Bill Maher said something about Donald Trump Jr. that has the Left furious

Bill Maher is on shaky ground with the left.

The lifelong liberal has recently laid out some harsh truths that leftists don’t want to hear.

And now Maher said something about Don Jr. that has leftists grinding their teeth.

Bill Maher is no stranger to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He bought the Russia hoax narrative hook, line, and sinker, and foolishly suggested that Trump may never leave office.

Maher also hoped for a crippling recession to damage Trump’s re-election hopes.

But the Democrat Party has gone so far left, even Maher is getting fed up with their antics.

And now Maher is calling out the hypocrisy of the Democrats ignoring the Biden-Ukraine scandal.

Fox News reports:

“Real Time” host Bill Maher slammed Hunter Biden’s business ties to Ukraine, suggesting MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow would be talking about it if it were one of President Trump’s children.


“Why can’t politicians tell their f—–‘ kids, ‘Get a job, get a g—–n job!'” Maher told the panel.

“This kid was paid $600,000 because his name is Biden by a gas company in Ukraine, this super-corrupt country that just had a revolution to get rid of corruption. It just looks bad.”


“It does sound like something Don Jr. would do,” Maher said. “And if Don Jr. did it, it would be all Rachel Maddow was talking about.”

Maher’s point about Don Jr. being pilloried for the same activity is true.

Don Jr. was vigorously investigated during the Robert Mueller witch hunt, and there was no evidence of any wrong-doing.

Meanwhile, the Bidens’ alleged corruption is being swept under the rug by the complicit media.

In fact, the prosecutor at the center of the Ukraine scandal swore in an affidavit that he was forced out due to pressure from Joe Biden because his son Hunter was embroiled in a corruption case.

One would think sworn testimony from a figure intimately involved in the case would at least merit mainstream media attention, but no.

They’re not particularly interested.

Are the liberal media outlets covering Hunter Biden the same way they would cover Don Jr?

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96 Responses

  1. deb says:

    I have heard, cannot remember source, that hill bought into Rosatom and is still profiting from the sale of our uranium. The source might have been Dan Bongino. I am not certain of this.

  2. Lorene says:

    As my husbands family has said often ,” Every old blind sow finds an acorn sometime”

  3. Mark says:

    In regards to the Racist for Trump’s comments. Trump is NO Racist. been watching too much liberal news from CNN, MSNBC and the like. Try watching Hannity, Tucker or Mark Levin if you care to hear the truth. You have been waterheaded by their nonstop lies and now you believe it as so many other who have been fooled with their BS. Somebody needs to pray for you but it won’t be me.

    • Susan Jennings says:

      The media claims that Trump is racist because he does not follow all their political correct rules. He is practicing free speech and keeping America aware of the limits being placed on all of us when it comes to free speech. I love that he says what he is thinking. It is too bad that the media and democrats are so caught up in limiting our speech that they misinterpret everything he says. What they don’t come out and lie about, they totally misunderstand.

  4. deb says:

    here is the thing about obomination. I have been d nauseam telling people this. IF the illustrious obomination had been born in the very heartland of America with the world’s cameras trained on his ‘blessed’ birth, he still would be an illegal prez, citizen yes but illegal prez. His birth father as reported on doctored birth certificate was never a citizen. To be President, one must be the offspring of two citizen parents.

  5. deb says:

    does anyone know what the punishment is for saying illegal alien in NY or is this just a rumor and not true. I can only hope?

  6. Roy Parcell says:

    The Democrats are so Crooked & Corrupt & They Don’t Tell The Truth At All. All They Do Is Tell Lies Like Adam Schiff I Think Any Parson That Votes For Democrat Just Says They Like To Be Lied To

  7. Jonathan Conover says:

    Seems like the nation is heading toward Civil War just as Vladimir Putin hoped. Those KGB guys are some razor sharp people. They have succeeded in turning us Americans against one another. You Vets may soon get your wish to kill the people that disagree with your opinion.

  8. Frank Yelt says:

    All you need to know is that Schiff’s sister is married to Soros’ son. The democrats are in his pocket. Soros is the slime water that the demonrats slither in.

  9. Racists for Trump says:

    Trump is a traitor, as simple as that. How much proof the mobster in totally for himself, financially with all his scams yet bankruptcies,, lust with all his sexual assaults,, ego glory with all the rallies of preening, insulting, bragging and inciting violence, and his appetite for crap food. He asked from help from the Russians and received it, kisses Putin’s ass and all the dictators and has talked about being President for life, 10 strong obstruction of justice, his campaign rife with convictions, countless connections to Russian operatives and ALL lied about it Sessions, Kushner, Trump JR, Trump SR, Cohen, Manafort. Why did they lie. Do you go Duh? It was a conspiracy, too difficult to prove. Now his quid pro quo with the Ukrainians and he even lied about the transcripts and there were many calls, or put on a secret server, and you condemn Clinton? Still! If such a creature exists Trump is our anti-Christ, America’s Hitler without question.

    • Archie Leech says:

      Did mom drop you a lot as a child? Or were you born a hysterical idiot?

    • Daniel Sinnott says:

      LMFAO! You DIPPY POS! those LOONEY LIBTURDS are so far out on DOPE!! they have no clue at ALL! MAGA 2020 POTUS Donald J Trump

    • travis says:


    • Kevin says:

      Prove it DUMBFUK


      Clinton, Biden, Obama, Pelosi etc. screwed and tatooed you, and you are grateful, aren’t you?

    • Jeanne says:

      Good old Schiff blatantly lied to Congress about the Ukraine phone call and then tried to joke about it – THIS IS WHAT THE DEMOCRATS DO – I saw through it and most Patriots do too. The democrats lie and cheat every single day and the dumb asses who watch and listen to the fake media actually believe their lies and then they want to tell us WE are lying. Get off it already – we have had 3 years of this crap and it has proved NOTHING against this President who is even working to help the stupid democrats – check out the cities they have run for decades and you see FAILURE to the people who live there. They are an embarassment to the USA and the cities they are running. WHO IN THE HECK VOTED THEM IN??? I question all the voting in those areas.

    • Texas Belle says:

      I want to hear from you after Barr comes out with his report. You may see the tables turned.

    • Mike Flanagan says:

      Racists for Trump Did you break out of the loony bin again?

    • george says:

      you are a moron, no proof on Trump, yet plenty on willy blly playing hide the weenie in the oval office, did you think that was whipped cream on monica’s dress? another dumb rat dem lib, go trump 2020 MAGA

    • George Elo says:

      Your momma must have kicked you in the head many times. You are stuuupid.

    • Freddie says:

      Ok,Racists for Trump,go ahead and try proving that anything you have just said,is true,you can’t do it!You brainless liberals,are always trying to smear President Trump,members of his cabinet,his family,his millions of supporters and anybody who might have anything good to say about him.If you want a complete course in Corruption 101,take a real good look at the democrat party! The democrats eat,sleep,drink,bathe and dream,corruption! If a democrat is accused of any kind of crime,you can bet the ‘family farm’,that democrat will be “guilty as charged”,why? because their democrats!Who ever heard of an honest,truthful,democrat?They simply don’t exist! It’s really high time,the entire democrat party,should be investigated for the treasonous,traitorous,anti-American,scum party that they really are!!You idiot dem’s,have thrown everything but the kitchen sink, at Donald Trump,hoping to find him guilty of something,anything,in the hopes of finding something that will get him removed from office.What have you come up with?Nothing,zero,zip,nada,zippo,because he isn’t guilty of anything,but keep on trying ‘dipstick,dems’,you aren’t exactly known for your intelligence!!

    • Mary Ann says:

      Are you sure about your post? How about this, page 2, volume 1 of the Mueller report that he found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere with the election. Secondly, corporate bankruptcies you still have to pay back. Thirdly what he eats is not of your business and from your post you act like a child.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Time for you to read the Mueller report, boy.

  10. Martha says:

    Just bring back honestly and integrity to both sides. So tired of not trusting anybody!

  11. Raffa says:

    He has done ok. Running a billion dollar corp. You stupid asshole

  12. Dr. J.D. says:

    Oh, no, what shall we do that Mayer has spoken against one of ours!?! Why, shall we call Mayer every name in the book, talk how he has betrayed his party, maybe even use profanity and ridicule him and all around him, and then deny, deny, and deny that Hunter and Joe Biden did something wrong – – – just like Trump followers do when one of theirs expresses a different perspective!?!? Shall we then whine and curse, and then try to justify all by blaming some corrupt people on the other side by finding fault with them?!? This is what Trumpers continually do !!!!

    Or, will we do as I am doing, saying and Mayer did – – – this does seem very questionable and it should be investigated fully. . . . . and any of the Biden’s acted inappropriately, or worse, illegally, they should experience the FULL consequences of it. No corruption in government should be allowed or tolerated — no matter which party is involved! Let’s get this investigated, and I support that fully as a Democrat.

    • Kevin says:

      Hey Dr. JD. You sound like a real DUMBASS! What you just wrote would make me not ever want you as a DOCTOR. Probably just a DUMBASS professor with that title. Also most likely brainwashing our country’s young minds. DUMBASS

  13. Mike USN RETIRED says:

    82nd VET could not have said it better myself, 24+ years NAVY , I’ll be standing with you shipmate I’ve got your back. These so called elected officials of ours took the same oath we did Support and defend the constitution and the laws of our country and the orders of the PRESIDENT. How come our elected Democrat officials and illegals are above the and law and paid well for working less than 150. Days a year and they and the illegals get better treatment, benefits and pay than true hard working Americans citizens and vets who sacrifice life , time, money , family to maintain our constitution and the American way of life

    • JusticeforTrump says:

      The vets always get applause from the gutless chicken hawk Republicans who never served through the years like Gingrich, Cheney, Rove, Trent Lott, Tom Delay but it is always the Republicans cutting the budget for veterans’ benefits Mike.

      • Archie Leech says:

        Justicefor … another hysterical twat.

        • Racists for Trump says:

          Great name for you leech, leeching off the government I bet, you are just another white Trash Trumpster who hates everyone who isn’t white.

      • Rick says:

        Just what branch of service did coconut head serve? or Bill Clinton? I could find hundreds of democrats that didn’t serve, as well as Republicans, the draft has been long gone so your comment is without merit, just plain stupid. You got to be a hopeless democrat.

  14. Carl Bujan says:

    I hate Maher I have never liked him but it seems that the Walk Away Movement is working if Maher is bad mouthing the democrats. The entire country is sick and tied of the democrats, they will all lose in 2020.

    • cg says:


      • Jonathan Conover says:

        I don’t always agree with Bill Maher but I find many of his observations spot on. One of his best was the question that if Mr Trump hugged his son Eric, would he be guilty of grabbing a p*^×y? Keep on rockin in the free world Bill.

    • Raffa says:

      The democrats are Midwesterners on the zTitanic

  15. Ricky Eberhart Sr says:

    Ok if true both Biden and Trump did the same thing he never should have held up the aid that what has gotten Trump in trouble two wrong don’t make it right Trump is in charge he could have any one of alot of league ways of doing it but once again he is not smart enough to know that

    • John King says:

      What?!? Do you understand the use of a PERIOD?!? OR HOW ABOUT COMMAS?!? Your comment is so unintelligible, even your supposed facts are ridiculous!!! Go back to School ad learn something besides the propaganda you’ve been indoctrinated with!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Can tell you’re a liberal with that poorly written stupidity. Truth is President Trump didn’t do anything wrong and Biden did.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Your post is prejudging and prejudicial and biased. Would you agree with me that ALL corruption by those who hold the public trust is unacceptable, so let’s investigate both, and if both guilty, both should be put in prison???!!!! You can’t just assume your guy is innocent and Biden is guilty without proving it beyond a reasonable doubt . . . . . unless you are a hypocrite!

        • mike dar says:

          I think Biden blabbing on Tv, and the prosecuter getting fired within hours of the threat to with hold provides no reasonable doubt.
          Biden is just one of several last administration that made oodles of money off Ukraine corruption, Rice, Podestas, even Hillary’s 145 million from ‘Uranium’ was provided cover by Ukrainians.

    • Rogelio says:

      “he is not smart enough ” ????? I would say, from your “tiny treatise, that your IQ is far Far, FAR less than Trump’s. He is considered as smarter than all of the previous presidents, except for one. I would estimate that your IQ is, probably, about 1023 below his, you IMBECILIC MORON, eh ?

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        That is totally not true, Rogelio. You probably got that as one of Trump’s numerous lies, like that his inaugural crowd size was the biggest ever!! Or that Trump was worth 10-11 billion – – when most estimate he is always been worth only a fraction of that. Trump’s records in school were so not that way, that Trump got his lawyer, Cohen to legally threaten both his high school and college not to release them. Trump claimed he had an advance degree from Wharton, but he did not, and never won ANY honors. In addition, at Wharton, his professor told everyone around that “Donald Trump is the dumbest G.D> student he had in 30 years!!!”

        Trump rarely reads and demands his intelligence report be “dumbed down” and put on one page, if possible. Even his autobiographer said Trump has only a 30-minute attention span. He continually makes errors in geography, names and has the grammar of a grade schooler. I am not saying he is dumb, just that his arrogance (“I am so smart, I have a good brain”) certainly does not make him in the top half of presidents, many whom are Rhodes scholars.

        • Archie Leech says:

          Dr J.D. — tell us about Obama’s grades. Oh wait, you can’t, because he had them blocked as well. Show me all your posts complaining about that, hypocrite.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Didn’t have too, Archie – – Obama not only made it into the MOST PRESTIGIOUS tier of law schools (top 3) in America, but became editor of the law review, which is given only to the best of the best! In addition, Barack became a constitutional law professor, and always showed how articulate he was and how few errors he ever made as president.

            SO, since you think or guess you are smart – – why is it that President Trump has not presented any evidence that Obama was a bad student, since as president he could have access to all the records. He made such a fuss previously, so why is it he never has presented his records compared to Barack?!? As President, we sure have not heard one thing found that Obama was born in Kenya – – because that was just another LIE Trump used to gain political favor.

        • Archie Leech says:

          Dr J.D.
          The point is he made sure no one can see his academic record, which is exactly what you complained about Trump. You simpletons are so blinded by your hate, that you don’t see your own hypocrisy. Sorry to tell you, rational people do. Run along little simpleton.

      • Timothy says:

        As Forrest Gump said: “stupid is what stupid does!” Donald Trump does not even understand economics or most other subjects .

        • Raffa says:

          He has done ok. Running a billion dollar corp. You stupid asshole

          • Timothy says:

            Running it RIGHT INTO BANKRUPTCY, YOU DUMBASS. Over and over, it was Fred Drumpf, his Dad, that has to rescue little Donnie from mistake after mistake. The Taj Mahal stupidity in Atlantic City brought down several of his enterprises, and if you look at what Trump owes versus his wealth, he would not probably be a billionaire. Many of his golf courses are failing.

        • JOANNA says:

          You do huh Timothy? Moron that you are!!!

    • They didn’t do the same thing. Trump didn’t say if you don’t do this I am going to hold back money like Biden did. Didn’t you read the transcript of the call?

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Trump lied about the transcript because he lies about everything.

        • Bret K Hamilton says:

          You obviously did not read the transcript and if you did you comprehension needs some major help.

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            Another idiot Bret. Yes, he implicates himself for the impeachment but where are all the other phone calls, and let him provide the recordings of the call, someone has the recordings, everything is being recorded including his corrupt calls with Putin, Trump is an egomaniac, mobster, serial sexual assaulter and worst, a traitor.

          • USN Vietnan Vet says:

            Bret you are so true justice for crack didn’t read the transcript because he can’t read.All that crack he smoked killed his brain cells. Him and some others on here don’t and can’t think on their own.They all will be crying in 2020 because not one of those socalist commie leftist dems can beat Trump.

        • Archie Leech says:

          More hysterical crap. Let us know when you learn how to post an argument. You really are shameless, dude.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Teresa, I printed out and read the summary of the transcript, and one does not have to threaten for it to be illegal – – all one has to do is SOLICIT help of a foreign government, which Trump clearly did. Trump brought up the subject EIGHT times. The Ukraine also knew that the payments were being withheld, until they “played ball” with Trump – – that comes from the whistle blowers

        Plus, aren’t you missing how Trump then obstructed justice by burying it in the super-secret top server?

        • Kevin says:

          I sure hope nobody goes to the school Dr. J.D. went to.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            It is clear, Kevin that you went to none at all. Just to be safe, you skipped ALL the colleges and reading materials, right Kevin?

        • Will says:

          DR???? JD If you are so great at reading , why didn`t you mention that Trump has the right to ask , for help in those investigations That agreement was set up by Bill Clinton when he was in office , and is still in effect .
          Also,, The super secret server , was used by Obama ,, so Trump has done nothing more than what those other two has done,, but yet he is the BAD guy .
          Democrats ,, are great at lying by omission

    • TexasJul says:

      Trump never withheld anything.
      Biden and Trump did NOT do the same thing.
      There is audio of Biden bragging a out what he did. The former prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden and the company he was involved in was told he was getting fired because he angered the Vice-President. There’s a transcript of Trump’and s phone call. NOTHING is the same. Trump threatened no one. You can’t say that of Biden.

    • Kevin says:

      Hey Ricky. Sounds like once again you dont have a clue what you’re talking about. Just stay a DUMBASS!

      • LOL says:

        You like that word “DUMBASS” a lot, must be your parents nickname for you! I would estimate from your postings, Kevie, that you are an old white male who has never obtained a college degree and spends most of his time whining and complaining about the world. Did you even get a high school diploma, Kevie?

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Says the moron that just wrote 100 words, replete with improper grammar and minus all punctuation!! A lot of league ways???? Translation, please. ROTFLOL!!???? MAGA!!

  16. Gerry Johnson says:

    Trust Maher to be an honest & balanced media voice? Sure, I’m brain damaged so why not.

    • John King says:

      The article tells it like it is . . . Bill is fed up with the lunatic left running full on into all things Trump! The simple truth is as the article stated . . . if Don Jr. had done what Biden’s son has done, it would be “top of the show news” on MSNBC or CNN !!!

  17. William Little says:

    Freedom is not free and I stand 100% with Trump to make America Great Again. Our country has everything we need to survive we need no exchange with any other country in the world. We are always helping every country in the world and we have created a very large deficit doing so. It is time we take care of our own, ewe have vets and people of our own starving and they are more concerned about helping ILLEGAL YES ILLEGAL ALIENS INSTEAD…and for what,all they do is disrespect and lack of appreciation.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Did u know it is now illegal in N.Y. to say illegal alien? They will punish u, severely. Sooooo…..illegal alien, illegal alien, illegal alien, illegal alien, illegal alien. ROTFLOL ???????? MAGA!! WWG1WGA!!!

  18. Rod says:

    Teddy Roosevelt said ‘ speak softly and carry a big stick. ‘ , Biden took him at his word!! The MSM reports that it has been looked at in the Ukraine… and that it /they found not a thing wrong, done by Hunter Biden. OK, but that doesn’t matter. Not breaking the law in Ukraine has nothing to do with the corrupt action taken by Hunter’s father. It is a large abuse of his office, to use his title to induce another party to do your bidding under the threat of NOT GETTING A BILLION DOLLARS IN AID!!!! THAT IS WHAT HE AS VICE PRESIDENT DID!!!! IT IS AGAINST THE LAW OF THE UNITED STATES AND BIDEN KNEW IT WHEN HE DID IT!!





    All Trump did was request Ukraine to help to relate what happened over there and let our DOJ have the information they find. LEGAL BASED ON A TREATY SIGNED BY BOTH!!

  19. Blue says:

    Sorryass media/democrats, Hell no they ain’t covering biden crap, too busy trying to take-out President Trump!

  20. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Bill Maher is capable of being honest sometimes.

    • Archie Leech says:

      Once in a while, he nails it. I’m surprised some of his audience responded positively. Had a conservative said what Maher said, they would have booed.

  21. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    O by the way sorry for the misspelled word this voice recognition on my telephone I say something and it prints something Oh my God Hell just froze over I think my telephone is a left wing liberal. Is just like that liberal had the transcript. In his hands but read something completely different. My phone’s a liar a thief corrupt and liberal. Lmao

  22. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    This is like one of very very very few polls that I voted on that I seen a 100% correct the rest there’s always 23 right up into the point of 9% that were opposed of the poll streaming towards the left the Democratic Party this is the 1st time I’ve seen everything look totally legitimate and I would like to know who the hacker these few percents that vote in opposit direction Because they are deranged and they need mental professional mental Health help

  23. Deb says:

    the media is complicit in the ignoring the Biden hunter scandal. Nothing may come of it, perhaps the oil tycoon thought he could gain favor but in truth did not and was in that case snookered. Maybe he expected and did not receive, whatever, it is not a nothing burger that he tried with hunter and biden’s acceptance. Sounds more likely the other way. biden wanted his son to be enriched and sought these people out in his favor and perhaps with promises of favor later when he gained power.

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      No this was corruption at the very core when Biden uses his vice presidency and political power to get somebody that sworn an oath to protect their country from corruption gets this person fired meaning the prosecutor investigating the Biden. This is corruption at the very core he didn’t ask him to stop please do me a favor and don’t est investigate my son he had that man fire who swore an oath to protect his country’s democracy by getting to the bottom of corruption and Joe Biden son was at the center. Joe Biden his son the Obama administration and every left wing liberal that is corrupt needs to be held accountable and I wished our president trump would use his political clout to get to the bottom of it even if he had to use the military to do so if it was me and I was president I would be using the military to do this or I be forcing my Secretary of State and the Justice department to seek a conviction rapidly I would be laying on it for 3 years almost. Get to the bottom of it in 3 weeks and have everybody brought up on charges set to get Mo as enemies of the state and a terrorist activity. By trying to put a coup on our government and elected officials. Baby set to get Mo and be held accountable under a military tribunals. Where you have no rights cause you’re a terrorist. I haven’t tried convicted and executed Within a 30 day. And that would be the end of almost 80% of the Democratic Party. Because their Terris trying to overthrow our government our democracy our Republic our constitution and our duly elected president. Enough is enough I’m already to the point where all the president would have to do is say the word and I take up arms to protect him. Protect my country my constitution and all those that are either incapable are unable to protect themselves that’s what I swore an oath to do and I will take that to the grave. Whether am active in the military or not. I swore that oath and I stand by it 100% and all these elected officials that were in the military now against trump I’d like to meet them in a back alley so I could whoop their ass

      • USN Vietnan Vet says:

        Right on 82nd I couldn’t have said it any better.Thank you for your service brother! “let’s not forget our fallen hero’s who never came home. ” They gave their freedom for ours.Keep America Free and Great Trump 2020


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