Devin Nunes hit Adam Schiff with one reality check that turned his life upside down

Adam Schiff and the Democrats are set to kick off the public hearings for their impeachment witch hunt on Wednesday.

Schiff and his allies in the Fake News Media are expecting this spectacle to turn the tide of public sentiment in favor of removing the President from office.

But Devin Nunes hit Adam Schiff with one reality check that turned his life upside down.

The Democrats claim the public hearings will answer the GOP charges that they are running a rigged show trial that denies the President due process.

Devin Nunes appeared on Sean Hannity’s program to inform Americans that would not be the case, as Schiff denied every witness request the Republicans made.

Nunes claims Schiff still runs a rigged process because a full airing of all the witness testimonies would be devastating for the Democrats.

Breitbart reports:

As House Democrats speed toward impeachment, some are wondering how the U.S. Senate, controlled by the Republican Party, will react when the ball is in the Senate’s court.

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, urged folks to take a wait-and-see approach to the proceedings. He explained how Democrats and the media will attempt to frame the storylines but added that the recently released transcripts from the closed House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings last week show the testimony given was “devastating to the Democrats.”

“Let’s see how this goes this week,” Nunes said. “My guess is it’s going to be a complete circus. We’re not going to get any of our witnesses. The mainstream media is going to say how damaging it is to the president. That’s just going to be the storyline. But the fact of the matter is if you actually read these transcripts and Gregg Jarrett was just going through them … these transcripts as we were saying when the Democrats were slowly leaking them out to their friends in the media – that’s what we’ve been doing for the last six weeks. But now that the transcripts are out, they’re devastating to the Democrats. So, let’s see where this goes. But at the end of the day, the Senate should be calling all these people in as soon as possible.”

Nunes is also correct in that the Fake News Media already has their stories written about how “devastating” the testimony will be.

That’s because so-called “journalists” no longer report the news. They engage in narrative promotion.

But the American people are wise to this.

The Democrats have not been able to convince Republican voters that the President’s conduct rises to the level of an impeachable offense because rank-and-file Republicans understand the rigged game Schiff and the Fake News Media are playing.

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168 Responses

  1. mrp says:

    I thought Schiff’s sister is married to Soros’ son. And Soros is padding Schiff’s pockets to keep up the impeachment farce. Why hasn’t Soros been deported. Guess he has paid off too many people, including the Clintons and Obamas.

  2. Jug says:

    No, there really is a “so called” one!

    But in reality, he is so biased, that everything he says or does must be thrown out!

    For years and years, only “first hand” information could be used in such cases, but just days before the so called “whistle blower” surfaced, the law was changed to allow second hand testimony ‘

    Just a little too suspicious, don’t you think ?

    Total planned and rigged coup!
    Crooked, nasty COMMIECRATS !

  3. Chenz says:

    Gee I thought every one knew in that context that we were talking about law.
    Anything else?

  4. G BAR says:

    Hi Mysty,

    Unfortunately, the scum attempting this cue, do not believe in God at all.
    Our Founders held deep beliefs in our Judeo / Christian God, and that our rights are bestowed upon us by God. If the scum in the democratic communist party takes over America, your rights will be trampled on until further notice. They do not believe in God and do not believe in our rights, except as they deem.
    They wish for you to worship them as Gods.

  5. Harvey says:

    Thats called “Due Process of Law” … not “Due Process”.
    Anything can be called “Due Process”.

  6. James Miederhoff says:

    If you had as much of a brain, as you think, you would use it to nblow the test of it out. But, actually you have about as much as an ant and have NO IDEA what to do with the small oota you do have. If brains were dynamite you would not have enough to blow an ants head off.

  7. James Miederhoff says:

    I believe it was Soros’ sister. Heard Nothing todo with Gore. Although nothing would surprise me, when it came to the DUMBOCRATS.

  8. klyneal says:

    The dems only won the house due to voter fraud, which is COLLSSAL. Los Angeles county ALONE has a greater population than 40 states, and they have something like 1.5 million invalid voters on their roles. Kentucky is another one. Many more states have been sued by JD, and more are being exposed. The voting in some states, the voting machines, the tabulation, the companies that “verify” the votes, etc. are all owned by ONE person, and subsidized by soros himself.

    If there was no voter fraud, there’d be no democraps either.

    But Trump and WE the PEOPLE will overcome again. Trump 2020 all the way!

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