Democrats delivered one impeachment threat to Trump that will have you seeing red

The second impeachment trial for Donald Trump is under way.

Democrats are looking to exact maximum vengeance on Donald Trump.

And Democrats delivered one impeachment threat to Trump that will have you seeing red.

The Democrat House impeachment managers filed a 75-page memorandum on the eve of the Senate trial.

In the memo, Democrats subverted nearly 250 years of American jurisprudence by claiming that if Donald Trump did not testify in the impeachment trial, the Democrats would assume that was an admission of guilt.

“[T]he House has invited President Trump to voluntarily testify under oath, yet President Trump immediately rejected that opportunity to tell his story. The House will establish at trial that this decision to avoid testifying supports a strong adverse inference regarding President Trump’s actions (and inaction) on January 6,” the House impeachment managers wrote.

In America, no one is compelled to testify in their own trial.

This right is enshrined in the Constitution.

And while a Senate impeachment trial is a political exercise, Americans still expect those involved to follow basic guidelines of due process and fundamental fairness.

Democrats had invited Trump to testify at this trial, which his lawyers swiftly responded to by rejecting the request.

The fact that Democrats then claimed a rejection was a confession of guilty just showed many Americans that this is not a serious process and that it is really just an exercise in petty, partisan vengeance.

Democrats just impeached Donald Trump because they had the votes and their base demanded it.

Everyone involved understands this reality, which is why the Senate is expected to speed through this trial and could conclude matters by next Monday.

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