Chuck Schumer told a giant lie about the shooting in Texas that will make you sick to your stomach

Chuck Schumer is desperate to hang on to power.

There isn’t any line he won’t cross.

And now Chuck Schumer told a giant lie about the shooting in Texas that will make you sick to your stomach.

Chuck Schumer tried to ram a bill through the Senate to declare a new domestic war on terror targeting military veterans and Trump supporters as dangerous domestic extremists.

After Republicans filibustered the bill, Schumer turned around and blocked legislation to improve school security and harden buildings to protect the students.

In a tweet afterwards, Schumer lied about the bill.

He also lied about the shooter in Texas evading armed officers before engaging in his evil killing spree.

Florida Senator Rick Scott slammed Schumer as a “liar and a hack” for obstructing the common sense bill.

Scott noted that the legislation – the Luke and Alex School Safety Act -was a priority for parents of the 2019 Parkland tragedy.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson – who co-sponsored the bill – explained that Schumer and the Democrats aren’t interested in solutions.

Instead, Johnson noted Democrats are only focused on gun control because they believe it will keep them in power.

“Not surprising that the Democrat leader would lie about the bill he blocked that parents of Parkland victims have been trying to pass for years. Dems aren’t looking for solutions, they want wedge issues that they hope will keep them in power. Sick,” Senator Johnson wrote.

Even Alex Schachter’s father, Max, called out Schumer for his obstructionism.

“@SenSchumer you blocked the Luke & Alex School Safety Act to hold it hostage as leverage against the GOP. They just blocked your terrorism bill. NOW WHAT? NO SCHOOL SAFETY. More UVALDEs and Parklands?” Max Schacter wrote on social media.

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