Barack Obama had a dark secret from past that FBI text messages just exposed

The scandal surrounding the FBI’s conduct in the 2016 election continues to seep into all corners of Washington.

New text messages between two anti-Trump FBI agents revealed a new layer to the misconduct.

And the communications exposed a secret Obama was trying to keep hidden.

Bombshell text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page raise questions about what Obama knew about the Russia investigation and when.

The two exchanged texts stating that they had to brief former FBI Director James Comey because Obama wanted to know “everything.”

The timing of the texts – they were sent in the heart of the Presidential election – led many critics to question Obama’s roll in the Clinton email investigation and the counterintelligence probe the Bureau opened into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Fox News reports

“Newly revealed text messages between FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

The message, from Page to Strzok, was among thousands of texts between the lovers reviewed by Fox News. The pair both worked at one point for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016, about prepping Comey because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” According to a newly released Senate report, this text raises questions about Obama’s personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.”

The real scandal that needs to be investigated is the political bias at the FBI.

The Obama administration turned the Bureau into an instrument of destruction to wield against their political enemies.

These new messages will only increase the volume of calls demanding The Department of Justice appoint a special counsel to investigate possible wrong doing by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch.


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68 Responses

  1. wonderbeard says:

    When we determine who is pulling the strings of our gov’t behind the scenes then things may become clear enough to get to the bottom of everything but don’t hold your breath waiting for the truth to be told. Continuing to pray is your best source for peace.

  2. Jim E says:

    There is obviously something going on in Washington that we are not aware of, Hence Sessions and others still in their positions. Firing everyone is not the answer as the result is worst than the problem. Replacing the leadership would collapse too many departments. The average gov. employee is not the problem, the APPOINTED positions are the problem. Most of those SHOULD have been replaced when Trump took office. I blame Trump as he did re- appoint Rosenstein. Review everything that has happened over the past 2 years and it points ultimately to him.

  3. dennis Bechtel says:

    trump is close to stopping the shield for sessions ,the deep state ,many still in government jobs (fbi,cia,nsa will all be indicted ) wake up #45 to what we the people will really want( for the deep state actors),loss of job and criminal charges and loss of any pension benefits.

  4. Steven Coy says:


    • pastriesqueen says:

      I believe Sessions is blocking it because he’s part of the deep state. Why do you think Trump is blocking it?

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Not so. DO you know anything about building a case for court, other than Matlock and Perry Mason? It doesn’t happen inside an hour and requires EVIDENCE to support allegations, both physical evidence and witness testimony, which has to be ferreted out carefully so it’s going to stand up in court. In fact, Sessions is working it; but this is a tougher case than bringing down the “Teflon Don” Gotti was, and that took almost 2 decades to finally make the evidence STICK. IF he rushes to judgment, they WILL walk and then double jeopardy kicks in and they can’t be touched.

    • karen zawack says:

      Don’t know about that regarding President Trump. New information just came out that Comey had meetings with Obama, Rice and Biden right before the inauguration of President Trump. And Comey, opps, didn’t tell Congress. Gee, what a liar, and he wants to teach Ethics in college?

      Now the funny part is they, meaning the Dems and FBI are spinning a story, with Comey’s deputy, “get Christie out of Bridgegate” Wray over a staff member. Trying to spin the “russian” thing again to pull the picture off Obama/Clinton/Biden/Rice/Comey/Lynch and on and on and on.

      I don’t know about Sessions, as I’m a bit frustrated with his non-action, and recusing himself from this. But I don’t think President Trump had anything to do with this as HE was not the candidate that, if Hilliary did not win, would keep a lid on all of this treason AGAINST the American Citizens.

      Thankfully the American citizens prevailed, whether you like President Trump or not, as this act of treason by the Past Administration is just blowing open. We need justice for this “remaking of America” coup with both parties involved.

      • jim says:

        the Obama administration was about turning the country into a second Russia controlled by Obama or Hillary threw Putin , these people hate this country and should be executed for treason

    • I don’t believe that for a minute.Trump is draining the swamp

      • Mary says:

        Yes, but the drains are backed up….nothing moves. Trump needs to have some heads roll and that will get the attention of the other half of these creatures. I don’t think trump likes to make waves to these creeps.

        • Joel Kruskie says:

          Trump’s appointments are in place to uncover the swamp, and they will, patience. If you believe in “no one is above the law” . You may see a lot of higher ups head for prison. They will turn on each other and the dykes will be open.

  5. M says:

    We should NOT be giving pensions to Traotors!!!!!

    • karen zawack says:

      Amen! and just think for the last 10 years, we have been paying them salaries, health insurance, vacations, and all they have worried about is their new voting base called illegals. As our children are being abused in schools with the lack of learning, or learning too much about transgenders, Islam, or sexual preference with “Common Core”, pharmaceutical companies created opiates “hey the Arts have to thrive”, and being distributed thru Obamacare so “no one feels pain” or if not “death panels” for those cancer kids, or how about the illegals that are thriving on their illegal drugs, human trafficking for prostitution, and the “killing baby business” of Planned Parenthood, that now changed their name to “Women Health”.

      Also the abuse of OUR Social Security System, OUR Medicare System, OUR Medicare System, all going to illegals apparently using Dead people’s social security, and how about this 17 year old who files their federal taxes for the first time because THEY have to work for their DREAM, and find out that their Birth Date does NOT match their Social Security number. So now this American child has to prove who they are.

      Yea just worried about the Illegal kids, the heck with OUR Children. And don’t get me started on what the American Seniors are going thru, but then again, Oprah has an idea that all should just die, and then more illegals can use their social security.

      “Remaking of America” = American Citizens, their families and their DREAM, sold to the HIGHEST bidder, domestic and foreign. And we get to pay for it all.

      • B. Mitchell says:

        Well said! I would also add that Seniors are now looking at no Social Security in the near future because we have given it all out to illegals and their families to the tune of around $3K per month, that have never contributed one dime to SS in their lifetime and won’t be. I worked 42 years and contributed in and it makes me want to vomit to think that all the years for everyone else are not going to be there for me. It was my money and my life!! I am single and 67 years old and raising 3 Grandchildren on my SS. We never have and don’t get anything from Medicaid because I make $120 a month too much to qualify and I make less than $1800 per month. The only benefit available in raising my Grandsons who are parentless is free lunch! What kind of a people think this is all good and they want to bring in more illegals who are takers and have never been givers or contributors to our country? They arent dreaming anything but just want the next free handout and education at our expense and stupidity!!!

    • Mary says:

      That is for darn sure.

  6. Donna says:

    My question is after one year why haven’t these Oboma hold overs from the state and DOJ still there. Fire all of these bastards. Not only do I want these people prosecuted. I want their pensions and retirement taken away

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Not as easy to do as from the private sector; their unions make it next to impossible to fire them even for just cause.

    • Francisco Machado says:

      Replacements have to be found, approved, cleared and hired. the government has become so vast, the regulations so byzantine that you can’t just hire someone off the street. It would be like firing the staff of the Niagara hydroelectric generating facility and trying to find replacements right away. they’d be in the dark for a while – and so, probably, would you.

  7. Vern says:

    hang em… all those that are guilty … where is American justice

  8. Dennis says:

    somone wake jeff sessions up and tell him to appoint a special prosecuter and a grand jury to get the deep state out of d.c. and get rid of most of the democrats.

  9. Max says:

    I think sessions should do the investigation in to Obama and Clinton and comey and comey should face prison just like he put Martha Stewart in jail he is no better then anyone else as well as Clinton she should face prison for lying

  10. Grace says:

    Thank God for these American people who have expressed, here, their knowledge and feelings about our immediate past relationship with our last President.
    I have HOPE for the U.S.A. when I read many of the above comments by people who love our country and who were NOT asleep during the last Administration.

    • Lolajmay says:

      AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! If Hillary had won we never would have heard one word of any corruption. Thanks to President Trump.

  11. Jesse says:

    There should be a Special Counsel to look at all the Obama scandals. As well as one to INVESTIGATE Obama’s acts of TREASON. We know Obama committed TREASON in the Bergdahl case and in how he handled Manning’s act of TREASON. America is in a War which was declared Constitutionally by Congress shortly after 9/11 and no peace treaty has ever been signed. That means that Obama letting 5 TERRORISTS go to free Bergdahl is TREASON. Then there is the Facts of the Bergdahl case. Bergdahl deserted in the middle of the night. There are or at least were recordings of Bergdahl calling for members of the Taliban to come get him because he wanted to join them. Yet Obama released 5 TERRORISTS for him. Then there is the matter of killing actions of the DEA so Hezbollah could sell drugs on US streets because he wanted the Iran deal to go through. WHY is this TRAITOR walking Free he(Obama) should be awaiting a noose or firing squad in a cell in Gitmo with all the other TERRORISTS. He should not be getting paid for his time INFESTING the White House and RUINING America.

    • karen zawack says:

      Definitely a special counsel called a MILITARY TRIBUNAL

      “A military tribunal is an inquisitorial system based on charges brought by military authorities, prosecuted by a military authority, judged by military officers, and sentenced by military officers against a member of an enemy army.”

      Obama/Clinton/Soros and all those who went along with it in Regress, need to stand trial. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment made by General Kelly before the memo came out. Need deadly consequences for treasonous acts AGAINST the USA! No slap on the wrist thru DOJ, as it will only soak up more of OUR money and nothing will happen. Time to make them STAND TRIAL, and then this will start to deter those from trying this “remaking America again”.


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!! I never forget NOR will I ever forgive!!!!!

    • CYNTHIA says:

      I’m with you Jesse. It appears to me our Administration is a little weak when it comes to prosecuting those responsible for the FAKE DOSSIER. Why is it nothing has been done to right the wrong? I’m sure they have enough evidence to prosecute these terrorists, this includes Obama, and Hillarious Clinton.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        The Bergdahl & Manning issues can’t be touched directly; O can be held to account & I believe Sessions is working on this. Just enough has leaked to show he has things going on behind the curtain; because of the difficulty of obtaining evidence before it’s destroyed and/or blocked from access; and he’s not betraying those efforts to aid the opposition. Think about how long it took to take down the “Teflon Don” Gotti; these are that much MORE so! If he puts everything out on the net they will NEVER be prosecuted. Let the man do his job!

  12. Wonder if they will ever get together the Obama and Hillary dirty dealing and arrest them? which so I don’t foresee anything they have done going to jail for’don’t know how much more evidence they need to convict but yet they send off Senators,Governors,that insulted these women by feeling ,having sex send them to jail just because they said so but yet they want do anything to Obama or Hillary and many have died that they were going to testify against her .each time I get on my email I have to see their faces which I am so tire of looking at them both in on TV.wonder if there will ever be an end for them two?

    • Bill says:

      Why isn’t this worthless black POS muslim still running free along with moochella and his progeny, along with the clintons and the 4 thieves that are running California into the ground. Will someone please tell me why these thieves and traitors to America haven’t been prosecuted. Sick and tired of the ‘inequal justice system’.

      • karen zawack says:

        Amen Bill! Laws for them and laws for us. Kind of like a Sharia Law type justice. Heck New Jerseys POS Menedez got to waltz free after using the visa system for sex, and lets’ not forget the Obamacare medicare fraud for his friend the eye doctor from Florida.

        Justices’ blindfold has been ripped off and a jihab has been put in place.

  13. karen zawack says:

    Voted No, because DOJ is involved, and Session was in the Regress when Obama was President. President Trump needs to form a special counsel to bring justice to the People for what Obama, His State Department, His DOJ, His IRS, His FBI has done to the American Citizens. We need President Trump to show what the “remaking of America” was all about and to allow those who thought the Constitution needed to just fade away, to stand trial. We need examples made. We need to make those who think in the future trying this will bring deadly consequences and deter this for good.

  14. Chris says:

    Lets get back to more important things like GOVERNING!

    This is GRADE SCHOOL STUFF grow up and get to more important things.

    Barack Obama here and Trump there; like school boys; have more importunate things to do!


  15. Kevin Miller says:

    Tried to share this on Facebook so more people could see the truth about thi9s sorry excuse of a President but as so many others have been from this site this page and post was also CENSORED by FACEBOOK and could NOT share this for others to see! This is a sickening violation of our freedoms of speech and the press. FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP SUCKS!!!! This needs to be stopped so others can read the TRUTH about these sickening Liberal hacks instead of them being protected by FACEBOOK and other Liberal media outlets!! This has gone on too long already!! Sickening!!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      You’re right, it IS sickening and needs to be stopped. I don’t know if a class action law suit would work, and/or if we could find enough people to sign on, then an attorney to take it on. But it appears nothing else is going to work either.

    • Kevin this has been blocked from sharing on FB

      • dennis Bechtel says:

        face book blocked me from sharing any of this for 30 days ,everyone should delete your farce book account.its part of the deep it now.

  16. David in MA says:

    These bastards may sink Trump but in the process they are exposing themselves for what they re, will they escape their rightful due? I think not.
    Bring rope, there are plenty of trees in D.C.

  17. john says:

    The black bastard should be in prison and America knows it!

    • Wildmann says:

      They’ll Never do anything to King Barky Husein’ O’bama-Rama Lama Ding Dong!’– the Soros backed Kenyan Swahili Swamp Rat! Cries of being “Racis” discourage anyone from saying anything! They wanna be Commies?? GOOD LET’S Have a good Old Fashioned Soviet Type PURGE of the Dem-O-Krapps!

  18. Deplorable Lanie says:

    They should find a special prosecutor who is just as bias against Obama as Mueller is against President Trump. And then he can hire lawyers who have all donated to President Trump’s campaign! That should be fair. Don’t you think?

    • KRIS KTISTIAN says:

      The US citizens seem to vote ONLYy for the Democrat party, not the person.
      How did the DEM supporters allow this crook to serve a second term, knowing who and what he is.?
      Now, the Democ_RATS are going for the first honest POTUS>
      They Dems are disgusting. How could Jews vote for that Jew hating ()((**(()?
      Thank heaven that the criminal Hillary was beaten in the elections.
      She is so evil. She is still “taking her revenge”
      She is sick, a crook, dishonest, treasonous witch.
      She should be wearing a pink jump suit. That would really look good on her.I have been watching RT. I was really happy to hear them complIN bout CNN as the worst TV news. Their hatred iof President Rump is disgusting.
      They mentioned Fox news which is impartial and honest.

  19. Linda Egnal says:

    This SHOULD be investigated, but the question is: will it be? Ever? I doubt it. Too bad, too. Obama and Hillary, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and many others (George Soros) will get away – literally – with collusion, murder, and God knows what else … and no one will stop them or investigate ANY of their wrongdoing. They will continue to spew their ugliness and spread their lies and get away with it. Its a sad day for America. May God have mercy on them all because when they go to meet their Maker, He will know and be the one to lay down the Final Judgment.

    • KRIS KTISTIAN says:

      I hope that Trump will keep his promise to ‘CLEAR THE SWAMP AND MAKE US GREAT AGAIN”
      I believe that he donates every cent of his presidential salary to charity.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      God knows every bit of it; every evil thought and deed; if they don’t receive an accounting in this life, be assured they will when they face Him, and they WILL face Him, as will every human being who has ever lived.

      • wonderbeard says:

        God is the key to America but scripture must be fulfilled and paradise will not be gained by anyone except by following Jesus. Tribulation continues as scripture demands until the Second Coming so be strong in Christ and resist all temptation and Jesus will grant your eternal reward!

  20. Jose says:

    Like it, or not. If one’s to be really “honest” about talking/speaking truth of some certain (barack hussein obama) individual .. one who, once was considered as being “the chosen one” .. the one individual capable to “lead US” into the realms of a mythical “promised (wonder) land” … when, if considering most all of what this first (,5 black) arrogant, lying. closeted-racists; of most all of what this one thieving, most treasonous/corrupt divider of peoples did (repeatedly lied to the citizenry, repeatedly violated the US Constitution, repeatedly abused of presidential powers, squandered/wasted taxpayers’/National wealth, betrayal +) .. ALL of it while he enjoyed the “good (parasitic) life” at the very expense of the US taxpayers .. and, all of this, and more, while he (obama) and all of his (2 terms) associates/crooks claimed to be “serving” the interests of the US (citizens) American people; if one dares to uncover the obvious truth .. by pure definition, the only words that best fit the whole of what the obama’s administration, and of what any a liberal’s ideology amounts to .. is but to commit FRAUD, to LIES, to cause HIGHER TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, and ultimately .. BETRAYAL . And, that’s the only truth of what the leftists/progressives/liberals are all about.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Right on the mark!

    • the Chosen one hasn’t returned yet…but He will real soon ,yes they called him the chosen the messiah /the only thing he was chosen to do was to deceive the people and lie to them and cause as such trouble for the US and it’s people as he could…Yes! he was chosen to perform the acts of Satan because he was the devil advocate that is why he has not been stopped but he will

  21. jayme sousa says:

    The 702 FISA application for surveillance forms were tainted with misinformation (application for wire tapping). Also, the “Steele Dossier” used for the first of four warrants was never “vetted.” Each FISA warrant request (all FISA warrants are 98.4% granted) used “The Steele Dossier” as basis for evesdropping and surveillance of AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. Now, the counter argument is, “Well Each Fisa Warrant Request has 10 supporting documents attached.” (these would be the 302 forms). Remember, ALL 302 Forms were heavily altered and re-worded. Original 302 attached Forms were non-recognizable, altered. So, the whole process, from beginning to present moment has been completely corrupted for political purposes…lapdog MSM is carrying all Obama/Eric Holder/Biden water. Pray. Amen, God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128.

  22. Bob Hunt says:

    I believe AG Sessions should appoint a special counsel but I wouldn’t recommend anyone from the FBI!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Thing is, I don’t know where he’d get one from in the DoJ or gov’t; it’d almost have to be someone from outside, from the private sector, because it appears the entire Hoover bldg is INFESTED!

      • David in MA says:

        How about a dual citizen who is connected to MOSSAD?

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Such a citizen MIGHT work, if he’s not a left-leaner. I prefer someone who can set aside his personal biases as much as humanly possible and just follow the evidence and facts, if at all possible to locate such a person these days.

  23. Aline says:

    The WORSE PIECE OF GARBAGE ………..EVER!!! Lock the SOB NOW!!!!

  24. Jim Compton says:

    SOB’s at the top (read dems) get away with lies etc. but let some poor sob rob a liquor store and he gets 20 years in the pen. The top should always be held to tighter regulations/punishment. Nixon left office in a helicopter smiling and waiving at the crowd.
    What in hell is wrong!!!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Satan is still “Prince of the power of the air” for the present and getting near to achieving his goal; of course he knows it will be short-lived, and end in his ultimate and total defeat, but for now he’s “victorious”.

    • Helen Chestnut says:

      Richard Nixon was not impeached. He decided to resign to save our country from a long and dirty, investigation. Nixon, like all conservative Presidents was attacked and ridiculed by the left. Actually, Bill Ayers was one of America’s worse Marxist leading the anti-America during the Nixon years. You might remember that years later Obama started his Senate candidacy in the living room of Bill Ayers. The same people are leading the resistance against the Trump administration today. It was all planned in the 60’s and based on Saul Alinsky’s”Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s book was dedicated to Lucifer.

  25. Rick says:

    How far we’ve fallen as the great country she once was. It only took 58 years for the jaws of the left
    to almost tank her. I say that because I grew up when America was Great . The last president was manufactured
    by let me guess the Communist Party USA Chicago. Who never showed any real American values in 8 years. Chicago thug
    you guessed it. Surrounded by an entire admin of complicit criminals. Don’t forget the real Racketeers who assist everyday. You know
    the ones” We The People” send to look out for us but instead loo our for themselves. God help us. He did he gave us Donald Trump. MAGA
    Get rid of the Dems 2018 every one of them Sitters.

    • Patriot says:

      It’s been known that there was moozlim brotherhood in his circle! I don’t think anybody will go to prison for their crimes against the US. Only way is a special council and he brings in a grand jury. Until then nothing will happen unless We the People march on D.C. And drag them out our selves!

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Unfortunately, I fear you may well be correct that it will require an uprising of the people to accomplish anything concrete there. DoJ, DHS, the FBI and other intel and law enforcement agencies are stacked with Muslims in upper echelon positions from the Obama regime.

    • Lila Bracken says:

      You are right on Rick. Everything you say here is what a whole lot of us have said from the first! Thank you!

  26. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Looks like the whole freaking Obama regime needs to be investigated THOROUGHLY, from beginning to end, and all participants therein, with a view to serious jail time for all!

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