Chuck Schumer appeared in a video that is causing every Democrat one big problem

Chuck Schumer brought the Senate back in 2022 with one mission in mind.

And that is to maintain the Democrat’s majority in the 2022 election.

But now Chuck Schumer appeared in a video that is causing every Democrat one big problem.

One of the keys to Chuck Schumer’s legislative strategy is pressuring holdout Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema into voting to abolish the legislative filibuster.

The ability of Senate Republicans to filibuster legislation is the only thing standing between the Democrats turning America into a one-party socialist state.

Republicans blocked a federal takeover of elections that would have injected massive fraud into the system by gutting the ability of states to enforce voter ID laws and imposing universal vote by mail and ballot-harvesting schemes in all 50 states.

Chuck Schumer is now calling on Democrats to nuke the filibuster or else Republican insurrectionists would overthrow American democracy and install Donald Trump as an authoritarian dictator.

But that is not the same story Chuck Schumer told in 2005.

Back then, after Democrats filibustered George W. Bush’s judicial nominations, Senate Republicans threatened to trigger the nuclear option and eliminate the 60-vote threshold for court picks.

But Chuck Schumer argued eliminating the filibuster was the equivalent of insurrection and an attack on American democracy.

The Democrats’ hypocrisy on the issue rises to the level of the absurd.

In addition to Chuck Schumer defending the filibuster as a bedrock of democracy, Democrats deployed the filibuster over 300 times during Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But now that the Democrats see the chance to seize unlimited power, nuking the filibuster is agenda item number one for the Party in 2022.

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