Democrats just found out some really bad news about impeachment and 2020

Democrats thought impeachment was key to a victory next November.

Either Congress would remove President Trump from office and fracture the Republican Party beyond repair or Democrats would render Donald Trump unelectable through the taint of scandals.

But Democrats got a rude awakening when they found out some really bad news about impeachment and 2020.

Republicans need to flip just 21 seats to win back control of the House of Representatives.

And there are 31 Democrats running for re-election in districts Donald Trump won in 2016.

That means there is more than enough low hanging fruit for Republicans to oust House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from power as the backlash to impeachment builds.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer echoed this claim.

Breitbart reports:

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Tom Emmer (R-MN) said Saturday that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry “is going to cost them their” House “majority” in the 2020 congressional elections.

As many swing district House Democrats go back to their districts and explain to their constituents their support for the impeachment inquiry, Emmer said that the inquiry will result in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) losing her House majority.

“This process they’re embarking on is going to cost them their majority next fall,” Emmer said.

The NRCC chairman said that Democrats have an “obsession” with impeachment, adding that “it’s just getting worse for them.”

Impeachment is turning into a giant dumpster fire for the Democrats.

This crusade united Republicans behind President Trump and polls show it has alienated swing voters in key battleground states.

But Democrats are now locked in to this fight.

The only question now is how badly they will suffer politically when this completely blows up.

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58 Responses

  1. thomas kapp says:

    the demorats have been trying to get rid of president trump long before the 2016 election . it started when mr. trump said the words i am running for president obama and all the demorats said that he would never be voted in as president in 2015. and now the demorats have come up with every lie they can find in there own book of lie’s that they them selve’s have used to get president trump out of office and when of the lie’s fail they bring another one out of cold storage and try to use that one . and now that president trump make plans for new law’s and deal’s that demorats don’t vote to past them for him and try to make them as there own idea. and screw us people over and over every day that go’s by

  2. Michael Green says:

    You seem to forget, nothing the house passes this year was going to pass in the Senate this year. Wait a year when there’s no dimocrats in the House, because they’re showing they could care less about America and Americans.

  3. Michael Green says:

    You might know your theology, but you sure don’t know your Donald Trump. You need to read a biography of Donald Trump , not written by someone who is a hater. Donald Trump is in truth quite a philanthropist. Something that you’ll search long and hard for among democrats.

  4. Debbie Downer says:

    Obama was admired by Louis Farrakhan and The Black Panthers so what are you trying to say exactly?
    Obama was also friends with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.
    So what’s your point Fred?

  5. Debbie Downer says:

    I don’t want to call you ignorant but you did call Trump an antichrist so…
    As for Jesus, we did not elect Jesus to be president. No president has ever emulated Jesus and no president could. Do you have a Jesus in your party to put up for president? I haven’t seen one so what are we left with? The lesser of two evils. Trump or a social -ist con artist Democrat? I choose Trump .

  6. Will Penny says:

    Joseph , you are one stupid liberal simpleton . No Joseph , your the Nazi , you and the rest of your looney tune friends . Go back to school and take history over again , but oh yeah that’s right , you liberal Idoits are rewriting the history books to fit your Agenda . That’s liberals for you , Dumb n Dumber !!

  7. Will Penny says:

    Fred you are a Simpleton at best , it’s Idoits as yourself , that are the dangerous ones to our Liberty , here in the USA . Pull your head out of your ass , you Liberal Troll !!

  8. bob jones says:

    better than having riots in the streets courtesy of libearal democrats when they take power and turn this nation into a third world country. you must have had high praise for bill clinton when he molested that young intern in the oval office. now ole bill and hillary are under scrutiny for visiting an island that molested 13 year old girls. that would be epstein island where these 2 participated in the destruction of young lives.

  9. How can you blame Trump for the shootings? This is just grasping at straws. Guess you in a dream world Trump 2020 no doubt c

  10. you are right trump is not the Christ,but he certainly does not represent or follow the teachings of Jesus Christ when it comes to welcoming the stranger, care for the poor, the enviornment, etc.
    Read your Bible with an open mind and you might be able to judge trump’s behavior and policies in the light of the true Jesus. P;ease do not call me ignorant because I have a Master’s degree in Theology and know what I am talking about.

  11. trump is admired by the Neo-Nazi hate groups as well as the KKK so if you want a Nazi regime, vote trump in 2020 after all he said there are some good Nazi. I am surprised that you, a woman, would support a man who cheated on his wife, used the services of a prostitute, views women as sex objects and has several complaints from women whom he groped. If you support him that much would you allow your daughter to marry such a man? He is the process of destroying our country. How do you explain the fact that a FBI report says that there has been an increase in hate crimes since he took office, e.g. the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, the Mexicans at a mall in El Paso and the Afro-American church in Charlotsville. This goes to show you how trump has stirred up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism something which Jesus would not approve of. The basis of my opinion is twofold, factual data and the Bible.

  12. Papusa says:

    Thank’s to Hillary and Obama who sold him the uranium

  13. Guy says:

    Yes , Sam is EXACTLY correct!! Trump is the ONLY president I’ve seen That actually Is Keeping His Campaign Promises !! perhaps that is why the Liars and Fabricators Hate him!

  14. TESS says:


  15. Yosemite Sam says:

    Trump will be re elected in a landslide! Trump is standing up for America, he is actually trying to keep his promises to the American people, something NO president has ever done! Enough of the demonRATS already!!! Trump all the way!!! Best president we’ve ever had!

  16. Will Penny says:

    Your full of liberal Bull Crap !

  17. Will Penny says:

    As Forrest would say , ” Stupid Is , As Stupid Does ” ,. You were warned , but didn’t listen , , ,. The Sham Show is sinking strait down to Old Davey’s Locker , Chum , as in shark bait . Thanks Libby’s

  18. William Levi Havtawaite says:

    Mr. President Donald Trump ,we need to get a term limit for every political repesenatives and senators that are not doing their best to represent the people who put them in office , to get their attention they shouldn’t reap the benefits of the office they fill by putting their selves a head of their respective constituents they need to pay for everything like we do pay for our health care they shouldn’t vote for their own raises it should be voted on by the people who put them in office, retirement another sore spot no benefits until they earn them, no perks if they travel afar they need to PAY THEIR WAY ALONG WITH THEIR OWN FAMILIES NO FIRST CLASS OR SPECIAL PRIVILEGES for them , no special airplane like the speaker house of repesenatives or traveling expenses. They shouldn’t get the high retirement pay that they don’t contribute to, there constituents should wish to get the amount that they get even when we try to put in for retirement and they want to take it away with some of the stupid insidious laws they want to pass . I know half of this information is available for anyone that want to look up and

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