Bill Clinton said eight words about 2020 that are bad news for the Democrats

Former President Bill Clinton keeps making trouble for the Democrats.

His latest political misstep could not come at a worse time.

And Bill Clinton said eight words about 2020 that are bad news for the Democrats.

The 2020 Democrat field of candidates is historically weak.

Joe Biden’s status as the frontrunner evaporated more quickly than any candidate in history.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are radical socialists that President Trump and his team dream of running against next November.

That left many establishment Democrats pining for a new candidate.

But this ended up being a case of “be careful what you wish for” because rumors began swirling that Hillary Clinton would enter the race.

During an appearance at Georgetown University Law School with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Clinton left the door wide open for Hillary to get into the race by saying “she may or may not run for anything” with regards to possible late entrance into the Presidential campaign.

Speculation continues to pick up stream about Hillary Clinton running for President.

Clinton never gave up her lust for power and she clearly senses the current field of Democrats running for President lacks any real heavyweights.

But few people outside of those on the Clinton payroll actually want to see Hillary Clinton run for President.

Her two previous campaigns ended in disaster as the electorate views her as the embodiment of the corrupt Washington, D.C. swamp the public grew too loathe.

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