Donald Trump can bring down the FBI with one stroke of his pen

The Department of Justice released the 400-plus page application for a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The document was loaded with bombshells that confirmed Trump supporters’ worst fears about the out-of-control FBI.

But there is something the FBI kept hidden that could bring down former Director James Comey and his co-conspirators.

In a June 14th letter to President Trump, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee asked Trump to declassify 21 pages of the FISA application that had been redacted.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence asked President Donald Trump in a June 14 letter to declassify and release 21 pages from one of the applications for a spy warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The Republicans do not specify why they identified the 21 pages in particular, but the request suggests they believe that the heavily redacted pages contain evidence the FBI and Department of Justice misled a federal judge in its application for the Page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant.

“In the course of the Committee’s investigation, we have uncovered irregularities with the process by which DOJ and FBI obtained information and sought and renewed three times a warrant pursuant to FISA on U.S citizen Carter Page,” reads the letter, which was first reported by Fox News.

The release of the letter comes just after the Justice Department released four applications submitted for FISA warrants against Page. The applications revealed that the FBI and DOJ relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier in its application for the spy warrants.

The application makes it clear the FBI used the fake news Russia dossier as one of the central pieces of “evidence” to obtain the warrant to spy on Page.

And Republicans believe the FBI redacted 21 pages of the application to conceal the fact Bureau officials lied to the FISA court in order to obtain the warrant.


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95 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    “We The People” the true American Patriots , that LOVE GOD, LOVE OUR COUNTRY, OUR MILITARY MEN & WOMEN PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE , have shown/proven that GOOD prevails over evil. Knowing what we know now of all the stops that were pulled out to unseat a duly elected President! GOD stepped in and put President Trump in office. We the AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED PRESIDENT TRUMP into office fair and square the numbers showed that!, yet this CORRUPT group of individuals had a sinister plan to over take OUR AMERICA! THANK YOU JESUS!!! For saying “NO! To their evil and wicked ways! Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for standing in the GAP ,for taking on the responsibility of POTUS , for being a LEADER , for being firm and standing strong in your commitments as POTUS . We stand with you, United in a common goal… To “MAGA” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” together we can do this!!! Get out there “AMERICANS” and VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. We will prevail, through CHRIST who strengthens us! AMEN!

    • M says:

      WOW Kathy, Wonderful comment, thank you!

    • Anton Ossa says:

      Please keep your religion out of my government! MAGA!

      • The Real M says:

        Anton Ossa, “Your” government was founded and based on Christianity, at its very core. Whether you or anybody else likes it or not, Kathy is exercising freedom of speech with her religion, and mine for that matter, this is what the forefathers of this great nation intended, ever heard “in God we trust”? Got any money? Check it out!
        Anton, you are obviously a liberal but, Kathy being able to voice her opinions and beliefs is called “freedom of speech”, ever heard of the first amendment right? Americans have shed their blood and died for our freedoms! You don’t want to hear Kathy, go find a liberal site, they will be happy to abide by “your” rules! Kathy has as much right to practice her faith as you to have no faith even though you liberals think you should have all the rights. I also noticed not one person wrote one comment about your lack of faith. Liberals are a “piece of work”!

  2. ONTIME says:

    The FIB had a opportunity to comply and the info could have remained out of the public knowledge…now because of paranoia and lousy management, it is mandatory the public see this declassified record….

  3. N says:

    ‪Expose/boycott all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberals demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  4. Sue Rich says:

    DO IT right now!

  5. W FLATT says:


  6. W FLATT says:


  7. Douglas Guy says:

    The only reason the DOJ has not released untredacted copies is because of the fact that those at the top of those departments would be held criminally liable. Everyone signing those documents and some of their deputies are going to suffer big time. THAT is the ONLY reason, and it is beyond and NEVER was about protecting reputation and methods.

  8. Ray says:

    Yes he should release everything unredacted and at the same time all the evidence in the Muller investigation unredacted for we the people to see how corrupted the Obama regime was. Let the chips fall where they may. Then not only start pulling security clearances but start firing the culverts involved and start prosecuting proceedings against them. This has gone on long enough. Put an end to it now!

    • Bob L says:

      President Trump please force the release these documents and all the others that Rosenstein and his criminal element in the government continue to hide from congress since they don’t have the nerve to do their jobs. Mr. President The American People are behind you 100% with the numbers growing daily as the truth comes out and what hopefully be the collapse of the crooked Democratic Party

    • brenda says:

      If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. clappers own confession


  9. F. J. Garza says:

    Time to clean house at the FBI and in the Justice department.

  10. Carl G says:

    I sent a text reply but think it was cut off before finished, was it received?

  11. Carl G says:

    There wouldn’t be a Mueller investigation if Comey hadn’t lied to the NYT and revealed a top secret fake memo. Why isn’t this alone legal grounds for a judge to dismiss this whole phony witch hunt?

    • cliff says:

      Would be, IF you could find a “judge” has BALLS enough to do so. Many are OBUNGHOLE “holdovers”. Much of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S nominees are stalled in the SENATE (thanks to “chuck-you-schumer” the corrupt creep dragging his feet in hopes for a DEMOCOMMUNIST “takeover” in the Fall.) That way ALL of the “investigation of HE, and His CORRUPT “friends” would be ended, and they could then concentrate on how to get rid of our DULY -ELECTED PRESIDENT.
      REMEMBER TO VOTE REPUBLICAN in NOVEMBER, or expect to go back to OBUNGHOLE “policies”, and your “raise” will be returned BACK to the crooked democommies, as well as the reinstatement of more REGULATIONS and CONTROL over this country.

  12. K says:

    I’m tired of DOJ, particularly Rosenstein, using excuse of “sources & methods” as a reason for withholding &/or heavily redacting documents. As we saw with the first set of docs, there were delays & redactions for those reasons mentioned above yet when we saw actual docs, no such thing was true. Rosenstein simply DID NOT want to be embarrassed by the documents being released AND because their lies were at the top of unraveling right before ALL OUR EYES!
    We’re at a point now, we need to see it all. We need to see exactly how they tried to stop an incoming Pres., how they let a real colluding criminal off the hook (HRC) & WHO KNEW WHAT & WHEN. The gig is up, time for the whole truth & nothing but the truth.

  13. Neal says:

    I haven’t heard this brought up, but to me it is becoming clear that the FISA judges were not mislead, they were/are apart of the whole conspiracy.

    • Neal, Very possible!!! I said from the very beginning that the investigation should have started from the FISA courts and then gather evidence from the persons looking for the warrant!! Place all four FISA judges under oath and began your investigation from that information!! The investigation was azz backwards.. Who ever heard of an investigation not starting at the scene of the crime???

    • cliff says:

      I have been under that “impression” since this whole “scenario” was brought to light. (which would have NEVER happened if hidabeast was “installed” )The “stasis-quo,”, “judges” included were comfy in their little taxpayer-funded bubble, BUT NOW there as they say, there is a “NEW” sheriff in town and doesn’t appreciate the PEOPLE of this county used as the personal “piggy bank” of the “ELITES” and they will do EVERYTHING they can to get their POWER, CONTROL and retain those TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund their exorbitant “lifestyle” BACK into their greedy, slimy grasp.

      • F. J. Garza says:

        Speaking of taxpayer dollars: How was Obama able to purchase a multi million dollar home? Where did he get all his millions? What job did he ever have that paid that kind of money? By the way, we still want to see his education records.

        • cliff says:

          OBUNGHOLE’S “records” are sealed and “protected” behind a gaggle of high-priced lawyers. (over $3 MILLION the last time I heard and probably a LOT more by now) I would make a guess that TAXPAYER DOLLARS/soros/ and the DNC are “financing” him and his “tranny” to continue to attempt to turn this country into a MOOSLIME-INFESTED ST**HOLE, “behind the scenes”..
          (so he will feel “more at home”)

        • Gary says:

          He doesn’t have to comply to that after all he’s Obama

  14. Tommy Tune says:

    …by now EVERYone – including the fascistcrats KNOW, beyond all reasonable doubt that the beast of benghazi, ohbummer, soros, the muslim-brotherhood, comey, brennan and the rest of these thugs are criminal traitors to our country…they are hanging on by the skin of their teeth by creating…with the help of the msm propagandists…these daily false, fake, phony scenarios and lies…they know if they let up, their entire despicable, traitorous plan to bring down America will unravel and become public…I fully expect them to resort to extreme, 911 type terrorist attacks as a last resort…

  15. james allen says:


  16. canam884 says:

    These investigations, including the one against the President are all based on the unverified document that had been illegally used to gather evidence of a dubious nature. I am not a lawyer, but I don’t think that any investigation that referred to that document would be considered tainted. Ask a non involved, not partisan lawyer if you can find one.

  17. Emilio says:

    We are asking for the end of this false and lying investigation of Collusion with Russia .. !!

  18. Gerry says:

    The whole damn fiasco should be declassied — every bit of it. At this point in this 3-ring circus — NOTHING should be redacted and President Trump has the authority to declassify all of it. Get it done and get it over with.

  19. RV says:

    Don’t understand how Clapper/ Comey/ Brennan can have government clearence to view classified information when no longer there…you cut them off so they can no longer show up at CNN. ALL these leaks are coming from guys in the inside calling these SOBs …….

    • Sunshine says:

      Well Said! Kudos to Rand Paul for calling them out and putting an end to these security clearances to these undeserving Obummer scumbags! Cut them OFF Now!

    • Eric says:

      Yeah. Can you imagine retiring from a giant company, and they still let you in on board meetings and other important things? What a joke.

  20. We need new directors of the DOJ and FBI who are strong leaders that can go in there and clean house!

    Just off the top of my head, Trey Gowdy and Rudy Gulianni might do well!!

    Whoever it is, needs to clean house and have a “come to Jesus meeting” with each organization.

    We almost lost our country to the corruption of our top intelligent agencies!!!! Should never happened!!!!

    The checks and balances totally failed!!!

    We have got to get a strong handle on this very soon or we WILL LOOSE AMERICA FOR GOOD!!!

    • Judge Jannine Pirro would be a great director as I thought Trey at first, would be the choice for me, but he has made a few comments about
      his friend the special prosecutor (Mueller) who I believe is as dirty a cop as there is!! Research his background re: his involvement with Whitey Boldger in Mass.. Rudy Gulianni steps on his tongue every time he opens his mouth!!! Judge Pirro has been a steady voice for the application of the law as it is written, just what is needed!! If changes in our laws are required then legislate through the Congress!! She is tough as nails, unlike Sessions who appears to be a (milk-toast) absence from duty and pees his pants when asked the tough questions!! He is the problem along with Rosenstein and Mueller, DUMP THEM IMMEDIATELY!!!! Sessions said if Rosenstein is fired he would quit!! What does that tell you????????

      • Rufus says:

        I like the Judge Jeanine Pirro or the Attorney General from Florida, Pam Bondi! Chris Christy would have been good but to much baggage.

      • Eric says:

        It tells me President Trump should fire Rosenstein…lol

        • The Real M says:

          Eric, Fire Rosenstein, lol not! He should be fired. needs to be investigated, indicted, found guilty and, sent to prison! He is deep state and was working with the rest of the bad dudes on their coup to take out President Trump. He may have worked a deal with AG Barr for amenity if he would stay and help with the Mueller report but, I suspect he did it to throw up a smoke screen and divert attention away from him. He is a creep and a low life. We have already seen and heard enough evidence to prove that he is DIRTY!

  21. Gunny1951 says:

    Does anyone posting comments here truly believe the FBI was EVER non-partisan? People do a little head scratching. Do a tiny bit of digging, remembering- the FBI was created by a Democrat, for Democrat agendas and has never been anything more than a politicized enforcement arm of the Democrats. Literally the only crimes they investigate which are not political are kidnapping and bank robbery. Nearly all other types of crimes they investigate are crimes which were made criminal acts by legislation written and passed by Democrat lawmakers. Research.

  22. Delmer says:

    President Trump is ten thousand times more man than Obama will ever be. I don’t understand why Obama don’t take his predgious old lady and get the hell out of town before they wind up in jail. No one interfered with him when he was trying to act like he was president. Even though they should have.

    • cliff says:

      Kind of hard to take your “old lady” out of town when “she” wasn’t even a “lady” or a “she”
      The American people were bamboozled by the first “GAY COUPLE”. HOW SICK!
      All “he” was, was a FOREIGN BORN, GAY MOOSLIME FRAUD, shoved down our throats by the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” and RAMPANT voter fraud, to ATTEMPT to turn this country into a third-world SH##HOLE. (fundamentally transform) HE FAILED and now we have a REAL POTUS that will do his best to clean up the CRAP he pushed. (AND he is doing it on step at a time even though the “deep state “operators” are trying to undermine him at all costs.) THEY WILL ALSO FAIL.


  24. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Donald Trump can bring down the FBI with one stroke of his pen

    Should President Trump declassify the redacted 21 pages of the FISA warrant??
    ABSOLUTELY @ (100%)=326,701,190 US voters

  25. Curtis says:

    Mueller acts like a mafia don. so seize his assets under Rico statutes same with George S.
    dump them in nice shark infested waters and chum the water just before.

    • General Bull Krapper says:

      This would be the perfect time for that as it’s “Shark Week”. Would make for some entertaining “reality” TV.


  26. Duke says:

    Then why doesn’t Trump use the pen and bring the FBI down. The Democrats and Lefties will continue to complain and blame Trump no matter what he does so destroy the FBI and destroy now.

  27. Donaldo says:

    Nothing will ever be done to the Clintons as long as Sessions is the AG

  28. Jan13 says:

    Most definitely, they aren’t thinking twice about throwing Pres Trump under the bus, let the chips fall where they may.

    • Carl P says:

      Right on Jan!!! The O bama administration said and still says that it was transparent and scandal free. Set the dogs lose on these people and see just how transparent and scandal free it was.

  29. The FBI is just as bad as organized crime.

    • Rex Whitmer says:

      At least a part of the FBI IS organized crime! This what happens when a department of government is allowed to operate without oversight . There should be nothing in their files that cannet be seen by the sitting president, and any Fisa warrant issued should requite his signature. The FBI is not in its own right independent of oversight. Hoover set it up that way, but no government facility should be allowed to operate without oversight. Period!

  30. cliff says:

    I would like to make a suggestion: We ALL need to WRITE PRESIDENT TRUMP and RESPECTFULLY demand he de-classify these documents at and send the message to him directly.
    The AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE to see this.

    • cliff says:

      In a “reply” to myself. THIS is what I just received back from I know it is just a computer generated reply, BUT it shows that my message got through.

      The White House, Washington
      July 23, 2018

      Thank you for taking the time to send me your thoughts and suggestions.

      Today, I was proud to host companies from across the country at the White House for the Made in America Product Showcase. Made in America products represent the global gold standard for quality, innovation, craftsmanship, and the output of a highly skilled workforce that is second to none.

      Earlier this month, I proclaimed July 17, 2018 as Made in America Day. As a Nation, we continue to salute our Nation’s workers, job creators, and inventors. As President, I pledge to continue creating an environment that makes the United States the most attractive place in the world to do business.

      Thank you again for your email. I encourage you to watch the event online as we celebrate and pay special tribute to those who work hard every day to make America great.


      Donald Trump

      If you wish to receive regular email updates from the White House, please Click Here. You may also follow President Trump and the White House on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

      White House Website | Privacy Policy | Contact the White House

      • Betty says:

        Thank you, thank you. I love associating with smart people. I’m taking up your suggestion.

      • zee says:

        cliff, if you get a reply that says “we are carefully reviewing your message”
        that means a screener(s) sent it to the next level. If you get a reply w/your name on it,
        well -that is yet another level.

        • cliff says:

          After writing the President a few times I DID get a return message “with my name on it” it was on a different topic, BUT if you don’t take the time to TRY, you will not be HEARD. Complaining on these blogs will NOT get to the President, BUT posting on the WHITEHOUSE.GOV site will at the least get your opinion READ. (even it is read by the staff who are hired to monitor and keep the KOOKS OUT.

          • zee says:

            Rite on Cliff. I received one (w/name) re ‘Foreign Policy’.
            I pound a lot, off & on. I ‘excoriate’ re the ‘infiltrators’ , & certain
            ‘other’ Subject matter, &&& Also Praise. WE couldn’t have
            a Better POTUS NOW !!! Have TOTAL SUPPORT for DJT.
            – But am a bit ‘nervous’ re When His Watch is 0ver. I see ‘the Future’ . However, IF, X-treme events occur, he could Remain. He has ‘AMAZING’ Energy etc. Thnx for reply. ‘G’ Bless ALL.___

  31. Julian says:

    Revamp the political & the traitorous elements of the FBI. FBI is supposed to be neutral and able to carry out the law as it is written without FBI interpretation. JB

    • cowboy541 says:

      What I would like to know is the names of the “approver” from the DOJ and the name of the Judge that approved them. The judge should be disbarred or bring up on charges the ones that lied to the court.

  32. Carol Olson says:

    Please Mr President declassify those pages, and any other that it might lead to. PS this is NOT a cuplicate comment from me. Now post it, unless you’re too scared.

  33. Carol Olson says:

    Now maybe they’ll start singing a different tune. ‘Bout time. Please Mr President declassify those pages, and any other that it might lead to. PS this is NOT a cuplicate comment from me. Now post it, unless you’re too scared.

  34. Van says:

    President Trump needs to declassify the other 21 pages so that the American people can see the truth about Obama’s criminal FISA warrants. It’s time to shine the light on these crooked Democrat devils.

  35. Carol Olson says:

    Now maybe they’ll start singing a different tune. ‘Bout time. Please Mr President declassify those pages, and any other that might lead to.

  36. Wynette says:

    Mueller and his crooked team of biased investigators, are trying very hard to find something in which to Impeach President Trump. Aand in the mean time he’s dragging it out; until he sees of the Democrats win majorities in the House and the Senate. They can’t Impeach him without controlling both Houses. But in the meantime we need a cost accounting of where the money is going, and who is being paid, and what amounts they have been paid, for this investigation. But in the meantime I also think Mueller and his team are busy hiding, or destroying any records that will incriminate President Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strhoz, Sally Yates, the Ohrs, and the rest of the criminal cabal in the FBI and DOJ.

  37. Carol Olson says:

    LOL Now maybe they’ll start singing a different tune. ‘Bout time. Please Mr President declassify those pages, and any other that might lead to.

  38. Trump is the best President we ever had ! Comey ,!??? He should be in prison!his book stinks so bad it should come with a free bottle of air freshner!Obama degraded both the fbi,and the D O J. Hillary bleach bit her computers! Yet manafor t is in prison! Hillary thinks she is above the law!!!!

  39. Will Harden says:

    Now that the FBI that all Americans support by their taxes has taken the divine job of attacking ‘Republicans, I guess that they didn’t think it was their job to investigate a troubled youth who talked of shooting up Parkland High School.
    This is like the Gestapo.

  40. SFENGR says:

    It is beyond the time to fire Mueller and his crew of democrats. This redacted FISA document proves that there is much corruption in the Obama administration. They should all be arrested, tried and sent to prison, since we know they are guilty, but the trial makes it official!

    • russell says:

      a very good assumption

    • Steven says:

      I’ll believe it when I see it. When ANY of the government criminals are actually charged with their crimes, and face justice. It will restore my faith in the justice system. Short list:Obama, Hillary, Waters. It’s a long list, so let’s started!! Arrest, charge, and try them.

  41. Linda says:

    It’s ridiculous this alleged investigation is still ongoing, if the senators & Reps had to foot the bill it would already be over. They have nothing on President Trump
    They should be investigating Killary.

  42. Truth and Justice #1 says:

    I want to see the 21 pages unredacted and depending on what they reveal, perhaps we need to see more, a lot more. I dread these revelations for our Country’s sake but, we need to know the good, bad, and ugly. If we are to exist, we have to clean out the muck and start anew with clean honest people, if there are any left.

  43. Mike says:

    It’s all FAKE!!! Everything and anything that the Obamas and Clintons did or does is designed to run a scam on the American people.
    Why mince words. Obama, Clintons, Clapper, Brennan, Comey et al: committed treason against the USA and should go to prison or die traitors death.

  44. Bill says:

    It looks like Mueller will probably keep this fake investigation until 2024 or until Trump is no longer President. He just keeps going further and further away from the original investigation. Pretty soon he will be trying to get dirt on Dennis the Menace so he might turn on Trump. It’s a never ending game of Hide and Seek.

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