Barack Obama found himself on the hot seat for this huge scandal from his past

Barack Obama is used to the corporate-controlled media worshiping his every move.

Obama spent eight years having the press glorify all of his supposed “achievements.”

And Barack Obama found himself on the hot seat for this huge scandal from his past.

In an interview with NBC’s Al Roker, Roker pressed Barack Obama over his failures in dealing with Russia during his two terms in office.

Roker asked Obama if Vladimir Putin was the same world leader that he dealt with during his Presidency.

Obama claimed he always saw Putin as a threat – which is a lie – but that the Russian President is now more reckless.

“Putin has always been ruthless against his own people, as well as others,” Obama responded. “He has always been somebody who’s wrapped up in this twisted, distorted sense of grievance and ethnic nationalism. That part of Putin, I think, has always been there. What we have seen with the invasion of Ukraine is him being reckless in a way that you might not have anticipated eight, 10 years ago, but the danger was always there.”

In the final 2012 Presidential debate, Obama mocked Mitt Romney as an out of touch relic for claiming Russia was America’s number one geopolitical foe.

Roker then pressed Obama on if he could have drawn a tougher line with Russia after Putin annexed Crimea in 2014.

Obama then engaged in severe gaslighting, claiming the circumstances were different.

But Obama then pivoted to the lie told by the Left that American democracy is under threat from Donald Trump and his supporters.

“The situations in each of these circumstances are different, but I think that what we’re seeing consistently is a reminder of why it’s so important for us to not take our own democracy for granted, why it’s so important for us to stand for and align ourselves with those who believe in freedom and independence, and I think that the current administration’s doing what it needs to be doing,” Obama responded.

Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea in 2014 on Barack Obama’s watch.

Putin then invaded Ukraine while Joe Biden was President.

But Putin made no aggressive moves to invade any countries while Donald Trump was President.

That’s because – contrary to the Fake News Media lies – Donald Trump drew a tougher line on Russia than any President since Ronald Reagan.

Trump modernized the American nuclear force and withdrew the United States from arms control treaties that Russia cheated on.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden bookended the Trump Presidency with bungling their way through foreign policy that opened the door for Putin to inflict these horrors on Ukraine.

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