Chuck Schumer’s blood was boiling when he heard what this Democrat told Fox News

Democrats are gearing up to have total control of Washington, D.C. next week.

But they may have one problem on their hands.

And Chuck Schumer’s blood was boiling when he heard what this Democrat told Fox News.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin claims he is a moderate.

That’s not true.

Manchin campaigned in 2010 on backing gun rights, but in 2013 he schemed to try and help Barack Obama ram a national gun registration database into law.

No one can trust Joe Manchin.

That became clear in an interview on Fox News where even though Vice President Kamala Harris could cast a 51st tie breaking vote to eliminate the Senate filibuster if all 50 Democrats stuck together, Manchin stated that his position on that day was he opposed abolishing the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court.

“It’s all the same. Nothing’s changed,” Manchin told host Brett Baier when asked about supporting the Democrats’ nuclear option.

Manchin also threw cold water on the Democrats’ push to impeach President Trump saying it was “ill-advised” because it faced no hope of success since 19 Republican Senators would not vote to convict President Trump.

“I don’t see that and I think the House should know that also. We’ve been trying to send that message over. They know the votes aren’t there. […] I think this is so ill-advised for Joe Biden to be coming in, trying to heal the country, trying to be the President of all the people when we’re going to be so divided and fighting again. Let the judicial system do its job, Bret. […] Let that take its place. Let the investigations go on. Let the evidence come forth, and then we’ll go forth from there. There’s no rush to do this impeachment now. We can do it later if they think it’s necessary,” Manchin added.

Republicans should not trust Joe Manchin.

He may be holding out on supporting abolishing the filibuster or supporting impeachment to get something from Chuck Schumer in return.

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