Democrats thought Trump was really about to be indicted. But you won’t believe what happened next

Democrats spent six years dreaming of throwing Donald Trump behind bars.

These witch hunts always seemed to fall apart at the very last moment.

Now Democrats thought Trump was really about to be indicted. But you won’t believe what happened next.

The New York Times broke the news on Thursday night that Manhattan’s Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg invited Donald Trump to testify before a grand jury running the witch hunt into Trump paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 in October 2016.

In New York, such a move indicates an indictment is near.

But in this case, Bragg is trying to literally manufacture a new legal theory to bump a misdemeanor charge about falsifying business records up to a felony by claiming Trump violated New York state’s campaign finance laws.

This case is such a stretch that even The New York Times’ anti-Trump activists Maggie Haberman called the theory “exotic” – which means it is preposterous and is nothing more than D.A. Bragg weaponizing the justice system against Trump.

In an appearance on CNN, Haberman also speculated it could be difficult to get a judge to go along with an untested criminal case and that it would cause Republicans to rally around Trump.

“Exotic, it’s an exotic case. And a judge could decide, no, we’re going to get back to a misdemeanor. That is difficult for a prosecutor when it’s a former President. I understand, you know, justice is supposed to be equal, you know, for all. But, you know, people take into consideration factors like this. I think we could see a rallying effect from his supporters. It could be that more people are turned off by this. I just don’t think we know. We know how he will use it, which is that he will say he’s being attacked and victimized. And we have seen that over and over again. We’re going to continue to,” Haberman began.

Haberman also noted that the star witness in the case – former Trump attorney Michael Cohen – is an admitted liar and that Bragg already passed on one chance to indict Trump on tax fraud charges because the case was paper thin.

“Yeah, look, and what I think Michael Cohen would say as a witness, and has said before is that he, you know, he lied on Trump’s behalf. And I think you would hear him say that in this case. You did have Alvin Bragg decide not to bring a prosecution against Trump in connection with his actual business despite proceeding against his business. And they got a conviction across the board in 17 counts in that case, I don’t know. It’s different when you’re prosecuting a faceless company than it is prosecuting a man. I do think it’s worth noting here, putting aside issues of Michael Cohen specifically, or that the prospective thinness of the case, take it all together. It requires 12 people and it just takes one person to have reasonable doubt. And even in pretty progressive Manhattan, I think probably a defense lawyer could find one person. And that’s a risk here,” Haberman concluded.

Democrats have to keep inventing conspiracy theories – the Russian collusion and Ukraine hoaxes – or come up with fantastical interpretations of the law because the only crime Donald Trump ever committed was winning the 2016 election.

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