Brett Kavanaugh is about to drop the hammer on Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are about to lose their number one weapon to obstruct Donald Trump.

After two years of unprecedented obstruction and opposition, Democrats are heading into a battle where they face ultimate defeat.

And that’s because Brett Kavanaugh is about to drop the hammer on Schumer and the Democrats in this unbelievable way.

For the last two years, every time Donald Trump tried to implement a part of his “Make America Great Again” agenda Democrat activists would find Obama judges at the District Court level to win a nationwide injunction.

District court judges only have jurisdiction over cases in their local district but these unelected political activists posing as judges took it upon themselves to make national policy by issuing decisions that affected the whole country.

In a speech before The Federalist Society’s national conference, Vice President Mike Pence told the crowd that the administration would soon find a test case to appeal up to the Supreme Court to end this un-American practice of nationwide temporary injunctions.

The Daily Caller report:

“The Supreme Court of the United States must clarify that district judges can decide no more than the cases before them — and it’s imperative that we restore the historic tradition that district judges do not set policy for the whole nation,” Pence said.

“In the days ahead, our administration will seek opportunities to put this question before the Supreme Court — to ensure that decisions affecting every American are made either by those elected to represent the American people or by the highest court in the land,” Pence added.

A dispute as to nationwide injunctions would not reach the high court on its own. Rather, the issue would come attached to an ongoing dispute.

The Supreme Court sent signals they are looking for such a case, and with Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch on the bench, Supreme Court watchers think it is a virtual certainty that the court will side with the administration and put a stop to district court judges making national policy.

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