CNN just outright admitted they want World War III just to take down Trump

CNN has absolutely no decency.

There is no attack too low for them to launch, as long as it harms President Trump.

And CNN just outright admitted they want World War III just to take down Trump.

By all metrics, President Donald Trump may be the most anti-war President in modern history.

It’s not because he isn’t afraid to harness the power of the U.S. Military if needed – like Obama was – but because he prefers to use diplomacy to solve world issues.

And there’s no greater example of this than his dealings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Kim is a dictator who has committed atrocities against his own people, and threatened the western world with nuclear warfare.

Despite this, Trump believes that what is best for the people of North Korea is not to declare war on them, but instead to try to improve things by forming a friendship with their leader.

And so far, things are going great on that end, with Trump having a very successful summit and with Kim inviting Trump to be the first sitting U.S. President to step foot into North Korea.

But to CNN, these developments are horrific and proof that President Trump is a dictator.

During a recent segment on the Fake News Network, CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser went after Trump for his meeting, stating that the President “seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of Democrats.”

So according to CNN, having two meetings with Kim Jong Un during a peacemaking mission is proof he prefers the company of dictators.

In reality, Trump prefers that Kim stop oppressing his people, so one day he will no longer be a dictator.

One can only imagine what CNN would be saying if it was former President Barack Obama taking the first steps into North Korea.

The mainstream media would call him a hero.

But because it is Trump, the media can’t help but hurl the most ridiculous attacks possible.

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99 Responses

  1. JC says:

    Can you blame Trump? Wouldn’t you rather meet with a dictator over a Dem?

  2. Mama says:

    POTUS W/ S.Korean liason DESERVES
    NOBEL PEACE Prize’… &&&
    ( IN ‘Plain Sight’. )

  3. Mama says:

    Just Remember: ‘(young) Ch. KIM HAS to
    Deal w/ 0ld Establishment. Just like DJT.
    Ch. Kim Was ‘educated’ (in Switzerland)
    he is No ‘dummy’, but has vices> heh.
    Ch Kim WANTS TO “MOVE 0N” ___ W/Help
    from POTUS. Kim ‘sees’ a Better Future. &
    MUST ‘get PAST’ the ‘0ld Guard’. ___

  4. zee says:


  5. carmine gazerro says:

    Hey CNN. How about. It’s amazing Trump will put his own pride aside for American he loves her so much he is doing all he can to build trust with Kim. For one goal. To save lives. To free all Korea. To unite Korean families. All you smart Democrats. Tell me what Trump should do. Be like aObama Give 150 billion in cash (Iran). Sign a deal that we can’t even enforce. That we know see was a joke. Tell me DumbOCrats. How Left hates America. To be Dem today you hate this country. It’s a shame. This President is a great man. Not one thing has he done wrong. The border 2 years it’s a crisis. Nothing done by Dems. Now they blame him. Thats 1 example for everything .

  6. will says:

    Anti-American left Traitors Look what they have done to California

  7. Nb says:

    Duh! You reckon?

  8. Nick Byrne says:

    If FCC did thier job, CNN would have big problems right now.

  9. Nick Byrne says:

    Who the Hell is cnn?

  10. Nick Byrne says:

    AMEN W.

  11. rae aronica says:

    Don’t ask how stupid can people be??? It just goes on and on…duh

  12. Laurel says:

    David, That comment is the best laugh I’ve had in a long time!

  13. Sam says:

    If any president deserved the Nobel peace prize it should be president Trump! The reason he can get Kim, Putin, & China’s President to sit down for talks is because they know our president isn’t playing games & will do what he says. Unlike Obama who bowed to foreign leaders kissing their rings all the while they laugh at us. Barry Sorento aka Barrak Hussein Obama about destroyed America & I thank God for president Trump making us strong again!! Trump 2020!!!!

  14. ric devlin says:

    democrats (liberals) = deception, delusion, derangement….and ZUCKER/STELTER NETWORK??????????

  15. Joann Barton says:

    You’re on to something!!!

  16. Joann Barton says:

    I would love to watch you talk it out with those radical dims. They have NO ability to reason.

  17. Tom says:

    Yeah, the only problem is that the Democrats are here in our own country, I can agree though that Democrats are worse than dictators, just wish the Democrats lived in another country. If they did, I would certainly declare war on them

  18. W says:

    “Seems to prefer the company of dictators to those of Democrats.”

    So his choice is dealing with lying, American hating, sociocommunistic lowlife demaggots suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangment Syndrome and can’t get past losing to him. Another “choice” for him would be to associate with the demoscum controlled, ignorant, propaganda puppet phony “media” readers who suffer from extreme Trump Derangment Syndrome and couldn’t report the truth if they were forced to.

    Given those choices, I too would certainly rather be talking to dictators and working on keeping this nation safe.

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