Justice Department released four applications submitted for FISA warrants against Page. The applications revealed that the FBI and DOJ relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier in its application for the spy warrants.

The application makes it clear the FBI used the fake news Russia dossier as one of the central pieces of “evidence” to obtain the warrant to spy on Page.

And Republicans believe the FBI redacted 21 pages of the application to conceal the fact Bureau officials lied to the FISA court in order to obtain the warrant.

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95 Responses

  1. The Real M says:

    Eric, Fire Rosenstein, lol not! He should be fired. needs to be investigated, indicted, found guilty and, sent to prison! He is deep state and was working with the rest of the bad dudes on their coup to take out President Trump. He may have worked a deal with AG Barr for amenity if he would stay and help with the Mueller report but, I suspect he did it to throw up a smoke screen and divert attention away from him. He is a creep and a low life. We have already seen and heard enough evidence to prove that he is DIRTY!

  2. The Real M says:

    Anton Ossa, “Your” government was founded and based on Christianity, at its very core. Whether you or anybody else likes it or not, Kathy is exercising freedom of speech with her religion, and mine for that matter, this is what the forefathers of this great nation intended, ever heard “in God we trust”? Got any money? Check it out!
    Anton, you are obviously a liberal but, Kathy being able to voice her opinions and beliefs is called “freedom of speech”, ever heard of the first amendment right? Americans have shed their blood and died for our freedoms! You don’t want to hear Kathy, go find a liberal site, they will be happy to abide by “your” rules! Kathy has as much right to practice her faith as you to have no faith even though you liberals think you should have all the rights. I also noticed not one person wrote one comment about your lack of faith. Liberals are a “piece of work”!

  3. Anton Ossa says:

    Please keep your religion out of my government! MAGA!

  4. M says:

    WOW Kathy, Wonderful comment, thank you!

  5. Kathy says:

    “We The People” the true American Patriots , that LOVE GOD, LOVE OUR COUNTRY, OUR MILITARY MEN & WOMEN PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE , have shown/proven that GOOD prevails over evil. Knowing what we know now of all the stops that were pulled out to unseat a duly elected President! GOD stepped in and put President Trump in office. We the AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED PRESIDENT TRUMP into office fair and square the numbers showed that!, yet this CORRUPT group of individuals had a sinister plan to over take OUR AMERICA! THANK YOU JESUS!!! For saying “NO! To their evil and wicked ways! Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for standing in the GAP ,for taking on the responsibility of POTUS , for being a LEADER , for being firm and standing strong in your commitments as POTUS . We stand with you, United in a common goal… To “MAGA” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” together we can do this!!! Get out there “AMERICANS” and VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. We will prevail, through CHRIST who strengthens us! AMEN!

  6. ONTIME says:

    The FIB had a opportunity to comply and the info could have remained out of the public knowledge…now because of paranoia and lousy management, it is mandatory the public see this declassified record….

  7. N says:

    ‪Expose/boycott all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberals demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  8. Gary says:

    He doesn’t have to comply to that after all he’s Obama

  9. Gary Von Neida says:

    Time to “take down” all the BAD ACTORS.

  10. Eric says:

    It tells me President Trump should fire Rosenstein…lol

  11. Eric says:

    Yeah. Can you imagine retiring from a giant company, and they still let you in on board meetings and other important things? What a joke.

  12. Sue Rich says:

    DO IT right now!

  13. W FLATT says:


  14. W FLATT says:


  15. zee says:

    Rite on Cliff. I received one (w/name) re ‘Foreign Policy’.
    I pound a lot, off & on. I ‘excoriate’ re the ‘infiltrators’ , & certain
    ‘other’ Subject matter, &&& Also Praise. WE couldn’t have
    a Better POTUS NOW !!! Have TOTAL SUPPORT for DJT.
    – But am a bit ‘nervous’ re When His Watch is 0ver. I see ‘the Future’ . However, IF, X-treme events occur, he could Remain. He has ‘AMAZING’ Energy etc. Thnx for reply. ‘G’ Bless ALL.___

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