CNN just outright admitted they want World War III just to take down Trump

CNN has absolutely no decency.

There is no attack too low for them to launch, as long as it harms President Trump.

And CNN just outright admitted they want World War III just to take down Trump.

By all metrics, President Donald Trump may be the most anti-war President in modern history.

It’s not because he isn’t afraid to harness the power of the U.S. Military if needed – like Obama was – but because he prefers to use diplomacy to solve world issues.

And there’s no greater example of this than his dealings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Kim is a dictator who has committed atrocities against his own people, and threatened the western world with nuclear warfare.

Despite this, Trump believes that what is best for the people of North Korea is not to declare war on them, but instead to try to improve things by forming a friendship with their leader.

And so far, things are going great on that end, with Trump having a very successful summit and with Kim inviting Trump to be the first sitting U.S. President to step foot into North Korea.

But to CNN, these developments are horrific and proof that President Trump is a dictator.

During a recent segment on the Fake News Network, CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser went after Trump for his meeting, stating that the President “seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of Democrats.”

So according to CNN, having two meetings with Kim Jong Un during a peacemaking mission is proof he prefers the company of dictators.

In reality, Trump prefers that Kim stop oppressing his people, so one day he will no longer be a dictator.

One can only imagine what CNN would be saying if it was former President Barack Obama taking the first steps into North Korea.

The mainstream media would call him a hero.

But because it is Trump, the media can’t help but hurl the most ridiculous attacks possible.


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99 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    Just Remember: ‘(young) Ch. KIM HAS to
    Deal w/ 0ld Establishment. Just like DJT.
    Ch. Kim Was ‘educated’ (in Switzerland)
    he is No ‘dummy’, but has vices> heh.
    Ch Kim WANTS TO “MOVE 0N” ___ W/Help
    from POTUS. Kim ‘sees’ a Better Future. &
    MUST ‘get PAST’ the ‘0ld Guard’. ___

  2. carmine gazerro says:

    Hey CNN. How about. It’s amazing Trump will put his own pride aside for American he loves her so much he is doing all he can to build trust with Kim. For one goal. To save lives. To free all Korea. To unite Korean families. All you smart Democrats. Tell me what Trump should do. Be like aObama Give 150 billion in cash (Iran). Sign a deal that we can’t even enforce. That we know see was a joke. Tell me DumbOCrats. How Left hates America. To be Dem today you hate this country. It’s a shame. This President is a great man. Not one thing has he done wrong. The border 2 years it’s a crisis. Nothing done by Dems. Now they blame him. Thats 1 example for everything .

  3. rae aronica says:

    Don’t ask how stupid can people be??? It just goes on and on…duh

  4. Sam says:

    If any president deserved the Nobel peace prize it should be president Trump! The reason he can get Kim, Putin, & China’s President to sit down for talks is because they know our president isn’t playing games & will do what he says. Unlike Obama who bowed to foreign leaders kissing their rings all the while they laugh at us. Barry Sorento aka Barrak Hussein Obama about destroyed America & I thank God for president Trump making us strong again!! Trump 2020!!!!

  5. ric devlin says:

    democrats (liberals) = deception, delusion, derangement….and ZUCKER/STELTER NETWORK??????????

  6. W says:

    “Seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of Democrats.”

    So his choice is dealing with lying, American hating, sociocommunistic lowlife demaggots suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangment Syndrome and can’t get past losing to him. Another “choice” for him would be to associate with the demoscum controlled, ignorant, propaganda puppet phony “media” readers who suffer from extreme Trump Derangment Syndrome and couldn’t report the truth if they were forced to.

    Given those choices, I too would certainly rather be talking to dictators and working on keeping this nation safe.

  7. philip Simon says:

    Since the 1960’s, Liberals were against war, now they want war, no war, just peace, remember John Lennon and Yoko Ono, here what we are saying, give peace a chance, Kim will do all he can to do that.

  8. Linda M. says:

    Isn’t it bizarre that Glasser woman from CNN stated that Trump prefers the company of dictators than to those of the Democrats.The Democrats ARE the dictators and traitors who President Trump has to deal with daily!!! No matter what President Trump says or does, there is the fake news there crucifying him !! Doesn’t these idiots realize that IF ( GOD forbid) there is another war, that it won’t be with guns . It will be with someone with their fingers on a button ready to launch nuclear weapons?? President Trump is trying to save our country and not destroy it, or sell it out like Clinton and Obama did, with their dirty dealings …

    • Tom says:

      Yeah, the only problem is that the Democrats are here in our own country, I can agree though that Democrats are worse than dictators, just wish the Democrats lived in another country. If they did, I would certainly declare war on them

    • will says:

      Anti-American left Traitors Look what they have done to California

  9. NOBODY says:

    Even though I understand what trump is doing, (His Job) If I was Trump I would prefer sitting and talking out problems
    with a dictators over talking to a Dim Witt Democratic congress person (I use the word Person VERY Loosely in this case) For the congress is nothing more then thieves and Liars most are Democratic but there is a few rhino’s in the bunch. has anyone compared which parties has more sex and thieving history?
    they know the Dem’s are richer then Republicans how about these offenses they buy their way out of?

  10. Earl Witheby says:

    The owners and key operating officials for CNN should be tried for treason and is found guilty given the appropriate penalty.

    Anyone that is willing to just allow immigrates to openly enter the United States when the are purchasing children in Mexico in order to say they have their children with them and the hideous things that are happening to some of those children. Any politician willing to a;;ow this just to maybe gain a vote should thrown out of office and tired in court for appropriate charges since the are very unworthy Americans.

    • NavyPO says:

      CNN can go to HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been to war , you haven’t

  11. Cecil says:

    What a loser cnn is

  12. barb says:

    SCRE* cnn, fake bull crap on every day..who watches anyway…LOL only asenine libs….Thank God I’m no longer a dem..

    • Carol says:

      Just a normal report from the CLINTON NATIONAL NEWS.

    • Phyllis says:

      Me too. Not only is CNN fake news but now they are war mongers. ” Trump would rather listen to dictators, than Democrats”. Stelter doesn’t get it. No one wants to listen to Demonrats. Freedom of the press, doesn’t mean you can lie and distort the truth. It is supposed to give the press the freedom to tell the truth, which CNN hasn’t done for years. They should be taken off the air.

  13. Chaz says:

    “CNN just outright admitted they want World War III just to take down Trump” Talk about “fake news”!
    Saying “The president of the U.S. visibly seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of democrats.” is in no way the same as wanting World War III to take down trump. Just an inflammatory headline to rile up the “the base”.

    • gary says:

      The daily actions of the anti-American rhinos, especially the anti-American democrats tool for that agenda the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES show why they are all losing! They are the real enemy of you Americans and America because they are the real party and people of Hate and division, they would rather see this country go down in flames just to make an American president look bad! All because the people spoke and made them deep state and medias look stupid and their power so lost on election night!

    • Joann Barton says:

      The Demorats are dictators & they want to gain total control of the world.

    • THEFACTS says:

      In principle, the statement about WWIII, even if just a mere metaphor, is absolutely correct.

      It’s as if they WANT war with NOKO

      Absolutely, jas this been Obama, he’d ne hailed as a hero, and given another Nobel Peace Prize.

      Just to have NOKO and SOKO leaders speaking, is worthy of giving Trump, the Nobel

  14. Von says:

    If his only choice is between Un or Pelosi and Schumer I can’t say I would blame him if he wanted to speak to Un. There’s always the chance something intelligent will come out of his head.

  15. Scott says:

    I honestly believe President Trump will achieve a peaceful resolution with North Korea before he does the Democoms.

  16. Wayne Brenner says:

    President Trump did say that meeting with Putin was easier than working with our European allies. He has shared that enjoys his relationship with the leader of North Korea. That was from his words, not conjured by any media outlet.
    What has transpired since talks with Kim Jon Un? Kim got something that he wanted – for the U.S. to stop the joint exercises with South Korea, while he still works his arsenal. The Chinese president was also happy with the U.S. not having those exercises with the south. And with our pull out of Trans Pacific Partnership, we are giving up our influence and ceding to China. The Trans Pacific was a platform with the potential to discuss unfair trade practices, and build a coalition with like minded nations.

    • Yvonne says:

      Agree with your comment. I cannot believe they would have the hate and audacity to make a comment they would like a war for our country JUST because they do not care for one person, President Trump! These people would wish harm to a country and the humanity of this country because they dislike the President ? How self absorb can they get? Wishing harm to an entire country and it’s citizens because they are so self absorbed!

      • Joann Barton says:

        If they had a brain the size of the pupil in a gnat’s eye, or a gnat’s little toe nail, they would realize that in a 3rd world war, they may be the ones taken down.

        • David Rose says:

          CNNooo and MSLSD are a little over confident. They remind me of a gnat trying to impregnate an elephant, saying take that bitch.

    • K says:

      The TPP is where I disagree with your perspective. It was just another “treaty” that shafted the American people and businesses because our “negotiators” were just a bunch of spineless wimps that only wanted to kiss the backsides of the other countries. It was as bad, if not worse, than the screw job done with the Iranians.

      Everyone benefited from that “treaty” except the United States of America.

  17. Mike Koberlein says:

    This is why CNNs ratings continue to be abysmal. Yet, they have the audacity to indicate they are unbiased. Most of us aren’t as naive as their viewers must be.

  18. Brain Checker says:

    These people that want World War lll, just to get rid of the best President that this country has ever had, are out of their blanking minds, that’s if they ever had one in the first place. all these nut s should be voted of of office as soon as possible. There must be something in the drinking water in D.C to drive these people so nuts.

  19. George says:

    CNN is for the gay agenda, that is all. Idiots.

  20. kaye says:

    they are jealous cause we have a real man and leader in WH instead of the sissy boy who would draw a red line and then hide

  21. Ted Quirk says:

    CNN. Needs to look at history. The USA generally does NOT change leaders in the middle of a WAR.

  22. Will says:

    CNN SUCKS Camels , that covers that Fake News outfit !!

  23. Bill Turney says:

    CNN proves that nothing they say can be taken seriously and that their ratings will continue to die. AT&T, do you really think this is a good business strategy?

  24. Whats the different between Democrats and dictators? They both want to control our every move in what we can do or say. What we can have and can’t have. They sound the same to me.

  25. J says:

    The Communistic Nitwits Network is spewing their biased demomaggot propaganda over the airwaves again. These morons just need to go away and learn what real news is about. Telling the real truth is not comprehensible to them.

    If Oscumma had done that, they would have been slurping his sack for a week and praising him for his great(?) leadership. The rest of his lemmings would be making their pilgrimage to their worship alter to praise him. Poor brainwashed demolemmings.

  26. Pat says:

    Brad: I also totally agree. If the Democrats are guilty of anything, they are guilty of being the President of the United States of America Republic. I wonder what they really think a presidency is for? I think they think there should not be any president so all of them can be President. I just do not understand why they are getting away with lawlessness, conspiracy, lying and blacklisting! Nothing is being done to stop them -p just a lot of talk, talk, talk. This is a travesty.

  27. Steveur says:

    Ironic? CNN comes out blatantly crossing the threshold of decency and yet, you know that the rest of the FAKE MEDIA, is wishing the same destruction at any cost of President Donald J. Trump. History will be on the side of this President Trump. One truth will prevail, the Democrat Party, headed by Obama, will be Guilty of trying and failing a Coup of a American President. Only by the grace of God and true Americans, was he able to survive the treasonous motives of the Leftist Party. May the sentence of those traitors once found guilty, be the maximum of the crime committed. TRUMP2020 MAGA2020TRUMP

  28. JungleCogs says:

    “…seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of democrats.” Tough decision… what’s the difference?

    • Brad says:

      I agree. Democrats will not work with the POTUS on anything yet, dictators will and that’s a bad thing not to put the USA into a war? This president Trump will never please the Democrats or mainstream media!

  29. Bob says:

    I would also prefer the company of a dictator, than any Democrap. While the Democraps are working tirelessly to destroy Trump, Trump is trying to form alliances with a hostile country that no previous President has been able to do.

    Suck it up Dems, while our President is working on world peace.

  30. JLS says:

    Let’s take all of CNN’s reporters, staff and exec’s and deposit them on some remote island and tell everyone that they want to start WWIII. Let them fight it to satisfy their perverse Trump hatred and their thirst for power. Don’t send our military to help. Leave our boys at home. If CNN wants it so bad let them find out what it means. No more lattes on the way into the beltway, no more long days of hating everyone not like you. No more CNN, how great for all of us.

  31. Joseph Krvekoski says:

    “The president of the U.S. visibly seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of democrats.” Is there a difference? I haven’t noticed any difference between Democrats and dictators. They both want the same thing, complete control over everyone’s life.

    • So true, there are NO democRATS…ONLY DICTATORS….00’bozo PROVED it as he was BFF with Venezuelan DICTATOR Chavez and CUBA’s DICTATOR Castro….. AND keeps on meddling with the IRANIAN mullahs along with kerry, 00’bozo’s “LITTLE sidekick….AND NOTHING is being done to STOP these TRAITORS……!!!!

  32. Jack says:

    Once again the Clinton or Commie News Network is spreading lies and hatred as they act as stogies for the Demo Crats

  33. Your so call news station is no different than what the Russians tried to do with the elections. What they tried to do for Trump you did the same for Killery

  34. Timothy says:

    The only war you worthless asswipes are gonna get is with us REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT’S and we are gonna stomp ALL of you in the ground just like we would stomp any nasty rat. Bring it on. We are gonna finish you quick, fast and in a hurry. Bring it, pusswhack fruitloop brainwashed asswipe’s. BRING IT.

    • Bill says:

      Where can I sign up for your side Timothy, I want it, I WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH THESE NITWIT DEMONRATS! I want to drive them out of our country, off our soil, I want them all dead – period. If all hateful DemonRATS were dead all of us peace loving Christens could get on with life, loving people, caring for people and giving to help others for the rest of our lives! May God bless you all. 🙂

  35. Czerny says:

    If war breaks out will Democrats enlist to fight? Doubt it. Liberals run their mouths but let others do the fighting for them–except when they attack people while wearing black masks.. To want war and destruction to take down a president is pure evil. Whatever happened to the anti-war peace and love liberals? Answer: Trump happened. I was a lifelong Democrat until 2016. I #Walk[ed]Away and will never go back.

    • Jo says:

      The Dems, just like now, will do nothing but whine and complain. These anti-American deadbeats all need to be put in cuffs , aboard a plane and sent to live with the Taliban. Seems Pelosi likes them better than she does this nation and she needs to have her gang go with her.
      Every Dem in congress and every one of the other fools wanting to be President needs to go with this group.

    • Scott27 says:

      Yeh, I see your Dear Leader, captain bone spurs, sure had others do the fighting for him…. what a joke.

      • W says:

        Yeah, keep working on your Trump Derangement Syndrome and when the election rolls around, you can vote for Kammy. She has promised everything including absolute control. But that’s not being a DICKtator is it?

        The demoscum, the party of absolute control while delivering NOTHING. Go for it FOREST!

  36. Anthony Manzo says:

    What else is new with the News Moguls. Anything to sell papers or get high rating a few lives so what. As the great Pulitzer who wanted to increase his reader ship sent Remington, to Cuba to send him drawings co the war. Remitting , sent Pulitzer a message ” I am here but no war” Pulitzer sent back”you send me the drawings , I’ll send you the war”.

  37. Scott27 says:

    Truth check: When Obama said he would be willing to talk to anyone, ally or enemy, in the interest of diplomacy, the right and especially faux news went ballistic, accusing him of kow-towing to extreme dictators …. there’s plenty of video evidence from that time available if anyone here as the guts to look it up. The very definition of hypocrite

    • Czerny says:

      Like he literally kowtowed to the Saudi princes?

    • William says:

      Scott, I think the key here is to look at what people actually do instead of what they say. What did Obama actually do and what did he actually achieve? He didn’t really negotiate because he wasn’t a skilled negotiator. He also approached world leaders from a position of weakness (i.e. his apology tours) instead of strength. Trump has a dialog with our enemies and is also a shrewd negotiator who has already achieved results. I honestly believe that Obama didn’t know how. So “hypocrit” is a bit strong for a man that does more work before 6 a.m. than Obama did all day and doesn’t even take a salary for it. How about some credit where credit is due????

      • Scott27 says:

        William, “apology tours” is a myth perpetrated by fools; and “doesn’t even take a salary” for it… oh please, that’s a shell game. He’s forgoing the salary but making oodles using his position for business purposes… or haven’t you been paying attention? And shrewd negotiator… what a laugher… Putin plays him like a fiddle.

    • Joseph says:

      With AMERICAN tax dollars, proving money to dictators can buy you interim notoriety.

    • “00’bozo willing to talk to anyone”…… Well, PROBLEM was NOT anyone was really WILLING to talk to HIM, still remember what the Chinese pulled off with the ” little girly-man” as he was FORCED to leave Air Force 1 at the BACK of the plane, and the FOOL did it too, just to APPEASE them, as USUAL….!!! I guess, the Chinese were just GLAD to see him NOT being dressed in his LITTLE RAINBOW colored TUTU and HIGH HEELS as they were chanting: “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY”…..!!!! THEIR behavior TOLD me a lot……!!!!!

    • W says:

      So his apologies to Japan for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki were figments of everyone’s imagination? Keep believing what they shove in all of your receptive orifices, lemming.

  38. Glenna Newman says:

    This shows just how dumb the Democratic party has become. The statement that the President prefers the company of dictators to democrats is NOT saying anything bad about the President. But it says a LOT about the Democratic party. It is showing just how bad the Democratic party has become when the President of the United States can get along better with a dictator than them. They don’t even realize that this statement shows just how BAD they are….. not the President!!!

  39. DARLENE says:


  40. Ed Watts says:

    Wow. This is not “the press” as envisioned in Amendment I.

    Looking at the three CNN lackeys in the picture, I noted that they all have the same expression, most notably marked by the soulless eyes.

  41. helene says:

    we have to shut down this trash media they are our country enemy. lied, spread fake news to destroy our president and destroy our country by the illegal sneaks in our country , Why if her country is better why come here to beg for food , this kind of people is our enemy, spread fake news to destroy the country give money and the place for her and her family to live and to had a better life. this kind of ingratitude, and lies to the teeth after taking all our help we need to kick her out of our country. We work very hard to earned our money, we don’t want to help this ingrates and a immoral person in our country. OK

  42. Dave in Houston says:

    what is the difference between dictators and democrats? democrats are just dictators in waiting.

  43. REAL American Patriot says:

    Where was there any mention of WW3?. This is typical click bait “Not so Patriotic Pulse” is known for. Anytime former President Obama showed any inclination to directly address an enemy, you guys went bonkers. But because it is your guy, Pyongyang Donald, everything is fine. Well, news flash, everything is NOT fine.

  44. cg says:

    guess what you dumb ass cnn? when the war starts he remains in office till it ends. bunch of dumb asses… and hopefully when that starts we get to illiminate cnn and all fake news liberals winners democrats and queers

  45. Heidi says:

    That is why we need to pray for our Country and for our President. This is nothing more than Satan attacking us.

    • grefox says:

      “The president of the U.S. visibly seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of democrats.” Quoted by CNNs Brian Stetler. Of course he does
      He can accomplish much more with North Korea than he can with the obnoxious Democrats and that includes Stetler. A more stupid comment you just won’t find anywhere.

  46. Diana Talmadge says:

    No surprise coming from these morons. I guess they figure the bomb will avoid them. Too stupid for words! Anyone with a loved one in the military should boycott the war mongers!

    • greyfox says:

      Hey CNN, I’ve got a flash for you. Americans are tired of your non news opinions, and your always wrong. What planet do you come from? surely nothing in the milky way.

  47. Kat says:

    I too would rather deal with a dictator than the Democrats or bias media .

  48. Ron Anderson says:

    I welcome any conflict that will eradicate the left.

  49. Albert says:

    Hey Crommie News Network you can all go to Hell and take Nike with you ! Americans should Boycott both !

  50. Dave says:




  52. Patricia Barnes says:

    Nellie, you are so right. Consider this: The Republicans are millions in the black for campaigning. The Democrats are millions in the red. Where has all the Dem’s money gone? Think about it. They are paying off the media for their unfair and lying stories. They are paying off FB, Twitter, Instagram, Utube AND giving money to the immigrants to come here so the Dems will get the house and a Democrat President in 2020. They are illegally doing everything they can to win and are just making asses of themselves. Everyone can see through their illegal tactics and they still continue on the lying ways.

  53. Blue says:

    democrats have become the lowest form of life!

  54. Mike says:

    That is the society that we live in now. When the media doesn’t care who lives or dies. That is the Democrats way now.They will literally do anything they can to keep power.

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