Bill Clinton said eight words about 2020 that are bad news for the Democrats

Former President Bill Clinton keeps making trouble for the Democrats.

His latest political misstep could not come at a worse time.

And Bill Clinton said eight words about 2020 that are bad news for the Democrats.

The 2020 Democrat field of candidates is historically weak.

Joe Biden’s status as the frontrunner evaporated more quickly than any candidate in history.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are radical socialists that President Trump and his team dream of running against next November.

That left many establishment Democrats pining for a new candidate.

But this ended up being a case of “be careful what you wish for” because rumors began swirling that Hillary Clinton would enter the race.

During an appearance at Georgetown University Law School with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Clinton left the door wide open for Hillary to get into the race by saying “she may or may not run for anything” with regards to possible late entrance into the Presidential campaign.

Speculation continues to pick up stream about Hillary Clinton running for President.

Clinton never gave up her lust for power and she clearly senses the current field of Democrats running for President lacks any real heavyweights.

But few people outside of those on the Clinton payroll actually want to see Hillary Clinton run for President.

Her two previous campaigns ended in disaster as the electorate views her as the embodiment of the corrupt Washington, D.C. swamp the public grew too loathe.

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109 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    And a new rope. Hopefully she’ll receive due Justice.

  2. Leon Keller says:

    Be careful every time someone speaks out against slick Willie or hildabeast , someone dies AXADENTLY!!

  3. Will Penny says:

    T Scott believe it , he’s that Stupid !!

  4. T Scott says:

    Hey J Strychasz – Wrong,Wrong & more Wrong,U must b a troll cause if u live in this country(USA) I just can’t believe ur that stupid !

  5. T Scott says:

    There was to many powerful people on both sides involved with Epstein including his attorney Dershowitz-we will never know the truth !

  6. Granny Neets says:

    ih8reps Our Freedom of Speech defines who we are when we post. YOU, too, are a child of MY GOD whether you like it or not. God must grieve over some of his children’s decisions as we parents do. We do all can for them and then grieve over many decisions they make. Many times they learn and come to us and grieve with us for their failures. However, like God, we never give up. HOpe you find happiness in your life and give your family what THEY deserve. Show your post to you parents if you don’t love them or respect them.

  7. Ed Watson says:

    Our 3rd World Country
    Welcome to the Un-United Sates of America! They have WON! We have been “fundamentally transformed”.
    We are now tribal. We are black, Asian, LGBT, victims, “undocumented”, an alian, poor, or you name it. We speak ANY language WE please and must be treated just as an American citizen even tho we are not citizens and must be provided with translators, health care, legal services, etc.
    We have a ‘right’ to ignore and disagree with any regulation or precedent. It is our Human Right and trumps (no pun) ALL
    We used to accept elections but no more. That only worked for over 200 years but we know better now. So as a country we, even a President, can no longer be trusted to even talk to another person, party, even a country without that conversation being completely ‘open’ and thus subject to any and all interpretations persons from you I or anyone with any Interpretation.

    “So, the reaction to growing illegitimacy is not sexual responsibility, but abortion. The reaction to drug addiction is safe injection sites. The solution to the breakdown of the family is for the state to set itself up as an ersatz husband for the single mother and an ersatz father for the children. The call comes for more and more social programs to deal with this wreckage. And while we think we’re solving problems, we are underwriting them. We start with an untrammeled freedom and we end up as dependents of a coercive state on whom we depend.”
    William Barr

  8. Marina says:

    Well said you did your homework went right to the most important parts. Thank you hoping everyone read your comment.

  9. Clarion Caller says:

    ih8reps: Unfortunately, yours is a classic example of psychological projection. It is a serious manifestation of acute psychosis. If you can recognize the significance of your words, you might be able to get some help. Your family doctor probably can refer you to proper treatment. Good luck.

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