Dan Crenshaw asked this Trump challenger the questions that sent them ducking for cover

The battle lines of the 2020 campaign are being drawn.

Every Democrat jumping into the race is hoping they don’t have to confront one basic truth.

But Dan Crenshaw asked this top Trump challenger a question that sent him ducking for cover.

Beto O’Rourke – who is widely rumored to jump into the 2020 Presidential race – held a pathetic counter-rally to Donald Trump’s massive event to pressure Congress to provide money for a border wall.

O’Rourke claimed the wall was racist and that walls actually killed people and didn’t save any lives.

That talking point sounds good on the campaign trail in front of liberal audiences, but it falls apart under the weight of the reality facing America.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw took to social media and shut O’Rourke down.

He pointed out that El Paso – O’Rourke’s home city – was protected by a border wall.

So Crenshaw asked O’Rourke if he wanted El Paso’s wall torn down.

To hammer home the point, Crenshaw included a graph that showed illegal border crossings from Mexico into El Paso plummeted from around 75,000 the year before the wall was built to near zero upon completion.

There is one simple fact liberals don’t want to face as the 2020 campaign heats up.

And that is walls work.

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55 Responses

  1. Rickey Caldwell says:

    Do walls work around prisons? Once we get a wall built, what happens when the next Baby Killer becomes President and opens up the gates in the wall. Arizona has been flooded with illegals for about 10 years starting with Obama’s first year in office about the time John McCain started sucking him. Our Medicaid program writes blank checks so inflation is going to kill us and the 11 +million illegals is going to continue to bleed us dry and create additional debt. Additional debt our own bums would take decades to create. Oh yea, a lot of them are going to work but how many Jose’s are going to vote illegally and not pay any taxes? We need voter reform now, the wall won’t be in time.

  2. Justsaying says:

    With Beto(Robert) even his name is a phony tearing down our walls and Biden in Europe apologizing once again for th US we are in BIG trouble if these Democrats win in 2020.Which is why the Presidents approval rating is now 52% and climbing.You don’t go looking for a fight but once you are in one the only rule is WIN.These Bozos have to be defeated.

  3. TOO LATE……….the Muslims have already taken over Minnesota & Michigan (and probably Wisconsin) and a whole lot of other cities. Haven’t you noticed the two ‘delightful’ little Sharia Law pushers that were voted as Representative? They refused to put their hand on the bible and swear allegience to America…..but were allowed to put hand on Caron!! Its insulting to our American values and way of life……and frightening as to what they are going to be allowed to get away with!! I will gladly join any revolt to keep our Constitution from being violated by such people!!

  4. Veronica Weaver says:


  5. Jason Casteel says:

    He lost the popular vote, Moron, because there were 5 million illegal, fraudulent votes for Hillary. So do the math. Hillary lost by 2 million LEGAL votes. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  6. Milos Leubner says:

    Defense of Vietnam was a noble cause – South did not attemted to destroy the communist regime in the North . Our guns are for our defense ,so lets get to know our neighbors ,don’t judge harshly we all are results of plastic age which is upon us. How many hours of television do we watch daily ,can we cook our own food ,fix our cars , talk to our children like to someone we love and can we make them consider to put down their Iphones which are competing for ownership of the truth and families.? What really do we consider freedom to be to us today? To be free will take giving up many hypnotic habits which became a norm in the last 50 plus years , we can’t hate those we don’t yet understand ,we have to suppress our anger , fears of not knowing who we are ,we have to let our souls raise from the rubble covering them six feet down. This is a war to keep us from understanding how to live human life and its purpose beyond death and before dying of the body of flesh. Breeth deeply ,keep your head up not to show of your power and strenght but to let your eyes see without labeling everything first. Study history ,connect the dots ,change your conclusions over and over , without looking for winners because there have never been winners amongst the humans ,But see for yourself which out of bi-pedals are human and which are not .Don’t hate those who are different from who you think you are ,thinking mind is just a imported layer of slavery upon us . Freedom is within ,just not seen by those who believe that they know the truth an d close their souls. [email protected] Milos

  7. Jesse says:

    Yes walls work just ask any Democrap who has one if it keeps the bad guys out. They just don’t want America to have them because it would cost them votes. Look at their fight against having voter rolls purged of those who are dead. They say ILLEGALS don’t vote but between Texas and a small part of Pennsylvania they found 110 thousand ILLEGAL VOTERS. Just look at Hitlery’s votes where in one place there were people who voted and were older than this Earth’s oldest living person and a few Hundred who were well over 200 years old. So all Democraps want walls so long as they won’t stop ILLEGALS from coming to America and voting for them. Just look at their god Obozo who has walls blockades and barriers of all sorts as well as Armed Guards around their place. Nutsy Pelousy who has walls had some ILLEGALS who got over her walls arrested and Deported the same day after they had gotten on to her property. So they just hate walls that protecg Americans who are not them.

  8. Carlos Sanchez says:

    We all LOL at the wimpy 15 in the GOP primary, this commie clan they’re gonna run is gonna be f***ing hilarious as they trash each other and try to be more Marxist than each other. Trump will win in a landslide!

  9. Crozdawg says:

    Worst kind if phony. Plus hes a crininal..left the sceen of an accident..add lieing piece of donkey dung. And you have Yhis asshole Beto. By the way not his name.

  10. Judy says:


  11. J. W. says:

    Obummer had a losing economy (“What’s Trump going to do? Wave a “magic wand?” Those jobs are “NEVER” coming back), losing Health Care (“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” 27 times), etc.
    What do the Demonkraps have to offer? Failing economy (AO”C celebrates Amazon leaving New York”). massive unemployment, etc.

    I find it difficult to believe that the “educated” SNOWFLAKES actually have something better!

  12. Steinhauer says:

    Get back to licking windows. You are sooooo misguided, lol. Not sure what pole you are reading, guessing leftist propaganda. You libs are so gullible

  13. Jim says:

    I wish these comrades or what ever they are trying to act like, should be rounded up and made to live under their favourite country of Mayhem.
    Live under the rotten NO FREEDOM, then come back and try to BS. the people.

  14. farrell caesar says:

    These zombies don’t care about citizens. They want to dissarm so we can all be victims

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