Brett Kavanaugh just got the good news everyone was waiting for

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is coming down to the wire.

Democrats hoped anti-Trump RINOS would join them in killing Kavanaugh’s nomination.

But Brett Kavanaugh just got some good news everyone was waiting for.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is a hardcore anti-Trump RINO.

When Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward with her flimsy story about Kavanaugh trying to rape her in high school, Flake said he could not proceed without a hearing.

So Republicans delayed the vote for ten days while they wrangled with Ford’s attorneys to set up a hearing.

After Ford testified, Republicans were worried Flake would vote against Kavanaugh.

But then Kavanaugh stepped up and delivered a home run testimony.

He continually noted that every witness Ford claimed was at the party denied any knowledge of it.

So on Friday, Flake announced he was supporting Kavanaugh.

Flake said he voted for Kavanaugh because Ford presented no corroborating evidence.

Politico reports:

“I left the hearing yesterday with as much doubt as certainty,” Flake said in a statement on his support for Kavanaugh after indicating Thursday night that he was wrestling with whether to believe the judge or Christine Blasey Ford. “What I do know is that our system of justice affords a presumption of innocence to the accused, absent corroborating evidence.”

Flake’s vote is enough to get the nomination out of committee along party lines.

And it puts Kavanaugh just two votes short of confirmation.

Experts believe that with Flake on board, RINO Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins will follow suit.

UPDATE 9/28/18 2:50PM EST: Sen. Flake voted to move Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation out of committee. But he joined the Democrats in calling for an FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh.

This is Sen. Flake trying to have it both ways yet again.

Now it’s up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to call for a floor vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. This story is still developing, so we will keep you updated.


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239 Responses

  1. Bryce Thompson says:

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  2. Kara Wright says:

    It’s about time. He has finally done the right thing so I am glad . Now we proceed forth.

  3. Gary says:

    to: Grampa

    Well said. AMEN

    As a fellow veteran and the Granpa of 4 boys and 1 girl, I do not want them to grow up and worry about smears against them and their character.

    Why in the world would anyone want to be part of this horrible shredder? It is going to get harder and harder to get good people for these jobs. That is very dangerous for our country.

  4. Gary says:

    to Joseph Schlag

    Thanks for the kind words but it does not take an educated man to see when a good man is being destroyed by the LEFT.

    I wonder if they realize how close they are to creating a real civil war. For me, I am mad as hell and not going to take it any more. The first time someone tries to shout at me in a public place, they are going to be eating their teeth. I grew up on a ranch and ethics, hard work and honor are more valuable than formal education any time.

    Many of us fought for this country and we are not giving it away to the libtards.

  5. teri says:

    if brett isn’t the one then crooky hilary can be next on the list
    then FBI can do their job
    and then brett becomesattorney generalandhe can goforth…goesaround comesaround

    so think that would be fair????

  6. Gary says:

    to JD.

    I notice you have not told us what you are a doctor of. That is code to me of ‘soft science’ like psychology or education. In other words, feed at the public trough where you are not responsible for a bottom line.

    Myself – MS in Hospital Admin., MBA, CFP and CFA. Look them up and you sill see that I easily over match you.

    The difference is that I built a successful ongoing business and made myself a multi millionaire while doing the same for others.

    I have a definite understanding of higher education and am unimpressed. Most people like you use that as code for”I am not responsible for anything”.

    Kavanaugh worked his tail off (I understand that one as well) and has an exemplary record that the reprehensible democrats are trying to destroy through the use of an obviously damaged nut case. She comes across as either a huge weakling or a huge liar. I expect it is a combination of both.

    I did not start out as a Trump supporter (even less a Clinton supporter) but I am now. I will never give a democrat my vote or my not insubstantial donations again.

    The dems want power and they care not a whit whether they destroy the country and the Constitution to get it.

    So, since you do not want to share anything than a “Phd”, let me guess. You are definitely a leftist and probably a professor. Unimpressed!

  7. Rivahmitch says:

    I certainly wouldn’t pin my hopes on the Flake or depend on it on any conservative issue. It could well just be part o the Democommie conspiracy to delay and investigate and delay and investigate and… You get the idea.

  8. Gary says:

    I certainly agree that Flake is a snake! Add cowardly to that and it sums it up.

  9. Gary says:

    to “Dr J.D.

    I have also asked you what you are a Doctor of without answer. I also hold advanced degrees and think you fall into the class of what my father used to call “over educated idiots”.

    If Dr. Ford, who has been caught in lies already, is lying under oath, she should go to jail. If she is simply psychologically challenged, she should simply pay huge financial penalties via law suit for defamation, slander and libel.

    She is NOT telling the truth (even if she believes she is) and is not credible AT ALL!! It may be that she is to be pitied but that does not change the damage she has done. She must be called to account.

    Not all of we educated types are idiots and will not allow she and her leftist attorneys to pull the wool over our eyes.

  10. Eyesonyou says:

    Brett Kavanaugh just got the good news everyone was waiting for


  11. Don says:

    Flake wrote a book on conservatism???? ROFLMAO………he can’t even find that word in a dictionary. He’s pure RINO which means he’s nothing but Dumbascrap playing the system.

  12. Charles says:

    I guess the 1% NO vote must have been Dianne, Chuckey and Maxine?

  13. el Dorko says:

    OK. Now let’s impeach Senator Harris fro the formerly great state of California. What a moron. One of many. Even the Good Guys are morons, and this is the United States Senate. Can you beleive it!

  14. K says:

    My guess… the DEMWIT dirty filter lists, I suspect they’ve been working overtime digging up dirt on Flake & the other 3 so-called Republicans that can stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Also, don’t forget, Flaje despises Pres Trump & I suspect that fact was a large part of his demand for FBI investigation. He already knows how many background checks Kavanaugh has passed with flying colors, he’s just helping the libturds come up with more ludacris accusations. You can bet the week allowed will not come close to satisfying their resistance. Flake will prob side with them to begin a 2nd witch hunt.
    So glad Flake will not be back after December that is unless he decides to run on a DEM ticket down the road. McCain must have been a great Mentor, he once considered becoming a Dem. wish he had, he was a republican in nane only. Too bad we don’t have a Traitor party.

  15. Gary Arford says:

    Sandra Lee

    I am sorry for the abuse suffered and have great respect for you.

    Seems you survived two rapes and moved on with your life while alleged attempted grope ruined Ford for life.

    Incredible not credible.

    Again, you have my respect. No man who loves his family would want this to happen to any woman. We also do not want our sons and grandsons to be subjected to financial and career murder by allegations and inuendo.

  16. Gary says:

    Many of us have higher level degrees and, as my father often said, the world is full of over educated and unsuccessful idiots

    I remind myself of that when I get a little too full of myself. I suggest JD do the same

  17. Gary Arford says:

    Kavanaugh’s calendar shows the type of slightly obsessive mentality it takes to be a top judge.

    It is a good thing as attention to detail is hugely necessary when dealing with people’s lives.

    • Bing says:

      I think that if theli libtards.ruin Cavanaugh and he’s not confirmed President Trump should recommend Crooked Hilkiary. Then we would definitely get an FBI investigation on her sorry was. Then replace Sessions with Kavanaugh as Attorney General and let him go after all these asshole democrats he did make a comment in the hearing to assholes tgat what goes around comes around

  18. Jed A Peeler says:

    When Brett Kavanaugh brought out the calendars, it was QED time! That blew everyone’s mind. I thought that I was the only one who kept calendars that had important events on it!

  19. Dr. J.D. says:

    Many of you have made posts about Dr. Christine Ford that show your ignorance of higher education, different degrees in psychology, how much prestigious professors make at top tiered schools and how much Dr. Ford risked to come forward, AND many of you have an ignorance of what victims of sexual assault do and how they react. Could I urge you not to be judgmental about things you DO NOT KNOW. When in doubt, ask someone who knows. And this BS about some dude named Soros paying Dr. Ford to do this is bunk and I expect you people to provide some evidence as you are asking Dr. Ford to provide some evidence.

    • Ron says:

      Wow are you ignorant. How many times and things did Ford lie about

    • Robert McKenna says:

      Dr. J.D.
      And what. pray tell, are you a “Doctor” of ?
      The Judge has gone through MANY background searches in his time. Do’t you think it’s a trifle strange that this accusation should occur because PRESIDENT TRUMP has nominated him ?
      While you lambaste people who comment for their supposed lack of knowledge about
      educational degrees, you need to examine the facts and circumstances of this personal lynching more closely.
      Sorry you got your nose bent out of shape by the criticism of the use of the title “Doctor” to make her claims more believable. Y
      ou need to put yourself in Judge Kavanaugh’s position.
      Thirty + year ago ? Selective memory ? Political motive ? Fifteen years old and still able to attend questionable, unchaperoned, parties with older boys ?
      Is that what you want your daughters to be like ?

    • Linda says:

      Dr. JD. can you prove that she didn’t take any money? You don’t know her anymore than we do. The whole reason someone like her comes out of the woodwork is for one of two things: either for the money or for the publicity. That’s what you are trying to do now too. Get your name out there and then write a book. You’re no better than her!!!

    • angelo says: a goofy shrink, right?

    • Paulnam67 says:

      OPEN your eyes. Flake was part of the sham at the elevator. The woman works for Soroass. I don’t have a phd but I do have a DD214.will uphold the constitution till the end. My contract has no expiration date.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Thanks for serving Paul. While I was not in the military ( military brat though ), I too took an Oath to the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Florida. That too holds till the day I die as I still get public funds. Close to 90% of my pay during my last 18 years working, came out of the US Army’s Corps of Engineers budget. As did the moneys for the maintenance and operation of their equipment. Right after Hurricane Andrew, we had FLNG and active Army guarding us. With an M-16 close at hand if we needed it. We were suggested to keep a loaded firearm in our personal vehicles and had passes to be out during curfew hours. Bad part was, we had to eat Army chow for breakfast and supper. 😉 Breakfast was at 0600 and supper was at 1800. If we did not show, the cooks came looking for us. In 2001, they nearly Federalized us due to 9/11. Our HQ building became an arm guarded building with FLNG members carrying loaded M-16s. (USACE occupied part of it.) Our work location had a Sheriff’s Deputy at our entrance gate.

    • D.A.N. says:

      JD, some of us who don’t believe her story also have training in psychology. Even worse, it was the first class in the morning at 0700 with the person who wrote the text book for the class being taught. And then there were the Psychology for Police Officers classes. Where you learned thing like the fact that you can’t trust a person’s memories that had been under therapy and hypnosis had been used. By the way, for those who wonder why assault charges aren’t being pursued, MD at the time this supposedly happened had a 1 year statute of limitation on it as it was a misdemeanor. So even though now there is none, the law at the time applies. Just like with his drinking. The law at the time was 18 and even after they changed it, he was covered by the fact that he was born before the cutoff date in 1965.

  20. Gary Arford says:

    JD –

    Evidence? You mean like the totally non-existent evidence that Kavanaugh did anything like she accused him of?

    Oh wait, that is ok because it was not a court of law and all legal entities questioned state that there is no way they could ever take it TO a court of law.

    Thank God the women in my family ALL agree that she is a damaged person and dangerous to not only herself but the Constitution of the United States.

    Let’s not forget that she has been aided and abetted by the so called Democratic leadership.

    Give me a break. What are you a doctor of? Incidental stupidity?

    • Dr, JD says:

      Dr. Ford requested to bring both her therapy notes and two witnesses to back her up, and was not allowed to by Senator Grassley. Dr. Ford also was willing to pin point the date closer if she could get some more information about Mark Judge and when he worked at the Safeway where she later met him again. She is willing to work further to pinpoint the date and place of her allegations.

      Gary, I agree that Dr. Ford is a damaged woman – – she is clearly a victim of sexual assault. Even Trump said she made a compelling and credible witness – – so I guess not all conservatives are closed minded.

      As for me, I earned my Ph.D. decades ago – -what are your credentials of expertise?

      • todd w. noss says:

        any victim of sexual assault will by no means open her house to strangers from Google to live with her and her family, and when she said that she had problems with her school & college years , that she suffered from a ptsd , but managed to get all her degrees on time and graduate without a hitch or a setback, too me , she had just lied to the senate, and under oath,perhaps she is damaged but she had just ruined a federal judges reputation and his family good name, for something that she alleges that happened to her……Her story has alot of holes, and quite frankly is unsupportable by the very people that she claims will testify and corraborate, in fact they said, that they will give their full cooperation to the FBI, because they can’t seem to remember the alleged incident at all……

      • Bing says:

        This women is a mental midget. Anyone with knowledge know that it takes a mentally disturbed person like this Ford to treat other disturbed people, because they can relate.. whoever thought her testimony was compelling and there were several. We’re just being nice folks .her. testimony was full of holes and she couldn’t understand or answer many questions. Supposedly that’s her profession. Give me a break. This was an old fashion set up by the libtards.. Everyone needs to Vote. Let’s get rid of these parasites

      • Druscilla says:

        He is innocent until proven guility. You an the demrats have it backwards, she has no proof, just want money an write a book. Total disgrace. He will be on the supreme court, not going to scare him. Dems will turn our country into a 3rd world country. God forbid

      • Ron says:

        Why did she lie about having a legitimate lie detector test. Why did she lie about an extra door when remodeling ing 2012 so she wouldnt feel trapped. The reality was there was renovation in 2008 but it was for a rental which did get rented out but she never lived in it.
        Why did she lie about flying when she has always flown all over the world. Why did she lie about how many people were there at a place she doesnt even remember.
        Why did she lie about witnesses that didnt witness anything.
        She has lied about nearly everything.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        That, sir, is not true; Grassley ASKED for those notes and any witnesses she had, openly, on the record and on live-streamed TV!
        And as an actual survivor of sexual abuse, including multiple rapes, I don’t find her at all credible. I agree she’s “damaged” but not in the way you’re claiming, sir.

      • Paulnam67 says:

        Just to clarify some of this crap. This supposedly happened in 1983, The Safeway store at that location did not open util 1986,so how did she confront Mark Judge at that location in 1983. Was he part of the construction work crew building it then?

  21. She Rose says:

    Confirm Kavanaugh and shut the Lions mouths ……..remember Daniel in the Lions Den?

  22. Gary Arford says:

    to Rick O

    Are you nuts? It is not a jury trial so it is ok to ruin a man and his family?

    What kind of scum are you?

  23. Robert Wilkinson says:

    I had a gut feel that Obama was bad for the USA when he took office…. I felt ‘something is radically wrong here’. History proved my gut feeling correct, but it doesn’t matter… I don’t have to prove anything about my feelings to make you want to believe me… Just look at what ‘he’ did.

  24. Dan Miller says:

    Why am I getting Fridays news on Sunday as if this is the latest on the Kavanaugh issue. Honestly I thought Kavanaugh was getting shafted, now I’m not sure after he was asked a yes / no question and he said a hole lot of nothing except yes or no until being asked a 3rd or 4th time. I have a problem with Ford’s testimony as well. She was not “raped” but assaulted, yet she was, in my view, too theatrical for an event which happened 36 years ago in which a rape had not occurred. I also am curious if she going to be okay, if he is not confirmed, but remains a Federal Judge or is this just politics.

  25. Gary Arford says:

    to Jeanette Fossom

    I have no doubt that millions of people have been affected by these issues over the centuries.

    That is no reason to believe a person just because they are a woman (or a man) or to allow the despicable treatment of an honorable man.

    Her story is so full of holes it may as well be made of swiss cheese.

    The lying politicians say she is ‘credible’. She is not the least bit credible.

    I, too, am a veteran of he Vietnam era. I am also a supporter of abortion rights because I think it is better to end an unwanted pregnancy than to being more people into the world that we taxpayers must support via welfare.

    My reasons are entirely pragmatic.

    As a trained pilot, I have no support for the demonrats as they are trying to destroy the USA.

    I know who the majority of veterans are going to support when the civil war comes and it will not be the so-called political establishment.

    The liberals will be in for a very large surprise.

    • Charles says:

      i agree, they usually over- reach as they are now but they are going to one too far and they will be destroyed. Their twisting the Tigers tail but soon the
      Tiger will wake up and if they think they are tough now they don’t know what tough is.

  26. Jerrold Robbins says:

    The democrats treated Dr Ford like a saint and judge Kavanaugh like the devil which he is NOT! I listened and watched the whole CIRCUS. Judge Kavanaugh and his family ( his wife who was present) with TOTAL disrespect. To make unsubstantiated statements as fact and making the SENATE look like FOOLS. I mean it, like FOOLS. At this moment in my life (I’m 75 yrs old) I’m ashamed of OUR NATION. I BELIEVE in the rule of law, and if this COUNTRY (which I LOVE) DOES NOT REPENT and return to the GOD of OUR FATHERS through the LORD JESUS CHRIST, I BELIEVE there is NO HOPE!

  27. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    Jess Flake is a fake. Good thing he is leaving the Senate. Should never have been there in the first place and I think the voters figured that out.

  28. Mary Navratilova says:

    Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  29. John Greer says:

    Those commenting above may not want to even consider it, but Dr. Ford’s
    statements represent MILLIONS of women and girls over the centuries.
    If you refuse to believe her, what about all the people who have come forward over abuse by priests in the Catholic Church ?
    Abuse happens, including boys and men, and typically the person feels shame, fear, not being believed, etc., etc….and it should not surprise anyone that the person does not report what happened and tries to forget it.
    Regarding Kavanaugh:
    I fail to understand how anyone would want to have a member of the Supreme Court that cannot control his emotions; that has had blackouts from drinking; that other people have stated that he has perjured himself during the hearings; etc., etc.
    At the very least, I feel that there is sufficient evidence that he is less than an ideal candidate for ANY position as a judge.
    Vietnam era veteran

    • Sharon Grabowski says:

      Wow, and you were a Vietnam vet who supposedly fought for American freedom? You, as the rest of the hard core, left wing beoitch brigade seem to be quite unhappy when anyone has the nerve to defend themselves against your idiotic accusations based on your idiotic ideology. God speed to Judge Kavanaugh! May he be quickly confirmed to the SCOTUS, as the constitutional texturalist he is!

      • Daniel says:

        Sen. Feinstein and all the “Never Trump” Brigade should have recused themselves since they made up a highly partisan jury that were “Hell bent” on trying Judge Kavanaugh on non corroborated evidence of a crime of suspicious origin by an accuser who was also a rabid “never Trump” person; when this Judge was also previously confirmed by said Senate for a federal judgeship and has been investigated by FBI 6 times. This is why President Trump nominated him. He should already be confirmed by The Senate who is supposed to Advise and Consent and Vote. We need new Senators who are willing to do their jobs and not be political hacks who are there for their own self aggrandizement!

      • Paulnam67 says:

        He is not a Vietnam veteran, only an era veteran which means he was in the service during the war but did not serve in country as I did. Don’t like people that try to trick people on their service. I have the proof that I was there. I still think she is a nut case and Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

    • Loretta Aguillon says:

      That is asinine, do you realize how many young men are put in prison for rape only to be let out years later when the female recants, for a myriad of reasons. I am not taking sides, what I am saying is there is absolutely nothing that backs up any of her claims. give me a break,she doesn’t remember when,where,how many were there,how she got there,how she got home. and she couldn’t remember a lie detector test from a month ago,except it took a lot longer than she thought. how long does it take to ask 2 questions. Lastly, speaking as a mother of sons, if one of mine were accused, I would hope he was afforded innocent until guilty . What you are saying is that we should all believe women because why? They’re women. Because women never have evil thoughts, an agenda. Grow up

    • Manny says:

      You drank the Kool Aid, John Greer. Lock, stock and barrel.
      I hope you liked the flavor.

    • Bc says:

      Have you ever been falsely accused? We’re you righteously angry?
      Judge K was not out of control! He was righteously angry. He was restrained even in anger. His love of God and family was expressed with his tear. This man is righteous in God’s eyes. Can you claim the same, while parroting the lies democrats have indoctrinated you with? I listened to democrats commentators throwing down new lies last night on Judge He’s been. Inuindo a which when forced to explain and backup. They couldn’t. They just threatened they would win next week. The dems are not for you and they must certainly not for Judge K. Remember what happened in the USSR and Cuba and now Venezuela? You need to see the light. Get on board the moral constitutional. Right. Stop letting the Left lie and think for you. As one of the writers said, we’ll love you, if you see the light.
      If you want to know where the Dems want to take us. Read Revelation in the Bible. The anti Christ’s plan is there. There are only two was to go. Heaven or He’ll. Following the Dems plan will not lead to the pearly gates.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Oh there we go, Bc, that simplistic pablum that you are the holier-than-thou and the other side is the anti-Christ. It is sad how you boil everything down so simplistically. IF Judge K had just been righteously angry, he would have calmed down and not been all dissolved in tears for so long. He would not have lied, as he did several times. Look up “boofing” and how he called it “letting out gas” when it was another form of alcohol consumption. Look how he lied about Mark Judge, another person with drinking problem and why he was “too fragile to speak in public” yet he speaks to public gatherings about his book.”

        Yes, Bc I have been falsely accused and had to go to court. I remained calm because I never did one thing that was claimed, and presented my evidence clearly which proved the accuser wrong and I was also given a restraining order against HER. When you are innocent, there is no reason to lose control because the truth is on your side. Kavanaugh did not display the temperment that anyone should like for a DC judge.

        • todd w. noss says:

          Your an IDIOT, let me make things up about you and the burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong, let’s see how made you get when i destroy your life…….This is the United States , YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY , YOU ASSHOLE…..!!!!!!

        • D.A.N. says:

          J.D., when did you stop having sex with Diane Feinstein? Can you prove that you have? Can you prove that you never have? Can you prove you haven’t with Dr Ford? Or maybe it was Hillary that you had it with? See how easy it could be turned on you? You are innocent until proven guilty. But you have proven yourself to be a troll here.

      • Bernadette Hoeller says:

        Bc you are right we are on the road to destruction. A country without God will not survive. Wake up America.

    • warren gibbs says:

      A man is innocent until PROVEN guilty!


      Vietnam Veteran, thank you for you service.
      now Kavanaugh is more than qualified to be a Supreme Court judge.
      that being said, No One is perfect except Jesus.
      most of those democrats have bad things in their background.

    • Thomas Smith says:

      I love how anyone on the Left gives lectures for controlling ones emotions particularly with their continuous ‘unhinged ‘ righteous indignation. This man was bullied particularly by the Left for 10 days since the unsubstantiated allegations by Ford and others surfaced and his impeccable reputation has been besmirched . If any man with any guys was drug through mud he should be indignant
      The Keft is like bullies who cry foul when the the people being besmushed come back at them.
      Libtarfs should not throw stones when they themselves live in an emotional glass house.
      I like his temperament just fine where as you Keftist women just want men to shut up and and take your. Well we are not going to shut up so put that in their pipe and smoke it or smoke something to calm down and get a grip.

    • Rick O says:

      For one thing there is a presumption of innocence in this country, the allegations are not corroborated, after thirty six years the timing alone is not credible. A larger percentage of women don’t believe Dr Ford. As far abuse in the church you’re talking completely unrelated issues. These allegations are politically motivated. There is no evidence that he can’t control his emotions only opinions from people who oppose him. His record and reputation as a jurist is exemplary. So from another ” Vietnam era” veteran I respectfully disagree. One problem I see is Judges like everyone else are not perfect and he was not nominated for Sainthood.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        I don’t agree with all your post but I an thankful at the way you presented it, and it appears to me you are a thoughtful person. But, PLEASE, can we please agree this is NOT a criminal trial and so the “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply. This is a hearing to see if Judge K is qualified to be promoted to SCOTUS. And, to be respectful and honest, I agree with you that his record and reputation as a jurist is exemplary – -anyone questioning that is ignorant. My assessment about Kavanaugh is that he is a very good jurist and a good dad, but also that I think he has a drinking problem, commonly drinks (not in the past) to excess and often during heavy drinking, becomes a belligerent person. This comes from numerous classmates at Yale who saw his alcohol problems and how often he became belligerent and I believe Ramirez’s account if exactly like the same way Dr. Ford said Brett was in high school.

    • Sue says:

      FIRST I am a survivor. I WAS actually raped over 45 years ago. SHE does NOT represent me. SHE was NEVER raped (in this incident). SECOND, if she was so TRAUMATIZED, why WAIT, for over 30 years to get help. I went through YEARS of counseling BEFORE, I could love and believe in myself again. THIRD. I as a ‘true’ survivor support Judge Kavanaugh 100%.. FOURTH, as far as your claims of him not controlling his emotions, YOU ARE SO OFF BASE, it is ridiculous, just like your counterparts. You mean to tell the world that if YOU were FALSELY ACCUSED, you would not be emotional. Puleeze. you are lying. As far as you being a Viet Nam vet so was my deceased husband and that has nothing to do with anything. My father was a POW in a German War camp, my deceased husband, Army, AND myself 8 years Air Force and my son is a MARINE. How dare you bring your DISTORTED idea of JUSTICE as confirmation of you and the lefts ideology. IN THIS COUNTRY, You are INNOCENT until proven Guilty.

    • Grampa says:

      As a veteran, you should see the importance of freedom. I served as well and when our freedoms are threatened it is time for us all to step up once again to defend the freedoms many of our brothers and sister heroes died for. many see this as an accusation between Ford and Kavanaugh. all wanted to hear the testimony on both sides. while we should be focused on the truth and why we can’t get it we look only at innuendo of the Senate and the media. efforts have been made to delay confirmation. every effort was made for Mrs.Ford and wasn’t informed by the people that are supporting her. why? it didn’t further her claim. and your query about not wanting a man who was violent and has had bar fights. do we make a decision on a man’s life on a few incidents have no facts on? his reaction to his family being trashed is quite normal. my reaction would have been much more violent. we are looking at accusations that wouldn’t stand up in a court of law instead of accomplishments and a live record that are facts step back and look at the only goal stated clearly is to prevent a qualified jurist from serving on the high court. the reason he is pro-life and as the media says will kill thousands of women. you yourself have made accusations of uncontrolled emotions and blackouts please point to the proof you have to substantiate them. If you think him unqualified please list what you think does qualify someone to sit on this court.——–Grampa

  30. Sheila says:

    I think it is a disgrace and a Circus performance by Democrats, like they wanted to do to Kavanaugh…….
    There tactics are disgusting, and evil how they tear good people apart to get attention.
    I knew Jeff Flake would vote against Kavanaugh because he is a Rino and his hatred for Trump to succeed in his pick of Kavanaugh…He is a Flake to back with the Dems and his cowardness heartless for Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh’s family. Maybe FBI should investigate everyone in Congress, each of them and go back to elementary school…!!!!! We the American People need it done….To tear a Great man( Kavanaugh and his family apart), is heartbreaking….Each member in Congress need to learn the Constitution, and Our Laws.
    God Bless America, Our Country needs it and those trying to bring our Country Down need to be made known and may God’s Hand be put on Healing Our Morals, Our Faith, Our Ethics, and Our Country!

  31. Gerald J. Quinn SR says:

    I just saw a photo of Dr. Ford and George Soros together at some left wing event recently. George has supported many anti American groups and tried to destroy Britan’s economy as well. George was a Nazi enforcer as a prison guard at some concentration camp in the 1940s so his history is quiet contemptable.

    • Diana says:

      Soro’s paid for all of Ford expenses. Didn’t you know?

      • Doc JD says:

        EVIDENCE of that? I have seen you Trumpons make this stuff up and then act like what you made up was fact. Show me that is not true, because it directly contradicts the evidence and her testimony (or did you not listen to it?).

  32. Rivahmitch says:

    Do NOT for a moment depend on Flake to do that which is good for America. He’s a RINO and a Democommie at heart.

  33. Paul Tinsley says:

    Kavanough needs confirmed…. arrest the lying females who have been trying to stop him…

    • Bc says:

      Do we have enough jail space for all the Dems, corrupt insiders such as. The Rosenstiem s. The Muelers, Chuckles, etc.? Not likely, but we can vote them out of office in November, remove some from their jobs by putting the on leave without access to work place nor FBI files, etc. and. Make them testify under threat of purgery. If they do not show, get a judge to send ice to put them in jail for breaking the law, until they testify they forgot any opportunity to pay their way out. Their has to be legal teeth.

  34. Tom Curry says:

    I am an older man and I have watched and listened with great interest to both sides Democrats and Republicans and even the liberals and really all sides disgust me for you got the Liberals hating and being violent and vandalizing stores and statues and I cannot believe that their parents instilled such hate in them for our country it had to be put their by the schools that brainwashed them and it is a shame that the parents of these young men did not get involved with what is being taught in our schools!!! To all those that have been Democrats all their lives it is plain to see that the Democrats are not the same party that they once were and that are trying to take complete control of our government by any means possible for any party that can allow up to 30 million illegals to come into our country is just ludicrous and to give these illegals constitutional rights is complete treason and to give these illegals free healthcare, housing, schooling, money, and government representation is just completely insane, for these people have no respect for our way of life or are laws and don’t give a damn about our American Republic or history, and traditions, and it is plain to see that these Democrats don’t care either and they have shown all of us this fact!!! As for the Republicans they have shown us that they really have no strong leadership other than Mr. Trump and just a few others but they are the party that is much more constitutional and do want less government control in the American people’s lives and that does shine through but their lack of leadership has been lacking even though they do have the control of the Congress and Senate!! What really bothers me is how can any true American stand by and allow this radical ideology to even take place, and why would anyone that has generations of family that has lived here all their lives want to let go of the freedom that this country has given them and that our military have fought and died for to keep us free!!! It is a shameful to see that illegals get treated far better than our own citizens for we have citizens that are living on the streets in poverty and a great many that served our country in battle living the same way for this is an outrage for what these Democrats spend on these illegals just to get votes is complete disgraceful and treasoness, for this spending on these illegals must stop for that money should be used to help our vets, are poor, and our homeless and be used to fix our roads and bridges and used to clean up our lakes and rivers and oceans and creeks!!! We need to put an end to the greed and power hungry politicians in our government!!! Well enough said by me for like I said I am old but I can still read and listen, and observe, and if we continue on the path of trying to bring this country down and not all come together in taking care of our country not only will we be gone but the whole free world will be over for without us they haven’t got a chance!!! So protect and cherish what this country has given us we might not be perfect but we are pretty damn close to being so, and for that think their is an etopia wake up for the only in heaven does that exist for as long as you have a Russia a China, a North Korea, a Middle East freedom will always have to pay a heavy price just to keep that freedom!!!

  35. Gary Arford says:

    right. The only thing this delusional woman remembers is that it was 100% Kavanaugh.

    Delusional or CRIMINAL. Take your pick!

  36. The name say it all.
    That being said, he’s just another operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization

  37. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Not only should they put him on the Supreme Court, they should institute a NEW seNUT rule that every senator be UNDER OATH WHEN CONDUCTING any and ALL PUBLIC OFFICE BUSINESS, including comments from the Floor, but when in hearings and every comment they make be TRUTHFUL.
    NOT because ‘billy bob said it wuz troof’, but because THEIR OWN RESEARCH proves it to be TRUE.


    And the “ETHICS committee” be outside of politics and IMPEACHABLE MEMBERS of Society.

    • CrustyOldGeezer says:


      My keyboard LIES sometimes….

    • Bc says:

      Bravo. I like this idea. Let’s add terms for them, too.

      • BwaHa says:

        We need TERM LIMITS for ALL elected politicos!12 years maximum term. Any combination of positions, representative or senator. The POTUS has a two term limit for a reason yet the POTUS isn’t much more than a figurehead these days. Where the power AND the problems lie is in the career positions of Representative and Senator. They need TERM LIMITS. At the end of twelve years they’re given a nice $35.00 wall plaque, a severance check of one third their monthly salary and a nice letter from the POTUS if warranted. No lifetime health bennies, no six digit annual salaries, none of that crap they get now. Just make it happen. It should be an honor to serve as a representative or a Senator in our nation’s government. They can head back to wherever they came from after they’re done.

  38. Evelyne says:

    Ford’s attorney already requests to remove the 1 week time constraint of the FBI investigation; just another delay. To the Republicans, if you cave again, I loose all respect for you! Have the vote as soon as the FBI completes their investigation, NO MORE DELAYS!!!

    • Patrick Thomas says:

      Ford is a serial liar. She lied about the people that were supposedly at the party where she was molested. All four people she named have no recollection of the party or of Kavanaugh molesting a woman. She lied about her fear of flying on airplanes. She’s been flying to foreign countries for vacations and she’s flown to many places in the United States. She has no credibility whatsoever. I think the FBI should investigate her and find out if she’s received any large payments recently. This smells like George Soros through and through.

      • Caroline says:

        Believe $700,000 is the amount being reported

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          WHERE?!? Do you people even have a clue how STUPID that would be for someone in Dr. Christine Ford’s position? Dr. Ford is a prestigious professor at a top tiered university, that with her salary and book income, could make that kind of money in 5 years – – – and she is putting IT ALL AT RISK, plus her life with all the death threats, and possibly her job to come forward? This woman is at the TOP of a person’s credentials – – – would you risk over $7 million in income for even $700,000 – — one would have to be a fool, and this woman is far from that.

          YOU JUST MADE A TERRIBLE ALLEGATION ABOUT HER – – – – > now I challenge you to put up (the evidence) or shut up! You call her a liar – – I am saying that what you said is not true. EVIDENCE you Trumpons!

          • todd w. noss says:


      • jackie parent says:

        she also lied about not knowing the senate would send someone to her for her testimony.

      • BwaHa says:

        She was sought out, groomed, well rehearsed and is making bea-coup bucks for her lies. She’s nothing more than the political prostitute for the left that she proved herself to be. IMHO

      • SallySue says:

        Patrick Thomas you are correct. She has been caught in so many lies and everything about this is sketchy. She has no credibility whatsoever.

  39. Ann says:

    On top of that, she was barely 15 years old, going to strange houses with strange boys, a total slut! Now here she is at 51 years old and she looks 70, an old hag, wishing she was 15 again! She sure was a wild child! Getting into strange cars with anyone! Where were her parents? She was barely 15 years old!

    • Barbara RENTON says:

      I quite agree with you Ann! When I was 15 I was on the high honor roll and got involved with the local lifeguard who I quit seeing after I accidentally met his wife! In the rest of my life into college I was the one with weekend parties and none of that crap of guys being too friendly ever happened at my place!

      And this Ford woman obviously has LOTS of other issues which her clients or students remarked on years before. She needs therapy not just a fat envelope of cash from the Clintin/Siros Foundation for lying!

    • mamacranka says:

      Ann, she was at the party with GIRL friends,did Not get into a car with stranger! You need to learn to read ALL the words in a sentence

      • LARRY A DENNIS says:

        ONE girl freind who does not remember being there. Life long friend who is not willing to take the risk of lying for her. T

      • Bc says:

        Oh, then how was it a mixed gender party, if there were guys there. A lie is embedded in there. Maybe you should review the facts, my dear.

      • Czerny says:

        Nitpicking someone’s online comment will not change the fact that Ford is an emotionally disturbed person with serious credibility issues.

    • EricSr says:

      I have a question? She said she went to practice her diving so that was why she was wearing a bathing suit. She can remember that but she can’t rember how she got to the pool and then on to the so called party? Huh

    • Bc says:

      I think she might have been abused. Why was she afraid of her parents becoming angry? Might be time to check out her home life. Was there abused there? Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual. I agree, What 15 year old is dating, interacting or messing around at strange homes. Where were the parents? How sexually active was she? She admitted to drinking a lot. The drinking and sex often go hand in hand. She has too many holes in her story. The therapist notes, who actually wrote them, if they exist. Poligraphs and hypnosis are suspect as the news and the therapies and play with the mind while in the state of hypnotism. Have you ever been at a performance in which audience members are put into a hypnotic trance. If it was a democratic therapies. She was in trouble from the start.

      • LARRY says:

        They found her year book. She was sexually active from the age of 11. I raised a step daughter like her. What a nightmare. There was no controlling her.
        she shows the same premature aging from years of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The same coarseness to her voice.

        • Bc says:

          She affirmed she was her own person. Has she been testing the drugs her husband develops? I agree, she has the look of a 70 year old. That look comes after abusing the body at an early age, in the middle school years and on. I’m guessing her middle school teacher, already could foretell her future behavior.

    • Donl Longo says:

      You have that right on the money.

    • BwaHa says:

      She’s looking like she’s been rode hard and put up wet over the years. Especially as of late.

    • Dr. JD says:

      Ann, you are a person with no class to say something like that. You must not be very educated, and you certainly did not learn class to denigrate her looks and judge her life. First, you judgmental and nasty person, it was not a party. Second, she knew most of the people at the gathering (of a handful of people) from the country club she attended. You assume what she was wishing, and you (and I) don’t know her at all to think we would know what is on her mind. I guess you are some sort of beauty queen and can judge everyone’s looks and what is on their minds. Our current Pope (Francis) at least when asked, said “whom am I to judge?” Dr. Ford’s parents, IF YOU HAD LISTENED to her testimony, did not know she stopped by that house with a girl friend. You are terrible to post such trash like you did.

  40. Tommie says:

    I just bet that the demoncrats will find another delay tactic….

    • Bc says:

      Its their sleazy plan. I think the Dems are morally corrupt. You don’t become a sex offender one time in HS, then lead an excellent life the rest of his adulthood. He was working too hard to. To get somewhere. What about the vendetta factor. Her family lost their home, as a result of a judgement by Kavansugh’s mother a judge he was trying to become like. The plot thickens. I suggest you read Animal Farm, by a former Marxist. He was warning us of this very thing. We are about chapter 11 or 12 now. Scary.

      • lou says:

        Kavansugh’s mother DID NOT MAKE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT regarding her parents loosing their home.. She was involved in the trial , and that was all.

  41. Gary Arford says:

    Granberg. There are no words to reply to you so I will have to settle for one.


  42. Sheila says:

    God bless Brett Kavanaugh and his family. NO God fearing and upstandanding citizen should be put thru the ringer like he was!
    I was so disgusted how childish Ford acted and how coddled she was by the Dems that I just wanted to throw up! Anyone that couldn’t see thru her false act needs their head examined! She’s such an embarrassment to womanhood!
    Ford needs to be psychoanalyzed or put in an asylum where she can get all the attention she obviously craves.
    Flake is just that, a FLAKE! Such a wuss to cave in and be bullied by the two screaching hags at the elevator!
    What a damn circus and a waste of American taxpayers dollars! Shows how stupid alot of those Dems have become and should be ashamed of themselves!
    VOTE KAVANAUGH in and end this ridiculous fiasco! MAGA!!

    • bendecido says:

      Sheila, I do not believe they have become stupid but more wile. All it is, is a delaying tactic for not electing Judge Kavanaugh to the S.C. As forFord needs to be psychoanalyzed or put in an asylum where she can get all the attention she obviously craves. All I have to say about her being psychoanalyzed, that is a waste of tax payer’s money. If she wants attention you can be sure she is getting it from the Insensate Democrats and Liberals. They are plumb loco and do not listen to sensible people.

    • Barbara RENTON says:

      Yes, Sheila, I agree with you!

  43. Robert Brown says:

    Investigate Ford including her high school yearbooks , drug usage ,alcoholism , traffic records. She was/is known as a drug user who partied hard and “sees” things that in reality are NOT there.

  44. Jeri Stewart says:

    Our founding fathers are probably rolling over in their grave the way the Looney Liberals are acting.
    What the hell went wrong with this country?

      it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    • kathy says:

      the looney liberals

  45. Jeri Stewart says:

    Flake is a wuss. He let 2 women scare him into changing his mind.

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski should decide whether or not they are Republicans or democrats. Their performance is disgraceful. If I lived in either one of their states, I would be their worst nightmare at election time.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      Ha! …well said Jeri. Thanks.

    • Bc says:

      Worse yet, he consulted a den, a friend who he could trust? Oh, yah.
      As to the women, they got it wrong. The judge has nothing to do with her issue. She should go after the person who did it too her. She was so messed up, she didn’t even know who to blame. False accusation will lead to some very difficult explanations at judgement day. I can imagine that scene.

  46. Joe says:

    The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots! They are unfit to serve. They should brought up on charges!

  47. This is SHOCKING, if they don’t CONFIRM Judge Kavanaugh then we ALL know what WE are IN for….SOMEBODY just has to POINT a FINGER at YOU and YOU are being found GUILTY “without” being in a COURT room……!!!! HOW can ANYBODY find KAV guilty WITHOUT needed EVIDENCE, CORROBORATION from SOMEBODY…..???? THIS is AMERICA, NOT ANCIENT ROME…..!!!!! This LIAR needs to be INVESTIGATED by the FBI, NOT KAV, he ALREADY went through THAT DRILL, and that 6 (SIX) TIMES…..!!!!!!! He IS CLEAN…BUT WHAT ABOUT HER…??????

  48. Stephen says:

    This smells like George Soros. I would love to see the FBI turn his life upside down! Better yet? A CIA “Wet Team”. Nobody seems to have the stones. Let this happen to a Democrat and you will never hear from or find the body. Just sayin…

    • YEP, THIS CRAP points DIRECTLY to soros, that NAZI-LOVER, “RATTED OUT” his OWN people to the NAZIS for MONEY….WHAT he is THROWING AROUND is “BLOOD MONEY” and these NON-dems GLADLY ACCEPT his “BLOOD MONEY”…..JUST shows that THEY are ALL “DIRTY, MURDEROUS NAZIS” and what THEY were TRYING to do here is “KILLING” an INNOCENT man, just BECAUSE he is a CONSERVATIVE and on Trump’s side….!!! To HELL with soros and HIS party of NAZIS…….!!!!!

  49. JR says:

    How about the FBI doing a background check on Dr. Ford, the licensed (?) psychologist? Her past is more of a mystery than that of Judge Kavanaugh. Might shed some light on who is the most credible since there are so many undocumented accusations.

    • Hawk says:

      I agree 100% they have done enough damage to this man. How about going in to all the demorats closets and I`m sure they should be jailed.

    • John says:

      We should all be calling for an investigation into Ford who holds 2 Masters degrees, and a Ph.D.
      She was not well trained in playing naive, it showed through.

      #1 did not know the house where it happened or it’s location.
      #2 don’t know how she got home.
      #3 don’t know about GO FUND ME
      #4 Afraid of Flying. was unaware the Senate offered to come to her.

      Come on everyone this is another failed set up by the DEMO-RATS who have sold their souls and as a reward from, Satan received a poison mind. This shows the DEMO-RATS are in self destruct.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      Thanks JR. I said essentially the same thing at another site. What are her credentials? I’m not convinced she has the credentials she claims. She came across too naive for someone claiming to hold a Ph.D. degree. I’m formally trained myself…doctoral level. Let facts be submitted to a candid world! …we are waiting.

      • Dale says:

        Ford is not listed anywhere in any state as a licensed psychologist. Calling herself a Psychologist is perjury and a felony.
        The class she mentors at Stanford is called CIA Undergraduate Internship Program. Online many undergraduate students are encouraged to sign up with an emphasis on disabled and minority students.

        People who indicate they have been her students have posted online disturbing information about her. In fact, there are some things that she posted about herself as a young girl that should definitely be investigated buy the FBI.

        Although much of the social media websites for Blase-Ford and her husband have been scrubbed, other information is still available. He is involved with a company that manufactures mind altering drugs. She does research into how drugs affect the mind, based on what is posted online.

        There is much to be found about Blase-Ford and her family. Her brother is a lawyer. Her father has been a CIA associate for many many years. Wonder why none of her family appeared to be with her at the hearing to support her.

        If the FBI investigation is to be considered fair, they should also be investigating Christine Blase-Ford right now.

        • Dr, JD says:

          At least you did an internet search, but you missed something only an educated person would know . . . there is a different kind of degrees for Psychologists. One is a clinical psychologist, which requires a license, but there is also an academic area of a RESEARCH psychologist – – and I have worked with over a dozen of them over the years. They are not licensed and do not do clinical therapy. So what you said about it being a lie, and committing perjury is FALSE and is from your ignorance and you natural bias.

          Having been a college professor for years, most of the time the students who post things about faculty are disgruntled students who did not do well in a class. Students who get As and Bs rarely post anything about a class. Students who get Ds and Fs can’t wait to post nasty things because they know, no matter how little they worked, they are “entitled” to make a high grade just because they think they are so good.

        • todd w. noss says:

          that is true……..Under California law, as with almost every other state, in order for a person to identify publicly as a psychologist they must be licensed by the California Board of Psychology, a process that includes 3,000 hours of post-doctoral professional experience and passing two rigorous exams. To call oneself a psychologist without being licensed by a state board is the equivalent of a law school graduate calling herself a lawyer without ever taking the bar exam.”

  50. HAROLD BEARD says:


  51. Johm says:

    That was to be false Accusations against him with no proof

  52. John says:

    I wonder if charges against ford who claims to be a Dr. but no evidence of that claim will be punished for testifying under oath with the first lie also who is behind fords go fund me account ? These are all things that need to involve the FBI find out who why and where. But at least this liar has enough money to move to another country and she has enough to take A bunch of Democrats with her. They don’t love this country at al I think our President Mr. Trump needs to follow up with investigations into the Democratic Party and then try them for treason God bless America and our president and God be with Brett Kavanaugh and his family for his false accusations with no proof

  53. Julia berdecia says:

    I just don’t understand! Why are we caring what may or may not have happened over 30 years ago?? We have had presidents that couldn’t even get through their term without doing shameful things! Yet, here politicans are showing their utter disrespect for this man…while they most likely are currently doing the same thing they claim he did years ago. As far as the women democrats who are ranting, I would never ever vote for such vIle people.

  54. Valli says:

    I also was raised Democrat and I might add from a family of military veterans who fought and died for the freedom’s that Americans have today! I will never vote Democrat again

    • Martin says:

      ME TOO, I will NEVER EVER vote for any democrat!!!!!!

    • Bc says:

      Bravo. God bless you. God designed this country and it’s constitution. No we’re in the Bible or the original constitution was murder okay. How can we take God’s words and say we have a right to murder the unborn. Eventually the Dems will decree that the elderly or the Special Ed or people of a different party, religion, or race/language are a burden on Their society, so murder them, too.
      I am so glad you are a responsible citizen. We come aboard and God bless you as you follow this difficult path. Don’t take the sign of the anti-Christ which will be part of the Dems one world order.

  55. Patrick says:

    Eric G. You really are delusional.

  56. Ingrid Griffin says:

    I pray for the Judge and his family. I watched this despicable display of hatred and character assassination and was totally appalled and disgusted. The Repubs. better
    develop some spine to stand up to tose Commie. street fighters. In my view Dr Ford
    was completely UNbelievable, she lied (flying), how she got to the house which
    was 20min driving time from the home. Where were her parents permitting a
    15 year old go to a drinking party with four boys. Now she is a left wing activist
    who works for the biotech company who makes the abortion pill R-186. Enough said.

  57. Earl says:

    Eric G you really are delusional.

    • Bc says:

      Amen. yes, yes, yes.

      • Bc says:

        I can always tell your party, by the no thought comments. If the Dems would stop memorizing the Dems script s, and use the brain God gave them, it would be easy to stop this brainless emotion driven rhetoric. Emotion come from the reptilian brain response. The flight or fight side of the brain. It is when fear becomes stupid and blocks normal functions and logical thought paths. Cut the emotions and activate the brain cells. Dems have been so completely indoctrinated, their brains have been fried, leaving only emotions, a not so rare form of stupid.

  58. Eric Granberg says:

    People like Flake are REAL thinking conservatives, not like the main group of knee jerk GOP conservatives planted face first in Trumputin’s butt.

    • Linda says:

      You’re just upset. because you chose the wrong party. It’s ok you can still jump onboard. Then, you’ll be on the winning side. It’s about protecting our country and keeping out the scum and cleaning up the swamp. You don’t have to drown in the swamp anymore Eric. We will love you and protect you!!

    • Hydro says:

      You don’t even deserve a comment, as Democrats like yourself can’t be reasoned with – you have already drank the Koolade and signed over any reasonableness to dedicating yourself as a parrot to the Cnn’s Of this world. Good luck with that .

  59. Earl says:

    God bless Judge Kavanaugh, his family, and America.
    Let’s hope the GOP Republicans and Rinos along with a few real honest Democrats vote Judge Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land.

  60. Carol Murray says:

    The Democrats are a disgrace and that includes the Rhinos. Sick individuals.

  61. LOIS A OUELLETTE says:

    Again the Dems are costing the taxpayers more money on flimsy allegations. Innocent until proven guilty – no one will even back her story up that she claims were there!!! It is bogus and just another way for Dems to delay the vote! This same thing DID happen to me but I know for a fact the people that were there would testify for me, I know exactly where it was, etc because it was traumatic (46 years ago) but ruining someone’s life doesn’t and won’t fix it.

  62. MarkOwen says:

    You don’t think this is the end of it , do you? The Dems. will just pay somebody else to smear Kavanaugh again. The dems will not give up this easily. Flake is just like his name, gutless snowflake. Let two women bully him.

    • Jack Huddle says:

      And now we know the rest of the story. Soros backed women. Once again the Saga continues.

    • Jeffrey says:

      The Dems have already stated (I don’t know which ones), that when the Judge is seated, they will continue to go after him! I feel sorry for them, they are pathetic by mankind’s standards.

      • Hydro says:

        What this display of hate is all about is Roe V Wade. The women and men want to have their cake and eat it also. For the permiscuous actions they have chosen to participate in – the easy answer to eliminate responsibilities for themselves is just murder a faceless child. Unless they have repented a nd ashes firegiveness they also will reap eternity in hell the sentence being delivered by Christ in person. Laugh if you will it won’t change the outcome.

      • Bc says:

        Beware of the Dems threats. They feel empower and privilaged. If impeachment doesn’t work, they will not stop their. Threats to the lives of his family and even death are in their tool box. None of us are safe. Look at the log list is mysterious deaths that follow the Clinton corruption. Suicide after suicide. How could that be that the would have so many colleagues that commited suicide? Huh?

  63. Davr says:

    These poles, numbers as well as percentages would be nice.

  64. Debi Johnson says:


    • Jack Huddle says:

      With Chris Coons caterwauling about the FBI investigation and such, one might be naive enough to think after the investigation and nothing new, that the honorable Coons might be compelled to vote in favor of the good Judge. Not gonna happen. They march in lockstep, unlike the so called Republicans.

  65. CCblogging says:

    Folks, start calling Washington DC and demand that Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed with no further delays. Call everyday…..

    THE CAPITAL SWITCHBOARD (202) 224-3121

    Light the phone lines up!

    • Paul Albright says:

      Yes, everybody call, even Collins and Murkowski. AND VOTE IN NOVEMBER. I have called both of them and my Senatord who are hopelessly Dem. This lady , Ford offered nothing.

  66. Marlene says:

    The Democrats are a hate party. They should be ashamed ,they are a disgrace.

    • Kep says:

      Liberal hijacked the Democratic Party some decades ago. Liberals are communists and ARE NOT AMERICANS. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. America’s GREATEST THREAT ARE LIBERAL COMMUNISTS. ALL should be eradicated from America.

    • Linda says:

      RIGHT Marlene,
      Come on you stupid Dumocraps!! I bet if the Republicans tried they could dig up some old dirt about your people, too. But we are not that childish!!!! I can bet that all of you dumocraps have done something in the past that you regret, but Kavanaugh did not!! Besides, we’re talking high school!!! Everybody has done something stupid in high school that they shouldn’t have. That’s part of high school. It was so long ago and we all have changed and grown up since then. Except you dumocraps!!!!

    • Martin says:

      They are the party of “OLD WHITE MEN” that are destroying our country.

  67. N says:

    ‪We learned yesterday that Ford cannot remember:‬
    ‪- Time/date/location of party‬
    ‪- Who drove her to party‬
    ‪- Who was at party‬
    ‪- Who pushed her into room‬
    ‪- Who drove her from party‬
    ‪- Date/who paid for her polygr‬
    ‪- Grandmother’s funeral date?‬
    ‪But “100% sure” it was Kavanaugh 36 yrs ago‬

      • MARK says:


    • Ann says:

      On top of that, she was barely 15 years old, going to strange houses with strange boys, a total slut! Now here she is at 51 years old and she looks 70, an old hag, wishing she was 15 again! She sure was a wild child! Getting into strange cars with anyone! Where were her parents? She was barely 15 years old!

  68. combatvet52 says:

    I really would like to see FLAKE face to face I don’t think he will like what I have to say to him…………don’t know what the hell he’s doing in the GOP.

    • BigJoe says:

      He’s a never Trumper. That is why he’s no longer running for re-election. Plus I hear that there is talk he wants to run against Trump in 2020. I too would like to come face to face with him but it would not be very pleasant for him.

    • Richard C Manley says:

      As much as possible to obstruct !

    • Keo says:

      Combat Vet
      If Flake the jackass “coward” in an elevator over some liberal witch screaming at him, if he was confronted by a real man like yourself, Flake would melt into a puddle of a blubbering pile of you know what! He is nothing but a whinning wimp in my opinion and should give some thought to move out of the country since he has such hate for our Great President.
      Just another Rhino.
      And thank you Sir for you service to our America!

  69. Charles Warner says:

    Where’s the investigation of Ford? Isn’t there a cause to investigate her claims? Oh, I forgot the Media only interviews Rinos who do nothing in the long run. Nunes, Issa and Gowdy have delivered what? Sessions hides in witness protection? Feinsteins husband is involved in one of the places Ford works? No coincidence these of course. See any real investigative reporters anywhere? They only run GOP Conservatives out of restaurants while the Rinos swoon. I agree with Tom and Graystone these Rinos cannot be trusted. The ‘McCain’ rule lives in the GOP double-cross and join Dems. This behavior earns you a week long dirge of a funeral and a bunch of frauds giving dishonest eulogies. We are to trust them? I don’t think so!!

  70. Gary Arford says:

    Jeff Flake is a spineless coward.

    He is putting the Kavanaugh family through another week of torture because he could not stand up to two women in an elevator and his democratic “friend”

    Senators are supposed to vote the way their state’s population wishes not just what they want to do.

    No one ever seems to mention the cost to the taxpayers of this face.

    • Joseph schlag says:

      Spot on!

    • Hunter Kemmet says:

      As an Arizona Republican Precinct elected committeeman I want to apologize to citizens of the USA for being party to electing the cowardly lying dog killing sniffling Jeff the Flake to the US Senate. When he is gone, let us hope he joins John McCain soon.
      Any thinking conservative or person of normal intelligence who would buy a book on conservatism by the Flake would find being haunted by Taft and Goldwater truly uncomfortable. Do I wish Flake ill will, damn right.

    • Druscilla says:

      Thank you for your comments, I was raised a Democrat, I am TOTALLY ASHAMED OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THAT PARTY, God help them, they are the ruinnation of our country, my faith is in President Trump, God bless an help him. If dems get control it will be the start of another Venezuela,

  71. John King says:

    OK . . . if I am expected to believe Ford, then this can be believed:

    Christine Ford, while in grade school, lifted her skirt in front of a few boys . . . she had no panties on! I don’t remember the day or if I was drunk at the time . . . or if she tried to sit on anyone’s face! But she definitely lifted her skirt!!!

  72. FedUp says:

    Well, now Flake is in favor of giving the DemonRats another week for an FBI investigation.

    • Druscilla says:

      He is a spinalist coward, thank God he will not be around much longer, he let 2 women scare him to death, wonder what his family must think of him now,he has turned into a demrat himself. Turned on his party. The women blamed Kavanaugh for their own problems he wasn’t even smart enough to see thru what they were doing, I can’t stand to even look at his picture or hear his name. We all must stand strong come November

  73. Ricarda says:

    Great person to come to the high court

  74. Ronald Athon says:

    If truth, justice and the American way win out, we (and Kavanaugh) have nothing to worry about.

    If evil, twisted lies win the day, then America has much to worry about.

    There is only 1 way to put to rest this underhanded approach to destroying anyone who stands for the US Constitution and the rule of law. Ignore the insanity and confirm this judge. The only shame, then, will be on the democrats and those who tried so hard to subvert the system.

  75. Clyde Randolph says:

    I agree with earlier comment. All dem should leave Washington and go fishing in water instead of being so evil

  76. Rick says:

    I watched all day to both sessions. In the end I came to the conclusion to which the FBI will not that
    every Democrat Senator on that committee should resign from their office. There was not one who holds
    any American Values of WE THE PEOPLE They are just a small group of racketeers who could care less about the country and the Citizens living in it The democrat party is dead in America. The silent majority
    will rise again next month along with the RED WAVE. MAGA Great Job Brett!!!

  77. Thank Mr Flake. I am glad you saw the truth.

  78. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I will my breath until he is Sworn in i do not trust dirty Democrats

    • Graystone says:

      You finally said something I can agree with you about.
      I to will be holding my breath.

    • Druscilla says:

      Thank you for your comments, I was raised a Democrat, I am TOTALLY ASHAMED OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THAT PARTY, God help them, they are the ruinnation of our country, my faith is in President Trump, God bless an help him. If dems get control it will be the start of another Venezuela,

      • Cheryl Rives says:

        agree. I too was raised a Democrat. Stopped when Obama was running. Now, I will never vote for any Democrat.

        • Druscilla says:

          Obama seperated our country when he took office, he tried his best to destroy America, guess what it never happened, he is going down as the worst president in history. Giving terrorists country millions of $ to destroy us. God bless him he has a lot to answer for. He an Hillary

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