CNN’s latest fake news should worry every gun owner

The members of the liberal media love school shootings.

These horrific tragedies afford reporters the chance to drop their fake objectivity and demand the government confiscate firearms in America.

That’s why CNN’s latest fake news should worry every gun owner.

It did not take long for reporters at CNN to spread fake news about school shootings in the wake of the awful tragedy in Sante Fe, Texas.

CNN reporters Jim Sciutto – a former Obama administration official – and Sara Murray pushed the false claim that there have been 22 school shootings so far in America.

This is false.

A CBS affiliate in Texas debunked this fake news.

Liberals don’t care about the facts in the gun debate.

Reporters use sensational claims and fake news as emotional blackmail to push for the government to disarm American citizens.

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36 Responses

  1. Gideon Rockwell says:

    The LIbertard Propaganda Sycophants in the so called media did not report that the majority of the kids at the Santa Fe High when asked what caused this situation stated as the first thing the removal of prayer from the schools. None said anything about gun control. One group of kids said that if their substitute teacher who appears to be popular with the kids and is a Marine were armed he could have ended the situation quickly. A big difference between this group of young people and Sissy Boy Hogg and his group of self serving punks.

  2. There is no point going head to head with the leftists at cnn or any of their sort. They are either to stupid to understand or chose to stupidly misunderstand what is pure common sense to the majority of Americans, and that is, gun control will never stop the criminal element from getting their hands on a gun. The individual who puts their mind to killing, is happy to use anything at hand, whether it’s their fists, a gun, a vehicle, a knife, a bat or a bomb. Absolutely anything can be used as a weapon if you choose. There’s no point in talking to those who choose to remain deaf to logic. I say Power to the People and their 2nd Amendment. Come get my guns.

  3. Donl says:

    Those who want to take your gun away are the same people that want to take your Freedoms away.

  4. Don F. Estle says:

    No gun control at all as it is a right of 2nd Amendment !

  5. Ken says:

    When a liberal communist speaks, you know whatever they are saying is a lie.

  6. ahemtonto says:

    You have assessed the facts accurately.

  7. zee says:

    MS13 likes ‘blades’. Then roast, bake, boil, etc. Eat & drink. (the blood) .

  8. Parduc says:

    Gun control is a hate crime.
    They hate our rights, freedom and independence.
    Why don’t they try to ban cars to prevent drunk drivers from killing kids?

  9. Bob Haun says:

    Can anyone say Manchuria Canidate… something or someone is brain washing these kids. Every time this happens I wait to see if anyone would think critically about why it happened and all I hear is how guns are the problem. Am I crazy to think the general public would be so stupid they would believe it’s a gun problem? Arm yourselves, something big is brewing…

  10. Shelba J Holmes says:

    Liberals go after guns because they have no clue as to how to solve the real problems with these shootings – mental health. Liberals are the reason this country has not had places for the insane for decades now. So, the mentally ill are walking the streets and are everywhere and they are ot getting any help because the mentally ill mostly do not know tey need help and their families are helpless because of liberal policies.

  11. Shelba J Holmes says:

    You are right. The right has a distinct distaste for lies. We do not like the lies or the people who are telling the lies. The problem with you folks on the left is that you don’t seem to be able to tell a lie from the truth or you prefer to believe the lies over the truth. Either way, you seem to get it wrong most of the time.

  12. Shelba J Holmes says:

    I sincerely hope you are wrong but considering what the left has tried to do to our President I don’t think anything would surprise me.

  13. bob says:

    The left has been rigging elections for years; they have been using the first amendment to constantly go after the second. Once they win that battle then they come after are other freedoms. The freedom loving America loving citizens need to be prepared. I believe they are behind the shootings and have been for years. Think about this point – they argue against fortifying schools and arming security guards and or teachers. They just want guns taken away, is this can continue and they force a win? Of course they do not want this to stop. Look at immigration, they want illegal’s to automatically be able to vote they do not care about them.

  14. cliff says:

    I believe You are correct. WHY do you think the FBI, AND the “sheriff” (who just happened to be best “buds” with the clinton’s) intentionally IGNORED all the “signs” for MONTHS, and then and told officers to “stand down” while 17 individuals were shot to make sure there was maximum carnage? The MORON that was on campus that was hiding outside behind his car STILL ended up with his cushy pension. (WHAT does THAT tell you?)
    DEMOCOMMUNISTS do NOT care how many lives are lost as long as their “agenda” is pushed and “covered by their “lame stream media propaganda pushers”

  15. James A. Malick says:

    Oh My God, an Honest to God believable TV Journalist, she is reporting facts, unconfirmed bits and outright falsehoods and telling you the difference. Maybe Edward R. Murrow’s example has not been lost, I would trust her and the TV station.

  16. Gerry says:

    I think there should be investigations by non-government organizations into ALL of these mass shootings. In my opinion — it would not surprise me in the least that the libtard,gun-grabbing, leftists don’t set these shootings in motion. I know it’s a conspiracy theory but think about it. They have proven that nothing is too low for them to do to accomplish their disarming of the American citizens agenda.

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