Barack Obama made one secret decision that will change Trump’s life

Barack Obama’s plans for 2020 are the great unknown of this election cycle.

But just because Obama never went public with his intentions does not mean the former President isn’t making his presence felt in the race.

And Barack Obama made one secret decision that will change Trump’s life.

After Joe Biden won a blowout win in the South Carolina primary, the Democrat Party establishment jumped off the sidelines of the race and united around Biden as their best hope to stop Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.

Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe, and other Democrat Party establishment heavyweights all endorsed Biden on the eve of the Super Tuesday contests.

But while Barack Obama’s name was absent from the endorsement roll call, NBC News reporting made it clear that behind the scenes Obama pushed other top Democrats into action.

NBC News reported, “People close to Obama said the former president has been keeping close tabs on the race. They said the signal has been sent in the past 36-hours that he sees Biden as the candidate to back, and they don’t need Obama to say it publicly or privately.”

“He’s not going to get involved in endorsing anyone for this nomination,” Biden told NBC’s Mike Memoli on Monday.

“But I think he will make sure that, you know, the party is united at the end of the day, and as I will, whether I win or not.”

Obama stayed out of the endorsement game because should the Super Delegates steal the nomination from Sanders at the convention, Obama is the only party figure with the stature to try and stitch the Democrat coalition back together and keep enough Sanders supporters in the fold to give Biden a fighting chance at victory in November.

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40 Responses

  1. Larry Gaines says:

    Obama needs to STFU and stay out of Politics period. He screwed up America

  2. Alan says:

    Obama will back biden if the dnc needs him too at the last minute even crooked Hillary will come out .so what .I believe the public knows what losers and crooks they are and trump will stick it to them again.

  3. DUANE says:


  4. Denise says:

    Obama would not want to endorse Biden and be embarrassed with what Biden will do. Biden lives with his gaffes and not being able to keep his hands or nose off of people and children. The man should retire. He is going through change of life within himself. Let the man rest. Besides he already said He will only do one term so he better pick a good VP. He said he was getting too old live on t.v..

  5. William Rook says:

    Damn, this is different! Different things crossed my mind. What if Biden’s only faking his mental disorder? Nope! Can’t be unless he’s one helluva an actor? Then again, All those underhanded scenarios he pulled over seas? Can’t do all that if you are flake, right? Still, making yourself look like a burnt out druggie won’t get you elected. Since THAT won’t work Sanders appears to be the nominee? Typical Obama style he SAYS he is waiting to see IF Sanders gets where he’s the logical choice Obama SAYS he will step in to help Biden win. Why? He was so quick to refuse to back Biden. What can it be? He SAYS to help Biden become democrat nominee or something else at play: 1. There was a rumor about Obama being Biden’s VP. That can’t be. For that to happen Obama would have had to switch to help Republicans or, we know he is lousy but stupid, no, so it can’t be he “popped his cork”. hmmm Then there was the rumor Michel was going to run. Don’t know there? Well, if he makes sure Sanders is out and Biden is all they have, well it’s scary! Trump would chew Biden up and so he could be the diarrhea of the swamp instead of a little turd. Then there is some kind of clause where another runner get in if it goes to 2nd vote or something like that. Maybe, just maybe, Hillary and/or Michael can step in and run away with the democratic nomination: He can be FLOTUS? Then Hillary could be VP and Silly Billy could be VP’s wife. or vice-versa? Scary thought! There HAS to be something else at play. Barak can’t he’s done his 2 terms, Biden don’t have the brains to say Good morning America. As I said, Obama ain’t stupid. he sat in the highest seat in this Country and got us about wiped out, dead, and about all while sitting behind the desk! Something’s brewing and I pray President Trump gets the Deep State COMPLETELY exposed! What if this is a ruse to sneak in a Deep State mole?

  6. Wonderimg Woman says:

    The only thing that would keep Obama from endorsing Biden would be the knowledge that his endorsement would be toxic and we all know that Obama cannot believe that everyone doesn’t like him. LOL
    Doesn’t matter how Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms Joe Biden is showing in this rallies. The dumber he is, the better the one world global government likes the candidate, as another person has already observed, they already know he is an empty vessel and no problem with the CIA taking over the operation of our government again, to run it into the ground and help the new world order take over the entire planet. However that is true of all of the democrat candidates.
    The fact that President Trump is an OUTSIDER and not deep state establishment is the reason why they started trying to defeat him from even being nominated, and started working to overthrow our electing him as soon as he did. His campaign poster of “I AM NOT FOR SALE AND THAT SCARES THE SHYT OUT OF THEM” IS STILL TRUE is why the deep state establishment congressional members & all those involved in the same effort since the initiation of “Stop Trump” movement are still involved in treason to overthrow. HE IS STILL THE ONLY AMERICAN CANDIDATE TO BE SEEN IN THE CANDIDATES.
    Mitt Romney probably entered the senator race wth hopes of sliding into the Republican candidate postion if and when they succeeded in their coup attempt. As someone said when he was running against Obama, you really couldn’t tell any difference because they were both deep state INSIDERS & would only be token presidents.

  7. Truckman says:

    James, you have lost your grasp of reality Obama did nothing great for this country all he did was line his pockets and make the USA a laughing stock of the world Trump is A better President and man than Obama will ever be all he has done has been to help this country and the citizens of it heck he does not take any pay while Obama sat back made money and watch Biden blackmail another country and brag about It

  8. William says:

    You brain washed Democrats are now saying the Donald Trump will never be an Obama; You are finally so right! He is not a Muslim who hid his Religion from the Voters in America, Trump has not made Hundreds of Thousands of dollars off of the Big Pharm Companies and Insurance Companies like Obama has with his Obama Care Program. What Trump has done is to Create Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs in AMERICA He has corrected Obama’s shameful agreement with Iran (who fully supports terrorists), he has corrected the Trade Agreements between Canada and Mexico as well as other Countries around the world. So, Thank God he is NO Obama!!

  9. kiokwus says:

    “Trump will never be able to be the President that Obama was!” That is a true statement. President Trump is so much better than Obama ever was even when President Trump is having a bad day. There is no comparison between the two of them. Obama proved himself to being America’s worst President while President Trump is the best President (in the top 5) we ever had. Sorry James H Roberts, you are so misguided.

  10. Gerald Ladd says:

    Every time the coon endorses anyone, they don’t make it. He’s still a legend in his own mind!

  11. r says:

    James H Roberts you must have blinders on because Trump is one hellava President and he is 1000 times better the Obama– so get the hell over it –OBAMA STUNK

  12. Carolyn says:

    James H Roberts u can’t see the forest for the trees.

  13. Will Triebel says:

    James H. Roberts, go back to sleep, perhaps when you wake up the race obsessed Democratic Communists will be gone, instead of getting into your head and making you think you see racism everywhere.
    You’ll really be in good shape after Hillary hijacks the brokered convention and gets beat all over again, by a much wider margin. BTW, at the rate your Dems are going, I wouldn’t count on 2024, or 2028. Their “leadership” will probably be institutionalized by then, for their own safety.

  14. FluffyPillowFive says:

    If you like your doctor you can’t keep him. We will decide which doctor you see and when.
    If you like your gun you can’t keep it because we consider guns a threat to our plans.
    If you like your right to free speech you can’t exercise it because we consider your speech as hate speech.
    If you like your paycheck you can’t keep it because we need your money provide healthcare to undocumented workers.
    – Bernie Sanders –

  15. @James Roberts………………….I wouldn’t be talking about uneducated responses when YOURS is at the top of the list for idiocy ! Obama WAS ans IS the biggest Snake Oil salesman who ever sat in the Oval Office. He’s a disgrace and did nothing in 8 years that is even close to what the President has done in under 4 !! You’re delusional so get back on your meds before you hurt yourself or someone around you.

  16. Obummer is such a SNAKE ! He conned the American public for 8 years, then appeared in Bloomberg’s ads and he will endorse Biden. He’s a scumbag in the first degree and the only PAST president to stay deeply involved in politics because he has an agenda. I don’t know HOW Biden is where he is in this race, the guy can’t get anything right in his speeches and now even mistakes his wife for someone else. He shouldn’t even be considered as a candidate, when it’s OBVIOUS he has some type of mental disorder ! WHAT is wrong with the people who are voting for this moron??

  17. Beebe Rutledge says:

    You sound as ignorant as obama.

  18. Uncle Hoppy says:

    James H Roberts:
    Obama loves himself as much as Trump.
    Obama put more people on food stamps while Trump put more people to work.
    Obama put activist judges on the courts while Trump put constitutionalist judges on the courts.
    Obama created burdensome EPA regulations while Trump ended them.
    Obama stabbed Israel in the back while Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital.
    Obama apologized for America while Trump puts America first.
    Obama created Obamacare while the courts ruled the mandate is unconstitutional.
    Obama lost the house and the senate under his reign while Trump picked up senate seats.

  19. Alan says:

    It dont matter if slum lawyer Obama helps the the dnc liberal left they cant hold sleepy joe hand when Trump tears into him .he’s dementia will come out under preasure.better have medics close by..

  20. James H Roberts says:

    Just read a bunch of uneducated responses! Will the racist comments never stop? Trump will never be able to be the President that Obama was! Trump has no idea or the ability to make any changes to the betterment of America, only has love of self! Oh, what’s with the nick names? Who are you people?

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