CNN is going to instantly regret telling this lie about Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lives rent free in the heads of members of the corporate media.

Leftist activists hate the fact that DeSantis destroyed their COVID power grabs.

And CNN is going to instantly regret telling this lie about Ron DeSantis.

The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly across the country infecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans.

CNN used the spread of the Omicron variant to attack Ron DeSantis for not mandating masks and vaccines by inviting on Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber to attack the Florida Governor.

In an appearance on New Day, Gelber falsely claimed the only reason cases were rising in Florida was because DeSantis discouraged Floridians from taking the vaccine.

“Well, as most people know, our state leaders have been more interested really in stopping people from having to get the vaccine than they have in urging them to get it. So there’s very little we can do,” Gelber stated.

DeSantis said anyone who wanted to take the vaccine can receive it, but that taking the vaccine is an issue of personal choice and no Floridian will be denied services because they are unvaccinated.

DeSantis also promoted life-saving early treatment options because the vaccine is not the only therapeutic available.

Gelber then promoted the falsehood that a vaccine mandate could control case levels.

“There’s not a whole lot we can do in Florida because the legislature and governor have outlawed vaccine mandates and outlawed even mask mandates in certain areas by government and elsewhere,” Gelber added.

This is not true.

New York State set case records for three days in a row despite the fact that their Governor re-imposed a statewide mask mandate and New York City imposed the strictest vaccine mandate in the entire country.

Even though COVID proved to be a seasonal respiratory virus, CNN is desperate to slow DeSantis’ political rise as the corporate media fears the Florida Governor as a strong 2024 candidate.

And that explains why CNN invited the Miami Beach Mayor on air to spread falsehoods about Governor DeSantis.

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