Bud Light made the unbelievable deal to try and end the boycott

Photo by Make A Cene LLC via Unsplash

The Bud Light boycott is one of the most successful grassroots conservative initiatives in recent memory.

The brand learned going woke means going broke.

And now Bud Light made the unbelievable deal to try and end the boycott.

Bud Light stirred up a hornet’s nest by signing a sponsorship deal with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light’s customers – who largely hail from red states and rural America – were furious that the brand would try to market transgenderism to kids and the great Bud Light boycott ensued costing the company billions of dollars and its position as America’s number one beer brand.

Rather than apologize for disrespecting its customer base and pledging to avoid the culture wars, Bud Light tried to buy its way out of trouble by signing whatever marketing deal it could find with conservative personalities or Trump-aligned institutions.

Bud Light agreed on a $100 million sponsorship deal to be the official beer of UFC because President Dana White is a huge Trump supporter and Donald Trump receives thunderous standing ovations when he attends UFC fights.

White did his part by pitching Bud Light as a patriotic slice of Americana.

“These guys employ 65,000 Americans, thousands of vets they employ. They spend over $700 million a year with U.S. farmers, you know, buying their crops for their product. And there’s many, many other reasons that I did this,” White stated.

“Where I sit personally with my core values and I felt like the core values of the UFC, even though we’re a global sport, and we have fighters from all over the world. This is an American company. And I love this country and this is more about me being aligned with somebody who is a sponsor of the UFC and somebody I’m going to work with every day,” White declared.

Bud Light’s latest move is signing a sponsorship deal with right-leaning comedian Shane Gillis.

“Welcome to the team @shanemgillis, excited to be a part of your 2024 tour,” Bud Light wrote in an Instagram post.

“Excited to announce a partnership with Bud Light #budlightpartner,” Gillis posted in response.

Saturday Night Live brought Gillis onto the cast in 2019 in an effort to bring about some political diversity on the stale, late-night comedy show.

But the woke outrage mob quickly succeeded in canceling Gillis after the show fired him following woke leftists digging up old jokes he told about homosexuals and Asians.

Bud Light clearly doesn’t want to admit it did anything wrong.

Will conservatives allow themselves to get bought off and go back to drinking Bud Light because the company threw some money at institutions or celebrities they support?