Brett Kavanaugh is about to drop the hammer on Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are about to lose their number one weapon to obstruct Donald Trump.

After two years of unprecedented obstruction and opposition, Democrats are heading into a battle where they face ultimate defeat.

And that’s because Brett Kavanaugh is about to drop the hammer on Schumer and the Democrats in this unbelievable way.

For the last two years, every time Donald Trump tried to implement a part of his “Make America Great Again” agenda Democrat activists would find Obama judges at the District Court level to win a nationwide injunction.

District court judges only have jurisdiction over cases in their local district but these unelected political activists posing as judges took it upon themselves to make national policy by issuing decisions that affected the whole country.

In a speech before The Federalist Society’s national conference, Vice President Mike Pence told the crowd that the administration would soon find a test case to appeal up to the Supreme Court to end this un-American practice of nationwide temporary injunctions.

The Daily Caller report:

“The Supreme Court of the United States must clarify that district judges can decide no more than the cases before them — and it’s imperative that we restore the historic tradition that district judges do not set policy for the whole nation,” Pence said.

“In the days ahead, our administration will seek opportunities to put this question before the Supreme Court — to ensure that decisions affecting every American are made either by those elected to represent the American people or by the highest court in the land,” Pence added.

A dispute as to nationwide injunctions would not reach the high court on its own. Rather, the issue would come attached to an ongoing dispute.

The Supreme Court sent signals they are looking for such a case, and with Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch on the bench, Supreme Court watchers think it is a virtual certainty that the court will side with the administration and put a stop to district court judges making national policy.


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170 Responses

  1. howard buckley says:


  2. Mary says:

    A veteran was made by GO Fund ME to give back money that was donated for our President’s Border Wall but Doctor Blassy Ford started this Go Fund me Page claiming that she needed the money to relocate after coming forward and accusing a good honest man of sexual conduct. Most everybody took up for her and said something happened to her. I checked her out immediately and found out she was a devoted Democrat which had voted straight Democrat her entire adulthood. She a lined herself up with her democratic friends to try to take a good judge and his family down. She then asked for more money using the same reason. She got $600,000.00 from people. She spent that money on remodeling three homes that her and her husband owns. A couple of them are so expensive that only someone who makes a lot of money can afford. She used soap opera tears to swindle money from honest abiding people who believed her story. A real women who has been assaulted knows what date, time and location of where it happened. She is nothing but a fake who should be made to pay all of that money back ASAP

    • RONALD HATT says:

      America, is about to see “what kind of stuff”…..Supreme Court ….Kavanaugh is made of! it’s all about the “LAW”, & interpretation of same……”NOT”, about politics! GOD SAVE AMERICA!

    • BJH says:

      Christine Blasey- Ford was a fraud from the get go . She actually woke a College Thesis on how to retrieve false memories from a person. Any woman who doesn’t k own the Who , What, When & Where of her own Sexual Assault is a liar.

    • Jeff Beard says:

      You are absolutely right Mary, not only should she pay the money back the lying bitch should be prosecuted along with the sewer scum Democrats and lots not forget that big mouth slut Alyssa Milano, they all should be in prison.


    • Unk says:

      Mary, I’m with you 100%. We had a go fund to help build on two room for two little nieces who were placed in foster care when dad died unexpectly. Mom was drug addict and still is. She had a judge rule we couldn’t do it. So all our family and friends got it all back. Now girl reunited with drug addict mom still. Injustice served as usual.

    • I agree with you…She should also go to prison…

    • Gayle Reed says:

      Have you seen the cozy photo Bill Clinton and Blaisley Ford. Of course she ran in that circle. And they pulled her out paid her off and tried to destroy an honorable man. Will look forward to a $trail in reference to this hearings. Diane Feinstei. Should face Ethics charges at the very least. Everyone who lied and tried to distroy this country with that spectical should be prosecuted. Until we begin to see these criminals in strips “instead of laughing all the way to the bank” the coup wins but I feel a Civil War may be coming.

  3. ONTIME says:

    It will be a blessing if the SCOTUS agrees to remove the ability of unelected lower courts to make national policy…this bunch of political pikers have created a morass of legal entanglement designed to obstruct and compound decisions that have impact on the US as a whole…

  4. rebecca says:

    Everything, comes to those who wait, & it is about that time. The good decent people, of our great country, on both sides, deserve to have our representatives, do the things, that We want done, not what they want. We the people voted for President Trump, because of the promises he made to us, the wall, changing the laws about immigration, building our military, bringing our jobs back to America, helping our inner cities, train our people for good paying jobs, ending the nightmare, called Obama Care, better school choices, for our kids, just to name a few. God has been watching, the entire time, all the bad, evil, corrupt, things that have been going on, & he is about to let the one’s who are responsible, get what’s comming to them. They all thought that they were above the law, but the law is comming for them.

    • Airam Hernandez says:

      Agree 110%!God bless America, our GREAT POTUS Donald J.Trump and those who support him! He FINALLY has a good AG!! Despite the OBSTRUCTIONIST DEMONcRATS he IS Making Ame Rica Great Again!

  5. Jose says:

    Several months ago I changed my email address. Your system acknowledges my current address but when I vote as requested a note appears that there is a problem with my address. Please note my the following current address.

  6. Under Article III section 1; Congress is empowered to ordain and establish inferior courts, which is any court BELOW the Supreme Court. The current situation with lower court injunctions is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Clarification of duties and limitations of lower courts will be addressed in the Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution.

  7. Todd R says:

    Frankly folks, the only true way to limit (or preclude) the nationwide injunctions by the many federal district court judges is to have Congress reign in their jurisdiction pursuant to Article III of US Constitution. Congress can legislate their jurisdiction down to hearing only cases or controversies in their district, and allowing only the DC Circuit Court of Appeals (for example) to hear these cases of nationwide importance; i.e., macro policies promulgated by the Executive branch. However, now that the GOP blew that opportunity in 2017-2018, we will have to wait until 2020 to hope that the House will flip back to the GOP and Trump retains the White House. This assumes that the GOP can hold the Senate as well.

  8. Richard Michael says:

    The anger, bigotry and violent language on here by you right wing conservatives is unAmerican, anarchy and shameful. You feed each other’s misguided hatred. Any anger should be towards Trump, the serial sexual assaulter, a cowardly draft dodger, a carnival barker with 6 bankruptcies who ripped off students to Trump U, employees and banks. He is a money launderer of the Russian oligarchs. He has been all about greed his whole life and he views the Presidency as building his empire, not to help Americans or the people. Why do you think he kisses Putin’s butt, it’s clear Putin has info on him and Putin helped fix the election. Duh, how can you not admit that. If Hillary had done anything like Trump she would have been impeached months ago. You helped elect our Criminal-in-Chief.

    • Steve says:

      Either you are a complete moron or you are a troll. Either way you appear to be hopelessly brainwashed. I truly feel sorry for you.

    • Bill says:

      You seem to hate America as much as the radical muslims. I can only hope you choke on your hatred.

    • William 05 15 says:


    • The Real M says:

      Richard Michael, President Trump is far from being a perfect person however, you have blatantly lied, exaggerated, attempted to misinform, and your “hateful, angry, bullying” comments are as bad or worse than anything you have read that was written by Republicans on this site. YOU, are the pot calling the kettle black!
      New flash, DJT has been a public figure all my life and we all knew all there was to know about the good, the bad and the ugly. However, we were desperate to elect someone who had a snowball’s chance in hades of turning this country around and getting it back on track after the abysmal disastrous eight years of BHO! You remember, bad economy, no jobs, businesses strangling with BO’s regulations to the point they could not grow their companies and make new jobs for people, unemployment through the roof, Obamacare, welfare recipients and free stuff running rampant, I could go on with the BO economy fiasco all night! Also, BO had divided the races that took us back to the 1960’s and BO has no respect for law enforcement which caused the birth of Antifa, BLM, and other alt-left groups who rioted, caused injury and property destruction. He had let our military decline to the point if we had been attacked we would have been in deep trouble (keeping your behind safe), and we were oh so sick of his weak apologetic demeaner we could have thrown up.
      DJT has turned it around, buddy, whether you admit it or not. America is a more prosperous nation, it is safer, people have jobs if they will work, unemployment is at a 50 year low among all races, and there are so many other great things he has done for America and continues to do for America in spite of having to fight and scratch with you Dems to get every little thing done and yet DJT fights on, we say God bless him and give him the strength to fight on for all of America, not just for the ones who voted for him but for your undeserving side as well!
      So perfect person or not, President Trump is doing God’s work and we all fight on for America’s future and for future generations! If you can’t help, don’t hurt! Sit, be quiet, let the man do his work for you!
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need all of you! Come join us……………..

    • Richard Hull says:

      Geez, how soon you forgot the Muslim radical that sat in the car bird seat for 8 years hell bent on destroying our nation.

    • Michael B. says:

      I have only read your post so I cannot comment on the accuracy or trueful intent about your rant on the others who have posted about this article. However your post includes comments such as “a money launderer of the Russian oligarchs” and “Why do you think he kisses Putin’s butt, it’s clear Putin has info on him and Putin helped fix the election”.
      You seem to have thoughtfully though irrationally written this post. Our Country has just been given a report that took over two years and tens of millions US dollars. The stated reason for this investigation was to determine if any type of action by President Trump or anyone else involved in the election of our President could be determined guilty of the very crimes your post states that President Trump is indeed, without doubt (by you), guilty! Why on earth did you not reveal this priceless information to the special prosecutor when it could have made a difference! Shame! Shame that you post these baseless “facts” of your own imagination! Shame that you paint an entire group of Americans (right wing conservatives) as being “unAmerican” desiring “anarchy” and “shameful”. Look no further than in your own mirror to see the misguided hatred and shameful behavior you have posted. You have every right to do so and perhaps in some small way it has helped you. I really do hope for the best for you, as I hope for the best in every person in a position of power that can affect the entire world in which we live.

    • Bill says:

      Look who’s talking. Go take your meds, you can use your liberal kool- aid to wash them down.

    • retired cop in Arizona says:

      To RM; You have just demonstrated you are both a moron and a troll. Question; Did Pelosi or Warren pay you to haunt this website?

    • jpmrwb says:

      If Hillary had done anything like Trump no one would know because the media would cover it up. All the thinks that she has done she still outside of jail. Hopefully that will change in the future.

    • Todd R says:

      @Richard Michael: draft dodger? You all to throw that one around, but you’ve never had a candidate that was a war hero; ala McCain, Bush 41, Dole, etc. You all loved Slick Willy. He was the model draft dodger and Misogynist in Chief. Putin & Russia? That’s a hoot! Trump has been harder on Putin (Russia), than the Clintons, Gore, Biden, Obama, and all the Dems before Reagan combined. Where were Obama/Biden when Russia was hacking our electoral system in 2016 and before. Oh, yeah, Obama was weaponizing our top intelligence and law enforcement agencies and ordering the illegal and criminal surveillance of American citizens and trying to ensure a Clinton Presidency! Now it’s all coming back. thanks for keeping the 2016 election issue front and center. You all are doing a great job keeping the Right/GOP energized for 2020. 😉

      • BJH says:

        Sounds to me as if you are speaking of Bill Clinton for the most part . Bill Clinton has done most of what you have written, soon he & Hillary will have to face up to their crimes. President t Trump has not been proven to be a serial Sexual Assaulter, Bill Clinton has though, President Trump has not been found to Launder Money, however, Bill & Hillary Clinton have, President Trump has not kept an Illegal Server in his home or destroyed his emails his Server, Blackberrys’ or IPads using Bleach Bit. Muller could not prove there was a crime committed, so he punted and asked Attorney General Barr to make the Obstruction dertermination. Barr said No Collusion & No Obstruction, period .

        Therefore, President Trump has not committed a crime while being President or before he was President. Where as Bill Clinton was Impeached and should have been removed from Office for Purgery and Abuse Of Power during his time in the Oval Office, that he disgraced & demeaned with his sexual antics. Great comparison there Richard Michael.

        MAGA 🇺🇸 😉

    • Wisesooth says:

      First, you swatted a hornets nest by insulting practically everyone else who read or commented on this post. When someone harbors hatred of anyone , their hatred messes with their head. Consider yourself warned. Your hatred will destroy your ability to think and communicate wisely and well.

    • Walter says:

      He’s an angel compared to the Clintons who
      made most of their money off the selling of favors when in power.I know bill clinton avoided the draft using. political connections.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Sorry RM but we did not elect the criminal in chief. Hillary lost the election. Have you been asleep for the last two years or living under a bridge?

    • Breaker 19 says:

      You must write copy for CNN. Exactly what I heard every time I happen to tune into CNN. DUH, you can’t impeach a civilian, dummy. She has never been president and never will. If Trump could have been impeached, he would have been by now. You people were trying to impeach him before he was even sworn in. That’s how stupid the Democrats have become.

    • fred vito calderone says:


    • Constance says:

      Wow, are you brainwashed! Hillary did more than anyone could ever do that was unlawful. Who are the angry, hateful, whiny, racist, people! It is people like you, not the republicans. We are not the ones spouting hate! Just look at your posting! That’s proof enough! When President Trump wins in 2020, are you going to need 2 safe spaces, more puppy dogs and cupcakes! Poor thing! Get over it!

    • bob jones says:

      richard: take off your blinders and look at brennan,schiff,comey,hillary,clapper,obama to see real hatred for one man. democrats brag about love and inclusive but i have never seen any one like them hate one man in the history of mankind. if it’s any th ing sexual then look at your man clinton and above all screwing in the oval office. bet that made you proud to be his supporter. clinton didn’t do too bad dodging the draft. looked like hillary and obama was kissing putnin’s butt when they reset the reset button for russia. pretty soon you will find out about demcoratic criminals when barr gets through with his investigation. already comey and brennan are pointoing fingers at each other. the circus is about to start.

    • BJH says:

      Sounds to me as if you are speaking of Bill Clinton for the most part . Bill Clinton has done most of what you have written, soon he & Hillary will have to face up to their crimes. President t Trump has not been proven to be a serial Sexual Assaulter, Bill Clinton has though, President Trump has not been found to Launder Money, however, Bill & Hillary Clinton have, President Trump has not kept an Illegal Server in his home or destroyed his emails his Server, Blackberrys’ or IPads using Bleach Bit. Muller could not prove there was a crime committed, so he punted and asked Attorney General Barr to make the Obstruction dertermination. Barr said No Collusion & No Obstruction, period .

      Therefore, President Trump has not committed a crime while being President or before he was President. Where as Bill Clinton was Impeached and should have been removed from Office for Purgery and Abuse Of Power during his time in the Oval Office, that he disgraced & demeaned with his sexual antics. Great comparison there Richard Michael.

      I will stick with President Trump, thank you ! 😉

      • Jimmie Chesser says:

        I will also stick with president trump over Clinton 1 and 2 both of them are murderers and crooks and so is Obama racist bitches

    • Richard Michael, the anger should be directed at Demicrats because all they do is obstruct. Pres. Trump’s sexual escapades have ZERO to do with his administration. If he is laundering money for Russia, why didn’t Mueller find evidence of it? Those bankruptcies were business related, not personal. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the alphabet networks because all they do is lie. If you’re going to complain about Pres. Trump’s sexual escapades, you really need to complain about other less than decent members of the House and Senate who routinely settle sexual harassment and assault claims with a tax funded slush fund. Seek help for your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Joan Johnson says:

      You are blind, deaf, and just not too bright.

    • Lee Shelton says:

      Maybe you need to stick to facts instead of general opinion. You don’t sound to intelligent when you start spouting off statements that have no factual basis for him becoming President or for the good things he has done for our nation. Maybe your rich you like high gas prices high unemployment high taxes. Maybe you don’t have a paycheck you earn where I’m able to use the extra 300 a month he saved me. So maybe you need to step out of yourself and just take a look around just because you don’t like someone does not mean they are not doing a good job. America voted for this man. For one he can’t be bought not by anybody. We needed him. As far as Russia you sound more like a Communist than Putin is.

    • Floyd says:

      Hope you don’t get a strain in your neck while your sucking your own butt, your a pathetic loser POS hope your food stamps come on time fantasy boy…..

    • I agree with you…She should also go to prison..

    • Big D says:

      Hey DICK micheal you are an idiot nobody wants to hear your soap box cry baby ass. Do the nation a favor and crawl back under the democratic pile of dung you crawled out from under. After hearing your stupidity it is obvious you belong there

    • Scott says:

      I am sure Trump only had to spend $0.25 for a couple hours with your mom. Probably overpaid
      but those are the risks you take. Hillary PAID and colluded with the russians.

    • Linda says:

      So sorry about your accident head injury’s are so difficult when it continues to affect the ability to
      To think rationally. Again so sorry.

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      Brain washed or ignorant not sure which one but I guess both are the same. Go back and listen to the lies the Democrats throw out to everyone. They should be working with our President to better our Country, Congress has done nothing except try to impeach the President when they should be going after FBI, Hillary and the rest who started this mess. Oh yeah and you are an A- –

  9. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  10. Vicki says:

    Ah yes, the “we love everybody especially minorities ” Democratic party of liberals changing history books for years in our public schools so no one learns or remembers how they were an off shoot of the original KKK. It pays to know the truth and they have remade their party into a force of evil, as its roots speak.

  11. marshall r says:

    we need to do SOROS like they did Bin Laden & anyone else who objects

  12. AN says:

    Abolish the Democrat Mafia, Soros owned Party!!!!! Enough of their lack of loyalty to the AMERICAN CITIZEN!

  13. John says:

    The sooner this is resolved, the better! It is outrageously unacceptable that district judges are dictating what our President can do!! They don’t have the knowledge the President has & are not elected by the Country’s population.

  14. James Monroe HECKMAN says:

    The Democrats haven’t been this angry since we took away their slaves.



    • Yolanda Martinez says:

      James, that is a good one. You are right on

      Yolanda Martinez

    • Ron Keeth says:

      Soros funds every anti-American, Marxist program and radical element he believes can damage individual liberty here and worldwide. He attrmpts to fund rebellions and destsabilization and is an intensely evil person. I wish his wealth were in some hands that could do good for the world.

    • David says:

      So true….LMBO

  15. Kenny magaña says:

    TRUMP 2020

  16. Joe the Plumber says:

    Kavanaugh yelled, cried, whined at his hearing. He proved he was a spoiled brat when he was young and now an vengeful judge for life. It is sickening to this entire country to see punks like him, Thoman, Alito, and before that Rehnquist who intimidated voters in Arizona when he was a young man.

    • Pathfinder0100 says:

      Bulls it!!

    • bob says:

      I heard you molest children and it’s time the world learns all about you Joe.

    • Black Knight says:

      In your case we just can’t fix stupid

    • Joan says:

      Oh Joe, how you must be in a dark place. You need to bring your unfacted brain to light. Kavanaugh is a good man and the only reason he had any problems is because the liberal make up stories to try and ruin anyone that is NOT A LAMB BRAIN LIBERAL.

    • Thurza says:

      He took up for himself as any man should; especially since he was wrongfully charged!
      Judge Kavanaugh was fighting for his life just as you would have and in no way is he a Punk!

    • Ken says:

      Sounds to me like daddy plumbed you so well diarrhea is your main thout process No wonder you voted for oh bummer!!

    • Ken says:

      Sounds to me like daddy plumbed you so well diarrhea is your main thouht process No wonder you voted for oh bummer!!

    • Texas Belle says:

      Kavanaugh has voted more than once for the liberal side so maybe you should rethink what you said.

    • Constantin says:

      You get from the start with a big lie! You’re no Joe the Plumber! You used this name as a fake, an impostor! Put your real name and email on display as I am doing!

    • Wisesooth says:

      This person is a troll. I have seen this person’s comments on other sites. Please do not feed the trolls. It turns them on. They crave attention so badly that they will even invite insults.

    • Scott says:

      Joe, I understand that you are no longer allowed to be near young boys. Go see if your dad will comfort you with his little, personal pacifier. I wonder, can you still taste the corn that you ate the day b4? Since it would be used as flavoring after daddy was done with you. HAVE A MEATY DAY JOE.

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      Wouldn’t you too if lies were told on u like that lieng BITCH and Diane fienstien did t Cavanaugh guess money talks doesn’t it u liars

  17. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    It’s about time the Supreme Court admonishes these district judges for ruling on issues that are not within their DISTRICTS!!!!!

    • Dr. Richards says:

      A packed far right-wing Supreme Court; a Senate that is overwhelmingly far-right wing and, of course, the Executive Branch that’s even further far-right wing………….we are fast becoming a Banana Republic with serious Communist leanings……Putin must be loving all of this, it so mirrors how he and the rest of the world dictators and despots came to power. I never thought I’d live to see my country fall this far but here we are – thanks to Trump and his blind, ignorant, moronic supporters and with their very own TV Network – FoxNews.

      • Connie says:

        Shame on those far right wingers to follow the constitution. How dare they not change it to meet the far left desires. And who ever thought our President should put America first. Why shouldn’t a circuit judge stop these far right wingers for the good of the nation rather than just the area they are supposed to cover? And don’t you think it is laughable that they only have 1 news network they can call their own! The far left has ALL the others. Oh, don’t forget how much of a dictator Trump has shown himself to be. I can’t even count all the freedoms he has taken away from me. Now THAT is the thought process of a moron, Dr. Richards!

      • robert coles says:

        Dr. Richard did you graduate from kindergarten.

      • DON says:


      • bob says:

        I’m not right or left, but after watching judges try to do what they are not allowed to do by law has pushed me to the right. At least they are against child sex trafficking.

      • Buckwheat says:

        What r u a doctor that f? Stupidity?

      • Fatimah says:

        I agree with you

      • Wisesooth says:

        This person is also a troll. I have seen this person’s comments on other sites.

      • William Shelton says:

        But who is doing all the lying whining making all the stink can’t control their on freshman party colleges. The left. Who is it that is impeading the progress at the border the left. Who is it that for two years sought to investigate a man who was innocent and proven after ten months at a cost of 40,000,000 dollars of our money the left. So stop bellyaching you a Dr have a dose of coman sense and get on board.

      • The Real M says:

        Dr. Richards, MEOW, What’s that I am reading” Why that sounds just like jealousy and envy! Now if all that right wing “stuff” was left wing “stuff”, you would be in “hog” heaven and you know what, if the first part of your comment was about Dems you would be smiling broadly and be very irate if even one conservative wrote about it!
        AND, you are no doctor, you are a TROLL, and I know who you are! You are too stupid for words and too low IQ to be a doctor so, I am done with you, creepy crawly thing!

    • Pathfinder0100 says:

      Yeah John!! It is definately (sp) time for this. I’m not sure how they have gotten away with it for so long. Do you know when it started??

  18. Carl J Bujan says:

    Give to Schumer Brett, stick it right up his commy ass.

  19. Tony Bell says:

    Why were these illegal activist “district” judges’s rulings given any credence in the first place.
    Ignoring them and letting the judges that issued them make a move to enforce them would be the best idea.
    Then we would see where the truth in the matter lies. They would not move to enforce because they know they are out of bounds, it is only because of ignorance that the have succeeded.

  20. krymson says:

    Several people, myself included, have posted on various sites that District Judges have jurisdiction only in their districts. Why these judges assume they have jurisdiction over the entire nation is explainable with one phrase: they are Democrats! It is better showcased by Representative Waters and her assumptions of her power as the Chairperson of the House Financial Services Committee. This committee’s duties are to oversee congressional spending, but our Dear Rep. Waters as “ordered” the IRS to release President Trump’s financial papers to her committee. While there is no standing for such action and no way the IRS is going to release anything to Waters, she still believes she has the right to see them. The Democrats have a new slogan: POWER, POWER, POWER…give me P.O.W.E.R.!


    • Dora says:

      The power they want is to destroy the country. The Cpmmunist predicted that the US would be destroyed form the inside, not by the military {POTUS Donald J. Trump MAGA.

    • Linda H says:

      Krymson, Back in the 60’s when I was young the college students would protest and yell POWER TO THE PEOPLE. I think it’s time for us to yell POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOT THE CONGRESS. You are right Vote, Vote, Vote. But make sure you know who you are voting for. The DEMonCrats are putting Dem Progressives on the Republican ticket. They say that we are to lazy to check them out. If there is a R beside the name we will vote for them. Check out, BEHIND AOC PART II. You can see this and more.

  21. Yank says:

    Then answer me this question. Why were these “nationwide injunctions” not stopped when the 1st, 2nd or even the 15th “nationwide injunction” came about? These far left “judges” have held Trump’s administration hostage long enough. Should they try it again, if it is illegal, then remove them from said position, never to hold that position again, if that is even a possibility!

    • Dora says:

      The Demo Craps tided Trumps hands the first two year hoping that he would resign, but our POTUS is not president for power but to free the American people from tyranny from the Demo Craps and they are CRAP. And they did it by getting MULE FACE MUELLER TO DO a witch hunt for two years and wasted $35 million dollars for what?

      • Linda H says:

        Dora, The DEMonCrats said it would cost to much to hard our power grid aganist an EPA strike. But it didn’t cost to much for them to torture President Trump for 2 years. Any country can destroy our power grid and we have no power for years. That would bring down our country. But they don’t care. They are all Anti-American.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      None of these judges were elected by the people, they were appointed by some politician. An awful lot of them by Obama. No politician should be allowed to appoint judges just because they helped them get elected. They should all be elected by the people. District judges are just that, judges with jurisdiction in their districts, not the USA. Why President Trump even paid any attention to them is something I never have understood.

  22. Jose says:

    It has been baffling to me that how a local judge could impose what Pres. Trump as Official Order . Only in
    American politician doesn’t have the full knowledge of the law of the land. The worst part are that we the constituents are not well informed of these judges that
    affect our lives ,eventually are common rights. Such
    experience living here as a citizen, I’ve learned that before I start screaming for our rights knowing the difference between freedom of speech ( opinion ) to the rightfully lawful decision per case. These .liberal judges think they’re above the law as a local judge overall the nation forgets that the Supreme Court judges are the one who can do the federal over all. Even the President
    is not above the law, only the privilege s that has been.given by Congress that the President can exercise.
    Sadly we are guilty of these by electing politicians that the media doesn’t bother informing the local public
    constituents. We have first generation of immigrants who doesn’t know the history of our country and both
    local a and federal laws . Perhaps we should highly consider going back to our educational system who lost their morals and ethics. It’s imperative we have our children to become better well informed citizens.

    • Bill says:

      The District court Judges making these decisions are U.S. District Court judges, not state (or local) judges. The previous liberal leaning U.S. Supreme Courts have not contradicted the liberal leaning U.S. District Court judges when the district courts have made their rulings bin ding on the entire nation. A conservative Supreme Court will hopefully end this overreaching of jurisdiction by the lower courts, but I am not 100% sure they actually will.

      • Dora says:

        Don’t forget that the 4 liberal supreme judges went along with the destruction of the country. Anything the
        Demo Craps wanted they got legal or illegal as long as it helped the Demo Craps. I would rather not call them judges but obstuctionist cause that ls what they are no doubt.

  23. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I never could figure out why those Judges had the jurisdiction to propose a nationwide injunction? It just never made sense to me! I am glad that the SCOTUS Justices will settle this issue once and for all!

  24. Robert Ratto says:

    It is time we go back to the Constitution and the rule of Law in which all these judges have sworn to up hold and protect then promptly violate. Over these last several years we have seen court violations run ramped through this country unchecked. These judges know the Law and the Constitution and willfully violate them. This has to be stopped and the violating judges should be held accountable for their actions.

  25. Tom Atoes says:

    “Supreme Court watchers think it is a virtual certainty that the court will side with the administration and put a stop to district court judges making national policy…”

    Like when it was a certainty that the SC would find ohbummercare unconstitutional?

    I wouldn’t count on anything…the fascists have something on Justice Roberts…he is under their thumb…

  26. T. Bell says:

    Hoping the hammer hits scumbag Schumer on his bald head !

    • Maria Unkovich says:

      So hope so. I also hope that there is some kind of penalty for these rogue judges who knew they were overstepping their juzitictions. I would penalize them on the grounds of their political bias and deem them unable to judge fairly. If we have to be screened and disqualified for possible biases in jury duty as citizens judges should be screened and disqualified for biases on the bench. It is the only way for justice to remain “blind.”

    • Ken Klabon says:

      Schumer is one of the main problems. After reading Mr Ron Kessslers book inside the White House, I can only imagine how many brown noses there are within the house and senate. NARCISSISM is rampant !!

    • H l Averette says:

      Amen brother and bounces off and takes pelosi out too!!!!!!!🙏

  27. James Hay says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court As The Highest Court In The Land Can And Hopingly It Will Resolve This By Deciding That District Courts Cannot Make National Policy From The Bench Instead They Should Only Decide Cases That Are Brought Before Them In Accordance With Their Original Legal Mandate.

  28. Rick says:

    The present system is potentially FATAL to USA and is not much different than walking up to the average person on the street with a mike and asking for a. “wise ruling.” Nothing could be more stupid. But it DOES suit the needs and aims of Den Communists.

  29. Richard Daugherty says:

    It is now time. Why did this ever happen??

  30. elaine says:

    Absolutely. We have become frustrated that the political 9th Circuit Court speaks for the American citizen. Divide that court or take away their power to legislate from the bench. The Constitution is moot to them. They override our president of the United States, yet allowed Obama to use his pen without consequences.

  31. Sylvia Batie says:

    Just remember the Voters hold America in their hands. Most and I mean most, knows and remembers what our Country stands for through the beginning when they came to this country and fought and died for that right. Our forefathers are amazing in how they helped form this country in the beginning.
    I hope the investigation go very deep, and there much jail time. This goes deep, deep the only way is to correct and understand the Constitution and vote. Our Constitution is stronger than any Radical groups. MAGA.

  32. Carl says:

    Go get them Brett, put them in their place.

  33. Bill says:

    My reliable sources report that former president Obama, the homosexual American “Traitor-N-Chief” loves it up the old rear-end, it brings a smile to his face, the face of “False-of-doom”, which has morphed into face of the “Dark Side of the Force”. In fact, my sources all claim all DemocRAT politicians are admitted, card carrying, flaming homosexuals and now some are reporting in addition to their love of the sucking motion they also love molesting children as often as they can. I don’t know for sure, but my sources claim, all straight American’s are about ready to rise up and come against these piss poor ignorant DemocRAT dummies and who knows, I’ve even heard they are about ready to begin systematically lynching them on the Tree of Doom, down at Hangman’s Gulch. I want to go watch them dance to the “Hangman’s Jig”, feet flopping and legs failing all around as they dance to their last Jig, the Hangman’s Jig. I want to watch it, because I WANT TO, I WANT TO WATCH THEM DANCE, I WANT TO!

  34. Sylvia Batie says:

    Just remember the Voters hold America in their hands. Never have I seen in my life and voting since 1966 that I could vote, what has happened in the last several years. I feel I have to apologize that a few think they can do anything they want in the media, courts and Congress. Most and I mean most, knows and remembers what our Country stands for through the beginning when they came to the country and fought and died for that right. Our forefathers are amazing in how helped form this country in the beginning.
    I hope the investigation go very deep, and there much jail time. It is a shame just a few people think they could effect a coup. This goes deep, deep the only way is correct it understand the Constitution and vote. Our Constitution is stronger than any Radical groups. MAGA.

    • Maxx says:

      Despite most states having “voter ID” laws it is obviously not working. The democrat communist party USA cannot win elections without cheating. And the GOP’s Rinos,
      Elitists and #NeverTrumpers all work in cahoots with the democommies when there is a Rino or Elitist or #NeverTrumer running for re-election. To keep people like Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins and that ilk in office, democrat voters are encouraged to cross over vote because a rotten republican is even better than a ordinary democrat.

  35. Dr Dave says:

    Why is it that a single judge can negate the votes of the majority in statewide referendums? This has happened on several occasions. This is political corruption of the supposedly “impartial” judiciary process. The SCOTUS is the only institution that can declare executive or legislative acts unconstitutional.

    • Maxx says:

      The democrats learned back in the early 60’s just how important stacking all levels of the courts with activist judges was. That is when the judicial branch which is supposed to interpret and enforce the laws began to take over authority of the legislative branch. A Federal District Court judge never ever had the authority to effect a national issue. Federal districts are centered within a specific boundary in most cases a state or several states only. They were never given national authority. The GOP is totally responsible for allowing this to happen.

  36. The Real M says:

    Please, quickly send a case to SCOTUS involving a national injunction placed on a DJT policy by a district court! Let’s get this outrageous policy corrected now! How ridiculous is it that a “district court” be able to mandate their decision and make it effective nationally?
    Here’s a thought and question, President Trump has had two or three reversals recently, allowing the Trump policy to continue, made by the ninth circuit court. Question is, has this circuit court seen the “handwriting on the wall” and it is “making them” more fair with their decisions? I wondered why especially with the last ruling where the ninth circuit court reversed and is allowing DJT to send illegals back to Mexico to wait for the asylum applications. Hmmmm…………………….

    • Richard Bach says:

      It’s about time that the district courts be held accountable for their decision that affect the entire country. Their “names” prove that. They are DISTRICT COURTS. Only the Supreme Court can make national decisions.

    • Maxx says:

      If the 9th district is the one in Californica, the one where 95% of their rulings have been reversed or over ruled, I suspect it might be “FEAR”. I believe that Trump has already brought up and commented on this issue and talked about changing court assignment procedures to stop “judge shopping”.

    • D.A.N. says:

      The reason it is slowly swinging to the right, because Trump has been filling the vacancies with judges who rule by the law, not by their feelings.

  37. Bill Beveridge says:

    The 9th District Court should be the first one to be scrapped. No court in California or New York should have anything to say about the rest of the country.

  38. Raine says:

    Typical DemonCraps. Just so filled with hate. I doubt there is an honest Dem judge.

    • Maxx says:

      That is a requirement for getting a judicial position. Being a stinking, dishonest, evil, lacking all sense of morality liberal is what the party looks for.

  39. Dave Miedema says:

    Just another example of Democrap corruption that will be defeated by Trump and SCOTUS. I LOVE WINNING!

  40. gretchen says:

    Sandra..I totally agree!!!!

  41. Sandra says:

    That should have been done a long time ago. Many of Obama’s judges appear unqualified to even be on a court to start with. I question where many of them got their law degrees if they even have one. The American people do not need these Democrat bobble heads telling us what to think and what we can and cannot do. I expect judges to have ethics, integrity, and honesty and these Liberal judges are totally lacking in any and all of these attributes

    • marshall r says:

      They got their law degrees from the same place BARAK OBAMA got proof that he is an American citizen . NO WHERE because he is not an AMERICAN CITIZEN or he would prove it which he can,t do.

    • Maxx says:

      “Stacking the court system with liberals” comes immediately after “taking control of the educations system” in the democrat communists nation takeover agenda.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Maxx, I actually think it was the other way around. They needed the liberal judges to allow the takeover of the schools. Once they could rule against sanity, the nutcases took over the school systems. With full backing of the liberal judges’ rulings.

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