Beto O’Rouke saw his career go down in flames because of these five words

Beto O’Rourke made it clear he is running for President.

That ended up being a massive mistake.

That’s because his career just went down in flames because of these five words.

After Beto O’Rourke staged a pathetic counter-protest to Donald Trump’s massive rally in El Paso, Texas, Congressman Dan Crenshaw asked O’Rourke one question.

Would he tear down the border wall that protects El Paso?

O’Rourke had his jaw dropping answer to that question with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes – an unequivocal yes.

The Hill reports:

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) said Thursday he would “absolutely” take down the border wall in El Paso, Texas, arguing that the structure has not made the city demonstrably safer.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes posed a question from Rep. Dan Crenshaw about whether O’Rourke would get rid of the wall if he could “snap your fingers” and make it happen.

“Yes. Absolutely. I’d take the wall down,” O’Rourke said on “All In” during an interview near the border on Thursday.

O’Rourke, who represented El Paso in Congress for three terms, added that he believes city residents would pass a referendum to remove the wall if it were put up for a vote.

Later in the interview, O’Rourke also claimed border walls make it too difficult for illegal aliens to invade the country.

If O’Rourke is running for President, then a platform of unlimited illegal immigration and no border enforcement is political suicide.

That may play well on left-wing social media sites, but it is toxic to the voters Democrats need to win in order to oust Donald Trump.

The Democrat Party’s extremism is the best political gift Donald Trump could receive in 2020.


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119 Responses

  1. Billy Warren says:

    o’dork -open big mouth insert bigtoe’

  2. Navy PO2 says:

    Beto is always jumping around . He must have a bad case of jock itch!

    • Peggy says:

      Poor Beto! KumBaya, KumBaya! Let’s all get together; help one another; take care of each other; talk to each another; get along with one another. No substance; no solutions for anything! All happy, happy, happy. What a FAKE!!!!!

  3. Rickster says:

    Beto Rourke is just another dumbocrap that got put into a goverment job he knows nothing about, to be a puppet for anything they say to do! Its obvious in a red state the people didnt vote him in!! He knows theres a open part of borders there criminals pour in across border, and a ISIS training camp! Hes a useless piece of garbage like the rest! Fake voted in to be part of a problem not any solutions! Obama created ISIS, all puppets of George Soros.

  4. snark says:

    To Betty/diane/estudiante’ etc Take Note per
    closed quote below.
    Betty February 17, 2019 at 1:04 pm
    [“What’s really needed is for somebody with enough “GUTS” to Kick both a WORTHLESS WORM & His WORTHLESS WHORE out of the WHITE house.” ]
    ~ Do Realize, you ‘speaketh ‘RAW’. / MONITORED __
    DOX Exists.

  5. Jack Handy says:

    Hi Scott27 dated 02.17.19
    “No, Beto’s career did not go down in flames. etc”

    > Knock knoc. My name is
    Irish 0’Rourke, along w/Jake Tapper__
    i speak For/Rashida Tlaib. >0mar / ocasio &
    MAXINE Waters__ & ‘we don’t like you
    ‘american’ ppl. /> ‘stupid ppl put us
    in 0ffice /& >> ‘foolish’ ppl Defend us/ <<
    + ppl Trying to Get Into 0ffice
    & msm news, to ‘screw USA over’. Even you.

  6. Pat says:

    Bozo is a clown a joke a conman he makes it so obvious like all the clowns running you would think the circus is in town they all have one thing in common they hate America
    They hate Americans values they hate all white people it’s going to get a lot worse for a long time because of these no good POS
    TRUMP IN 2020 by a landslide

    • scooch says:

      Not only a ‘clown’ , But a ‘Coward’ in
      adjusting his ‘Irish’ Name. ie Beto??
      Beto ?? WHAT (tF) Is ‘that’. &&& he ‘appears’
      ‘anemic’/too skinny’ etc. & not 0n a
      somewhat ‘healthy Diet. He Need
      Bacon (“meat candy”) LOL.

  7. Gerry Johnson says:

    There is no logical explanation of why the Dem party is allowing such a parade of off-track & politically strange oddballs. They may corner some like-kind voters but they will lose more. Party loyalty has limits.

  8. Kevin says:

    I’m trying 2 figure out who’s the Stupidest individual in the Demo-stain party!!!
    This retard ranks up there with, A.O Cotex, Corky Booger, Maxi-pad Maxine, Poka-hinny War-ass, Kum-alla Hairy-ass, Nasty Puss-loosey, Count Chuck-ula, Adum Sniff, and I could go on and on but u get the jest of it!!!????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Jim Petersen says:

    What’s a FREAKLING IDIOT??? Is that a miniature idiot with more than one head?

  10. Leonard Redhawk says:

    before BETO joins the RANKS of INCONSEQUENTIAL PANDERUNG IDIOTS he should MAN UP and do a MEA CULPA admission by saying :” BOY AM I EVER A FREAKLING IDIOT”

  11. Don Baker says:

    I wouldn’t vote for this deluded Marxist anti American clown for dogcatcher. I had the distinct privilege of voting against this piece of garbage in the Texas senate race.

  12. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I just have a perfect name for Mr. O’Roarke. How about Bozo O’Roarke?

  13. John J says:

    Beto is a chicken chokin, anti American maggot

  14. Jack Handy says:

    To Scott27
    > Knock knoc. My name is
    Irish 0’Rourke, along w/Jake Tapper__
    i speak For/Rashida Tlaib. >0mar / ocasio &
    MAXINE Waters__ & ‘we don’t like you
    ‘american’ ppl. & ‘stupid ppl put us
    in 0ffice /+ ppl Trying to Get Into 0ffice
    & msm news, to ‘screw USA over’. Even you.

  15. Enchanted says:

    He got caught using campaign funds to buy clothing, food and vehicles for the people in the last invasion. Why hasn’t he been indicted yet as this is highly illegal.

    It is disgusting how many anti-Americans are in office. If it hadn’t been for the election of President Trump, we would have never known and the demise of our country would continue.

    • Peggy says:

      While he spoke at the bridge in El Paso, all the thousands of immigrants waiting to bust through to the United States pissed and threw garbage all over underneath the bridge. Why didn’t their savior go down and invite them to stay at his mansion; his mother’s mansion; his sister’s mansion; and his in-laws mansion? Ole Beto could start solving the problem all by himself. KumBaya!!!!!

  16. Mike Morrow says:

    Our Representatives are so out of touch the people it’s pathetic.

  17. Philip Simon says:

    To Beto, just walk and run and burn yourself out.

  18. Mark Hopkins says:

    One way or another, Beatoff O’Dork will disappear like a fart in a hurricane. I believe most if not all demonRATS will become very low grade fertilizer in the near future. Sane American citizens are realizing more each day just how evil, moronic, power mad and insane the fascist/communist demonRAT regressives really are. The idiot demonRATS are far too stupid to understand that if you poke the sleeping bear too much it will wake up and rip you to shreds.

  19. Sonny says:

    Betty is an obvious lonely Troll – eagerly awaiting a response to her assinine comments so feed if you must

  20. Scott27 says:

    No, Beto’s career did not go down in flames.
    Maxine Waters did not recently have the worst day of her life.
    Nancy Pelosi is not quivering in her boots.
    Robert Mueller did not receive news that will put him in jail.
    No, the last nail was not put in the coffin of CNN.
    All of these stories on this and one similar site are all made up, imagined fantasies. And that is the world you folks seem to live in. It’s not real. It’s not factual. It’s not true.

    • Charles says:

      perhaps there sport yet they have more truth in them than cnn does…

    • Sonny says:

      Yeah removing a secure border is a great idea , let them drugs in and gang bangers, killers, rapists etc Maxine is not a nutty racist , Pelosi is not a stuttering idiot , Mueller has committed no crimes , Democrats are not Anti-American and Pro-Illegal Immigrant , CNN never makes up their news LOL keep drinking that MSM Koolaid and denying what’s really happening

    • Judy Farkas says:

      Scott 27,
      We all heard him speak saying he would knock down the wall.Thats going against protecting his own people from drugs murderous gangs human trafficking and more.So whats not true unless you say thats not him.Wake up and take your pills you will feel better.By lieing you seem very out of touch with reality.

    • Robert says:

      No BETO no Maxine Waters NO Pelosi no more dem.

    • patricia says:

      Why don”t you move to Mexico and take the Bet man with you/

    • Carol Beers says:

      I knew it! We are all in the TWILIGHT ZONE!

    • Peggy says:

      Ah Scott27. Lie down and rest. O’casio will pet you while she kicks you in the B lls.

  21. Jerry Walker says:

    Sounds like Betty was part of the dumbing-down of America school system. You really ought to educate yourself.

  22. Gary says:

    O’Rouke must be a moron! We need to lock up all who comit a crime, not deport them. Make it where illegals will not want to come here. Prevent them from obtaining work, and no free health care.

  23. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Bobby’s career is NOT in jeopardy, because there are many, MANY STUPID leftist morons in this country, many of whom vote MANY times.

  24. R says:

    Betty, if brains were gasoline you wouldn’t have enough to power a piss ants motor scooter for a round trip around a dime.

  25. If O’rouke is to be democrat candidate for president President Trump is a shoe in for re-election.

  26. Jeanine says:

    Have any of these morons talked to the people who live on the border? One rancher wrote a book on how bad it is. I think it should be mandatory for ALL who oppose the wall to read it, and they should all go spend time where there isn’t a wall. And what moron says he would tear down the wall cause it makes it too hard for illegal’s to come into our country? I do not live close to the border, but support those who live with this everyday. I can’t imagine how hard it is to ranch down there. Unless you are living their life, you should keep your mouth shut! (and yes, I mean you Betty, but for what you have to say, you could just keep your mouth shut all the time).

  27. Betty says:

    Thank GOD for someone like Beto O’Rouke who has the Brains & the Common Sense Both to see trumpy Dumpty’s border wall plan as the IDIOTIC, INSANE IDEA It Is.

    • James Foley says:

      So you want anyone and everyone to have complete freedom to just walk into our country? You are the moron not our President.

      • clint says:

        i agree with you , anyone who wants open borders . they are the moron.
        not president trump. the president is trying to protect the people.

      • scooch says:

        Betty (‘boop’) haha.
        Got ‘walls’ In yo house?

      • Peggy says:

        While he spoke at the bridge in El Paso, all the thousands of immigrants waiting to bust through to the United States pissed and threw garbage all over underneath the bridge. Why didn’t their savior go down and invite them to stay at his mansion; his mother’s mansion; his sister’s mansion; and his in-laws mansion? Ole Beto could start solving the problem all by himself. KumBaya!!!!!

    • You are definitely a Fake Mexican Beto “LIBTARD”

    • DS says:

      Thank god the idiot was defeated….liberal ideology is ruining our country. Keep up with your ignorant bashing of Trump…loser!

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Betty, if you had half a brain, you’d be a quarterwit.

    • Bryan says:

      Look in the mirror, Betty, and you’ll really see someone who has neither brains nor common sense …

    • Linda Lofton says:

      Thank God no one has to listen to you Betty. What do you think will happen if there are NO US borders. Are you aware of what has happened in Europe with THEIR open border policies? Of course you don’t or you would not have agreed with this outlandish moron. Europe is on the verge of economic collapse. Their economy’s can not sustain the influx of illegal immigrants, citizens are being run out of their own towns because these immigrants have no intention of assimilating to their new home. Immigrants intentions ares to take over the host country. Violence against natural citizens have skyrocketed and their legal system looks the other way to give these invaders a pass. Laws are in chaos and non-existant when it comes to prosecuting illegals. London is totally unsafe to walk around in daylight hours as Muslim men say an unaccompanied woman on the street after 5 pm is ASKING to be raped. And this is what YOU want for our country because Betata O’Rouke in his blatant lack of knowledge and intelligence is taking an “enlightened” stand of his proposal the consequences of which have not even entered what he thinks he has in his skull pretending to be a brain. Just think about the consequences Betty. Use your brain and look at the rest of the world that “thought” open borders were a good idea. These countries are frantically trying to reverse course but they are a lost cause trying to paddle back up stream against the current!!! Once you let the Jennie out of the bottle it is hell trying to put it back in. If you and anyone that believes open borders are “good” go live in Europe. It won’t take you long to realize the folly of your misguided thinking.

    • Lynn B says:

      Poor Betty ~ You have SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES —

    • I think Betty might be Beto’s PR person, or wife, or daughter, or maybe Pocahantos Warren in disguise again!!! lmao

      • Peggy D. says:

        Betty, you are a perfect example of a Beto follower: dumb, dumber, and dumbest; stupid; stupider; and stupidest. There, I’ve given you a lesson in the English language, the language of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    • AFGus says:

      Betty…..please never reproduce! If you already have, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!

    • Gia’ says:

      Betty, I cannot think of any remark to you that your peabraincoulf comprehend. (Understand),

    • Bill Meyers says:

      Stop beinv s hater and see things fir what they are and not offering your jaded opinion because of your hatred of Donald Trump.

    • Judy Farkas says:

      Be careful you might be one of their victims then we will see how you cry.

    • Jim says:

      Betty, when did you lose your mind? (or did you never have one to lose?)

    • Rickster says:

      It’s almost funny if Betty wasnt so stupid and brainwashed by dumbocraps, ! Her constantly going to right wing sites and flipping her big lips about something she absolutely knows nothing about! She surfs Any site she can easily get on and send! Pour baby nobody at home listens to her trash talk! Her surfing is being watched! Definitely a welfare queen Obama lover!

  28. Joann says:

    If the looney demoncrats love open borders so much, WHY not remove the fences from your properties & take all locks off of your doors. YOU want to be safe but the hell with your voters. WE THE PEOPLE WANT TO BE SAFE ALSO. That is your responsibility in the constitution. OH, it only applies to you crooks in Washington?? Well where is the tar & feathers???

  29. Robert Higginbotham says:

    If Robert Francis O’Rourke wants to be the democrat nominee he has to take his responses from the dims playbook, which he basically did. Their playbook has responses for all occasions. Listen to any dim and after a while you will hear the same BS from them all.

  30. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Taking down of what remains of our already porous border fence is total insanity! This Doltacrat is crazy and mentally disturbed. This means anyone could cross our border including ciminals, human trafficers, child prostitution rings drug and gun runners, middle eastern terrorists who are out to kill us etc. This man needs help and never allowed to run for any type of office including city dog catcher.

  31. Martin Gutschenritter says:

    Go Trump!

    • Peggy D. says:

      You are going to see a turnout for President Trump in 2020 the likes of which you have never seen before in this country. The good people of the United States of America are MAD, fighting MAD. WE WILL NOT LET THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BE TAKEN OVER BY THOSE WHO WANT TO DESTROY US!!!!!

  32. Blue says:

    Let’s see now, didn’t they (democrats) spend close to 40 million bucks and he still lost to Ted Cruz?

  33. James P Hutchins says:

    o rorke is a liberal scumbag clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

  34. Michael Skok says:

    That’s probably where all the money is–American companies that hire cheap illegal alien workers.

  35. Wayne Miller says:

    is be going to pay for them to live out of his own pocket. No. Another stupid liberal

    • Patricia says:

      All this clown needs is a court jester outfit to match his idiot foolishnes! We are the majority and this traitorous clown makes the statement that those illegal criminals come first before americans! He is an idiot and its time we cut these illegal criminals off all the freebies They burn our flags while holding their flags up! We the people will have to start standing up against these monsters and the democrat nazis because they will destroy us if we dont!

  36. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Wish we could kick this Jerk out of Texas.

  37. Gail Henry says:

    Robert orourke and any democrats.wanting to tear down border walls should be charged with treason, that includes biden, kerry and anyone.else standing against the Constitution and legal immigrants and Citizen’s.

  38. Kara says:

    I would like to see how many votes he gets from El Paso voters.

    • Daniel Beck says:

      The way the demes cheat, he would probably have 500k votes more than there are people in the city.

      • Cliff says:


      • Jim says:

        Sounds familiar Dan. Seems to me that a similar thing happened with Barack Obama. Seems that he had gotten more than 125% of the vote in several voting districts. Now that’s just a bit unreal. What I’d like to know is how all of those dead people get out off their coffins and make it to the polls on that particular day.

    • UMCane says:

      Well said Kara. FakeNameBeto is a two faced hypocrite. Imagine the uproar if a Republican candidate changed his name to attract Hispanic voters!! The Fake News Media would have roasted him/her!! But with Beto they glorify him!! The duplicity and antiTrump advocacy of CNN/MSNBC and the Networks out infront for all to see!!

  39. Julie Buchheister says:

    We can’t feed and take care of the world. We need to start at home. We have plenty of children here in the United States that we need o take care of who are US Citizens

  40. Carolina says:

    Before wall around El Paso, was the murde capital due to illegal aliens enjoying themselves murdering whites.

  41. julia says:

    This is only a little of what we are facing in deep South Texas!!!! Lord help us!!!

  42. summer says:

    After the midterms I read Obama asked for a meeting with O’Rourke .
    I’d liked to have be a fly on that wall.
    Obama was also reported to give verbal support for cortez.
    Doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out.

    Obama has been and is mighty busy in my opinion.

  43. David P. says:

    The Dims comunist agenda will never prevail. Ignorant jack-asses like their mascot.

  44. George says:

    The Pope said that walls are bad, Take the wall around the Vatican down! !!!Obama has a wall around his home in DC TAKE IT DOWN! !!!!

  45. This guy isn’t even using his given name–is he embarrassed by his record of past offenses–or what!

  46. Rick says:

    These idiots say walls/barriers don’t work why do prison have them ?????

  47. Rick says:

    Rep. Beto O’Rourke whats his home address…

    Another idiot……

  48. KEN_W says:

    This guy does not even desire a rebuttal. This site is reaching to the bottom of the barrel even writing about him and his ignorant views. Free propaganda for him. Plain stupid.

  49. Capn Jack says:

    He acts and sounds like a child.

  50. Audie Jordan says:

    He needs to move to Juarez. Anybody know where the insane amount of campaign money he got to run against Cruz went?

  51. Mike says:

    This dumb ass is going no where.It really shows how backwards the commies are.

  52. JC Mullins says:

    Where in the world is the Dems finding these morons, need to close up the whole!!!

    • William J Vital says:

      It starts at the DNC and Clinton camp. They are ONLY in for what they can get/make.

    • Betty says:

      Where in the world are the republicans finding so many Retards willing to Kiss CRAZY donald’s Asshole?

      • You sound like a Fake Beto Mexican libtard !

      • RW says:

        Betty, if brains were gasline you wouldn’t have enough to power a pssi ants motor scooter for a round trip around a dime

      • a says:

        Betty, I don’t consider myself a retard, I’m sure don’t consider yourself a retard either. However you are pretty much demented and so out of touch if you think AOC, obummer, pisslosi, shimmer, withers are all good and honest characters. The dems are so evil it’s pretty scary to see how off the cliff you creatures have fallen. Murdering millions of babies, yet you make a big stink about a couple of illegal children that died at the hands of their parents who brought their sick kids here and then refused medical assistance then you tried to blame ICE???? You creatures are way beyond reasoning with, too stupid to help or even communicate with. Poor slobs

        • Jim says:

          Unfortunately, this type of behavior from the Betty’s of this country is the result off having shut down too many off the Whacko Wards, and now all of those people are running the streets and shooting off their mouths, but not having the foggiest idea of what they are saying.

      • Jim says:

        Look in your bed and check out the guy next to you. He found you – didn’t he?

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