Beto O’Rourke got the most embarrassing news possible from an unthinkable person

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s campaign for president is going horribly.

He has barely any support at this point.

And now things are worse after he got the most embarrassing news possible from an unthinkable person.

Prior to his campaign for President, O’Rourke, who is of Irish descent, represented El Paso, TX in Congress.

He went by the name “Beto” in order to appeal to the largely Hispanic population in the area.

But as soon as he decided to run for higher office, which was initially a Senate race, that façade came crashing down.

And in a recent interview with Breitbart, Guatemala’s secretary of strategic intelligence said that his use of the name “Beto” is a “political gimmick to try to endear himself with the Latin population.”

Breitbart News reports:

Robert Francis O’Rourke’s nickname “Beto” is a “political gimmick” amounting to “appropriation” of Latin American culture in an attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters, determined Mario Duarte, Guatemala’s secretary of strategic intelligence, offering his remarks in a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Pollak asked, “Is the use of the nickname ‘Beto’ in a political sense, do you find that to be offensive? I mean, his roots are really Irish. Do you think that he’s falsely passing himself as Hispanic in the way that Elizabeth Warren once pretended to be Native American, or is it just a lighthearted nickname? How should we regard it?”

“It’s a political gimmick,” replied Duarte, who is also a U.S. citizen. “As an immigrant [to the U.S.] myself . . . I think it’s a political gimmick to try to endear himself with the Latin population.”

Duarte added, “He’s trying to play a political part. Some people find it cheap. [It is] appropriation.”

O’Rourke claims that his use of the name “Beto” has nothing to do with pandering to Hispanic voters.

But many disagree with that, especially with him needing to be told he can’t join the House Hispanic Caucus in 2013.

He truly wants to be Hispanic, but he is far from it.

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149 Responses

  1. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Beto and his gun grabbing asshole friends won’t rest until they repeal the 2nd amendment to our constitution and we all can be shot up by criminals and kooks who get their guns illegally and the government with no way to defend ourselves which the former Soviet Union did. They killed millions of its own people because of it.

  2. Mama & zee says:

    Wow Kenneth. i know this is Sept 6, But i DID look it up.

  3. Rogelio says:

    Hey ASSHOLE IMBECILE, we already know that your (lack of) intellect leaves you with an IQ somewhat less that MINUS 1024, eh ?

  4. Rogelio says:

    Hey, just keep on demonstrating what a MINUS 123 IQ is all about, eh ?

  5. Mama says:

    ‘pack it up’. ‘Gaslighting’ a person Don’t get it, mister. 0u- i’m ‘scared’. bwar har har.
    > a false allegation’ of violent talk, displays
    your inept iq/ intelligence & Perception.
    > You + ilk ARE the ones ‘under watch’, & will be the 1st To Go thru your own . Got that? Anything Else?

  6. Linda M. says:

    RFT: I’m not getting pissed at everyone. Just the very few that are bigots, haters and pathetic little men that think they are superior because they are acting like bullies. As a matter of fact, I’m not pissed at all. Just correcting VERY bad behavior… Plus, I am defending others as well , like you and I discussed, remember?
    These sites were designed for normal people to discuss their views on various topics. Not to get a sick thrill at trying to belittle others by name calling.
    And yes, I saw your post and I thanked you.

  7. Racists for Trump says:

    Linda, don’t get pissed at everyone. I gave you a compliment today somewhere.

  8. Racists for Trump says:

    Mama, watch out the insane asylum has an all points bulletin to take you in because of your violent talk. Everyone has to fear these right wing nut jobs who have easy access to lots of guns.

  9. Linda M. says:

    Donald the dumb Duck: You know, I read your answer to Advisor. You really want us to believe you are a man(Ha) in his 60’s to 70’s. Married for over 45 years and own your own home?? With the ridiculous and adolescent comments you post to everyone that disagrees with you?? Really?? What a fraud and liar you are…But if by some small chance you really are that old, I think you are now suffering from Alzheimer’s and should be closely monitored.Not posting your hate on these sites.
    Oh and now you are claiming to err( not error FYI) is human? But God forbid someone else makes a mistake, you are right on them. Remember I know who you REALLY are, fool… By the way, bigot, how do you know what color I am? I do know you made fun of that other female that is Asian. That shows your class whatever color you are.. Never hit a child in my life. But I’m really sorry your parents didn’t slap you around some. . Maybe you wouldn’t be the jackass you are today….This is why most don’t respond to your insults. They just blow you off because they know what a buffoon and sick jerk you are… Have a good night and grow up! It’s about time…

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