Biden BUSTED – this legal document could expose massive crimes

This was the moment Joe Biden and his allies were dreading.

Democrats fought during the election to prevent this day from ever happening.

But now Joe Biden is busted and this legal document could expose massive crimes.

Incoming House Oversight Chairman Republican James Comer of Kentucky revealed to CNN’s Pamela Brown that his Committee would subpoena Hunter Biden as part of its investigation into Joe Biden’s involvement in corrupt foreign business deals.

However, Comer said his Committee would not subpoena Joe Biden.

Mediaite reports:

PAMELA BROWN: If they don’t give you the information, you would then use subpoenas. But are there any discussions, plans to eventually subpoena Joe Biden and or his son, Hunter Biden?

JAMES COMER: There’s no plans to subpoena Joe Biden. There are plans to subpoena Hunter Biden.

PAMELA BROWN: And what does that timeline look like?

JAMES COMER: Well, I mean, you know, if I were Hunter Biden fan, I would want to come before my committee and prove my innocence because I said some things today that should be very concerning to Hunter Biden.

There is no legal basis for the House to subpoena Joe Biden and force his testimony.

Robert Mueller refused to have that fight during the Russia witch hunt, and Democrats and Liz Cheney are learning that lesson after the January 6 Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump.

But as Congressman Comer said, this is an investigation into Joe Biden.

Joe Biden clearly lied when he said he never discussed business with Hunter.

A 2013 trip to Asia where Hunter Biden flew with his father on Air Force 2 when he was Vice President will surely be among the topics discussed.

Hunter Biden attempting to secure funding for an investment with banks in Communist China will also be under the microscope.

As will a proposed 2017 deal with a Communist Chinese energy company where Hunter Biden said in an email to hold “10 percent for the big guy” – who whistleblower Tony Bobulinski said was Joe Biden.

Bobulinski also stated that Communist China compromised Joe Biden because of these business deals and that he could not faithfully serve the people of the United States as President due to this fact.

Republicans intend to investigate all of these entanglements and scandals.

And Americans will see how involved Joe Biden really was on what critics contend was a massive influence peddling scheme.

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