CNN found out Americans had this surprising reaction to Joe Biden’s State of the Union

Joe Biden’s first State of the Union is in the books.

The aftermath was not what anyone was expecting.

And CNN found out Americans had this surprising reaction to Joe Biden’s State of the Union.

CNN’s instant polling reaction found Americans handing Joe Biden the lowest number of “very positive” reviews since George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address in 2007.

Just 41 percent rated the speech very positively.

That number is alarming since State of the Union audiences are skewed toward viewers who belong to the same Party as the President.

This resulted in CNN’s poll being 11 points more Democrat in terms of Party affiliation of the respondents.

“Just 41% of those who watched President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday had a ‘very positive’ reaction to the speech – the lowest in 15 years to CNN’s instant post-State of the Union poll,” Mediaite reported.

“In the CNN poll following the 2007 State of the Union address delivered by George W. Bush, 41% of respondents reported having a ‘very positive’ reaction, while 37% had a ‘somewhat positive’ reaction,” Mediaite continued.

“The poll, which CNN’s David Chalian said consisted of about 11 points more Democratic among respondents, also showed 29% of viewers reacting to the speech in a ‘somewhat positive’ fashion, and 29% in a ‘negative’ fashion,” Mediaite concluded.

The low positive number stems from the fact that even with a heavily Democratic skew, Joe Biden could not even get a majority of viewers to say he talked about several of the issues that matter most to the American people.

Mediaite reported that CNN’s poll found “47% said he sufficiently addressed inflation and 46% said the president did enough to address violent crime.”

Democrats hoped that Joe Biden’ speech could serve as a reboot for his Presidency and point the Party towards a path of saving their majorities this November.

CNN’s instant poll shows the speech badly missed the mark on both of those counts.

It was hard to square Biden’s claim that the State of the Union was strong when crime is surging, inflation skyrocketed to a 40-year high, the border is overrun by illegal aliens, supply chain shortages still leave empty shelves, and the Russian army is on the march in Europe.

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