Caravan migrants filed this lawsuit that Donald Trump is going to hate

The migrants in the caravan escalated their invasion threats.

The danger to America now goes beyond violating our borders.

That’s because migrants in the caravan filed a lawsuit that could spell the end of America.

Thousands of migrants are making their way through Central America.

Donald Trump warned that this represents an invasion.

So he sent the military to the border to stop them from violating America’s borders.

In response, 12 migrants in the caravan filed a lawsuit claiming Trump’s move is unconstitutional.

Fox News reports:

The lawsuit points to Trump’s claim that he will prevent the caravan from entering the U.S. It claims that the president cannot stop asylum-seekers by employing the military — when they have a fair claim. The suit criticized the president’s alleged attempt at stoking “fear and hysteria” by claiming that criminals and gang members have joined the caravan.

The suit cited a Trump interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, where the president laid out plans to build tent cities to house migrants. The suit questioned the functionality of such a project, and asked if these living quarters would qualify under the Flores Agreement of 1997. The agreement protects asylum-seekers’ rights and limits how long minors can be held.

Earlier this summer, a federal judge in California rejected a request by the administration to modify Flores to allow for longer family detention. Administration officials say they have the authority to terminate the agreement, but that is likely to be tested in court.

The White House, Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security — which were all named as defendants — did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

This lawsuit represents a dangerous escalation.

Many critics believe it represents the first step toward migrants establishing a constitutional right to illegal immigration.

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134 Responses

  1. Victoria Larsen says:

    Send them with guns to stop them cause that’s the only thing that will work. These “invaders” have no legitimate reason to come into OUR country and rape and pillage which is just what they do.

  2. Rick Comshaw says:

    These people are NOT Americans! Just how can they sue or even win?

  3. Bonnie Holloway says:

    She keeps crying our Constitution is in criss. Yes., thank’s to Nancy.

  4. Wondering Woman says:

    We know who is behind it – the same new world order enemy of everyone on the planet and the same organization who paid the ones recruiting, indoctrinating, transporting and paying these illegal alien invaders to crash our border and our economy in a last ditch effort to salvage their criminally insane organization. Have seen on line that George Soros was supplying the funding, but it was being laundered through Soros. Word is that he is dead, but if so, it must be prosecution in a MT trail with a sentence of execution – since apparently nothing has been seen on FAKE NEWS MSM..

  5. Wondering Woman says:

    Correction: The new world order has some brilliant minds in all professions and they are highly paid – but they are not infallible.
    A good lawyer should be able to come up with a way to arrest this lawyer as an enemy combatant of this nation, because the sorry POS is a highly paid lawyer of the new world order, who is trying to destroy this nation, by using these hired dupe pawns as a tool to destroy our nation and they are being aided and abetted by all of these congressional members who are fighting against a barrier to close our southern border to force these illegal aliens to apply for citizenship or asylum through proper legal channels according to our immigration laws. Arrest, detain, and prosecute all of these traitors who have identified their selves as enemy combatants by fighting against securing our southern border. That would go a long way toward draining the federal government of INSIDER TRAITORS working to destroy this nation from within and only leave the new world order traitors to fight off, which would be much easier without the INSIDERS still on the payroll, but out and prosecuted to the fullest.

  6. Wondering Woman says:

    Exactly and everyone of these traitors masquerading as congressional members should be immediately arrested, detained and prosecuted to the fullest for HIGH TREASON and crimes against humanity. Using these poor dupes as a tool in an ACT OF WAR against this nation is criminal., Time to exterminate the traitors working to destroy this nation from within.

  7. Wondering Woman says:

    AMEN because we know these lawyers are new world order puppets and their recruited army of invaders are their last ditch effort to destroy our nation from within.
    The American Constitution protect American Citizens, at home and abroad. unless we are colluding with an enemy of this nation. If these illegal aliens invading our nation have a constitution in their own lands, it is their protection, not our Constitution and their constitution does not supercede our own Constitution,
    My suggestion is to get the name of this lawyer who filed this idiotic lawsuit, for we know that he is new world order shyster like Eric Holder, Jr. If it is Eric Holder, Jr. ARREST. DETAIN IN GITMO while he waits for his MT trial and do the same for any other lawyer who tries the same skullduggery. For instance, where is this lawyer’s licence to practice law come from? and what gives him the right to practice law in the states. Find out where it is and start disbarment proceedings – or even better go for the MT first.

  8. steph says:

    Would it go over well if Americans were to go to another country…illegally entering, and then yelling racism when they don’t get things their way? No, not a chance, they’d kick out and possibly prosecute, or even murder them .

  9. don says:

    They should disbar the lowlife lawyers who file frivolous law suits.

  10. zee says:

    Amen Herb1949. You ‘know’. ___
    This ‘tech’ SHOULD be ‘deployed’ NOW.
    ‘G’ Bless You/Yours. SAVE USA.

  11. snark says:

    Liberal ‘left-wing’ Attorneys, AGITATE.

  12. Ron says:

    None of the invaders have the status required to file a suit in the US. They are all enemy invaders. Their filing a lawsuit would be comparable to the Japanese filing suit in the US prior to bombing Pearl Habor.

  13. Bob says:

    That was regarding Glenn’s remarks about discriminating against anyone we choose to…

  14. Bob says:

    I was just scanning this blog, and … By golly, that’s gotta be the dumbest way of putting it, that anyone could’ve possibly come up with. We don’t, as a matter of law or policy, discriminate against anyone. Period! We do reserve the right to (1) deny entry &\or arrest those attempting to enter illegally. (2) Reserve the right to deny entry to any individual deemed to be an “undesirable” i. e. mobster, drug dealer, gang member, anarchist, combatant, criminal, foreign agent \ spy, etc… (3) reserve the right to close any and \ or all of our border’s \ entry points at any time deemed necessary, for as long Aa deemed necessary, by responsible authority. Like the PotUS.

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