Chris Wallace offered up some post-debate analysis that will leave you speechless

Chris Wallace turned in a biased performance as moderator of the first Presidential debate.

Wallace’s anti-Trump commentary got even worse after the Vice Presidential debate.

And Chris Wallace offered up some post debate analysis that will leave you speechless.

By many accounts Mike Pence bested Kamala Harris in the Vice Presidential debate.

Pollster Frank Luntz commissioned a focus group of undecided voters for Fox News that settled on Mike Pence as the winner of the debate.

Luntz’s focus group sourced on Harris because of her rude demeanor where she rolled her eyes, scowled, and interrupted Pence.

But none of that deterred Joe Biden-cheerleader Chris Wallace from going on Fox News afterwards and claiming the debate was a great night for the Biden campaign and that Harris cleared the bar of acting Presidential.

“I think going into tonight, the Biden campaign had one concern, and it wasn’t whether or not Kamala Harris was going to be sufficiently likable,” he said. “It was whether or not people were going to be able to at the end of the night to envision her as being a heartbeat away from the presidency, which she in terms of her knowledge, command of the facts, her policy, would she seem presidential? And I don’t think she did anything at all tonight to disqualify herself in that sense. So, if they came into the night leading, I think they left the night — the Biden campaign did — with the lead.”

Wallace sounded more like one of the marionettes on fake news CNN who repeat whatever pro-Democrat Party talking points network President Jeff Zucker relays through their ear piece.

After the first debate, Trump supporters were furious with Wallace directly intervening in the debate and weighing in on Joe Biden’s behalf.

After the Vice Presidential debate, Wallace again tried to help the Democrats by shaping perception of the debate with his pro-Kamala Harris spin.

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