Barack Obama could not believe what one former ally just did to him

Barack Obama was left speechless.

Democrats are always united in fights against Donald Trump and the GOP.

But that just changed and Obama could not believe what one former ally just did to him.

Mike Morgan is a former FBI agent and served as Border Patrol chief for the final six months of Obama’s term in office.

But unlike other Obama appointees, Morgan has a mind of his own.

And he showed that off when he ripped Democrats and the media for resisting Donald Trump’s border wall.

The Daily Caller reports:

“My response is that those people that are saying that, anybody that says that, Tucker, is misinformed and they’re misleading the American people. So before I was even chief of border patrol, I served in the FBI for two decades,” Morgan stated. “One of my assignments was I led the El Paso office. From my office right on the border I could see Juarez. Every single day, Tucker, we worked with the DEA and all components of DHS and we worked human trafficking cases, we worked drug cases and we worked gang cases.”

He continued, “I would also say one last point is 127 border patrol agents have died. They didn’t die playing monopoly. They died, defending, being the frontline defenders of our borders, trying to apprehend the 17,000 people, the bad people, that Secretary Nielsen mentioned. I wonder if you asked their families if this was a manufactured crisis.”

“I do wonder that. I do wonder what people serving on the border of all backgrounds and political beliefs think when they hear the self-appointed experts on television refer to this as a manufactured crisis,” Carlson responded.

Morgan answered, “And I think that’s the point. Self-appointed experts. Go to the experts that are really working that. I’ll say, the president has done that. The president is talking to the leadership of CBP, and border patrol, and the rank and file, and those are experts and they are saying the wall works.”

Morgan made it clear that the officers in the field want the wall and believe it is necessary.

Only the fake news media and elected Democrats argue to the contrary.


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80 Responses

  1. henry says:

    Oh yes, I just love these articles that are written with the idea that the people that read it don’t know the truth, nor will spend the time looking it up! So, the real number of border patrol agents that have died is 40 not a hundred and something! Still that’s not all of it! Of those that have died 50% died in car accidents 18% died of health problems and 12% died from drowning! Yeah, I’d say that changes the article somewhat.

  2. John Ballinger says:

    After observing politics for 76 years and seeing how it has become is being used to ruin to even destroy our Constitution based federal government, I want nothing (0) nothing to do with politics. Politics has become a lost cause in Washington D C. D C has become a stinking cesspool (some say a swamp). The dammed-o- (swamp) rat party has become a party of graft, greed, and corruption The dammed-o-rat party has become a band of liars and haters and thieves to the core. They destroy every thing they touch. The Republicans are not much better. 98% of the republicans have sat on their lazy money grubbing rears and not lifted as much as a finger to challenge, to stop the destruction of the United States. Enter Donald Trump and His swamp rat control company. Not much politician here. Just swamp rat control and cesspool draining service. This is not a one man job. This could be the last chance true Americans will get to save our freedom and our country. Are we up to the challenge? Time will tell. John

    • I am a conservative Republican, but John, I think we have a stench on both sides of the aisle.

    • Steff says:

      I concur with your comments. We need to enforce term limits ourselves by helping to get qualified patriots to run for congressional seats to terminate the RINOs and establishment members for both the House and Senate. We also need to help get qualified patriots to run against the rampant , corrupt, lying, communists running as democrats or in office.

  3. Obama should be investigated by FBI

  4. Mark says:

    Why are these people really leaving a Carribean styled life?????
    Try Tourism! Try flowing their Valley and installing a Hydro Electric Power Plant.
    Financed by the World Bank, International Finance Group ” located in Wash. DC” and a Chinese group. Finland pulled out of the deal because things were getting ugly.
    Agua Zacara project.
    Ever wonder why you haven’t seen anything about where these people are coming from?

    • zee says:

      Thnx for a heads up re Agua Zarca Project. &
      have ‘briefed’ myself re this matter. 0thers should
      do the same. & not make stupid comm’s .(Ahem,)
      think correct sp. is Zarca.

  5. Esther says:

    The wall will cost much less than all the programs and schooling and medical costs to keep them here! Come on someone crush the numbers. You don’t have to be a math genius to see that!

  6. Yank says:

    The next time Schumer slams any furniture in the White House, a little Mexican man, who came here legally, should be sent over to Schumer’s seat and slap his baby ass into next year. If Nancy Pelosi points at ANYTHING, have that little Mexican man’s wife, who came here legally, go over and bitch slap her for being rude. They need to learn respect. The next individual who sites that Trump or anyone explaining the border emergency is misleading, lying or anything of the sort, make them explain their own personal experience(s) at the border. If they have no personal experience(s), turn their damned mic off and escort them out and go to the next individual! Get a real inside proof, on tape, that they are ALL talking out of their asses! Something this drastic might be the only way the Dems see how pompous, egotistical and full of sh*t they really are! Somebody else is pulling their, the Democrat’s, strings and that person or persons unknown needs to be identified and dealt with with extreme prejudice!

  7. Chuck2 says:

    It’s been suggested already, but for those that are resisting (and they do on most any and everything Pres. Trump pursues. etc…) it would be a tremendous feat to see them take over the jobs at the Border for a weekend or a week or whatever terms fit, and check their progress of how they can prove that a wall isn’t necessary!

  8. Barbara says:

    THANK YOU –Mike Morgan for stepping up and telling us the truth. I hope the rest of the dems also wee the light of truth.

    • Wm F says:

      Did you know that Obama is the same person as Osama bin Laden and he was
      our Pres. for 8 yrs. He was born in Africa, not in Hawaii. He is not an American,
      Michelle Obama is a man, the two girls are adopted. His friends are all terrorist,
      including MS-13, the Taliban. He is an American terroist. He should never have
      been our President.

      • Avi says:

        Cut the crap go to school and learn something like Chinese u idiot!

        • Lola Collins says:

          Sorry, but do you have some inside information that we don’t have? You don’t know, and we don’t know, but so much points to ”WmF” telling the truth. If you had read what we have read you might want to do your homework.

        • He’s not all wrong. I do believe he was a terrible POTUS. I fell for HIS TALENTED SPEAKY ABILITIES and voted Him to give him a chance. I realized HOW WRONG I WAS when he was, given the Nobel Peace Prize , FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT HIS COLOR. Nothing POLITICALLY ACCOMPLISHED AT ALL just talk and killing america. When in and now a multi millionaire. Every other POTUS goes and let’s the next POTUS do the people’s work who voted him/her in. NOT THIS EGOTISTIC RACIST POS

      • Lola says:

        All made up right-wing conspiracy BS – – even Trump has publicly accepted that President Obama was born in America. The rested is also manufactured garbage to manipulate people with empty minds who are too lazy or cult-like to research this is a fair way. No evidence behind any of this, just pure fantasy. Trump played some of this fantasy to get politically popular.

      • Julianne says:

        I agree totally..Obama without the beard…

  9. John says:

    I cannot believe what is going on in our country starting with 9/11, then Obama, the Clintons, Soros and political corruption. I hope to wake up one day soon and say it was just a bad dream and America wakes up as well. Trump is trying to correct this mess but the Demon Rats are trying to take control starting with Schumer and Pelosi. Some of the things that Obama, Clintons, Mcabe, Comey and other FBI and DOJ personnel have done are just being covered up and they are the ones the need to be investigated and locked up. I personally do not care about what Trump did before being elected and so far there has been no proof of him doing anything wrong now vs what other President’s have done while in office e.g. Obama, Clintons and the list goes on with Senators, Congressmen and DOJ corrupt officials. Wake up Americans and support our POTUS and MAGA.

    God Bless real Americans,

    Proud USA Veteran & Senior Citizen

    • Carol says:

      I agree totally! The Democrats have gone nuts….Why would any American ever vote for them? If they hate America, then they should move!!

      • Betty says:

        Hey, carol. Repeat what you just said above to those 800 federal workers now in total financial limbo, treated as Unpaid Slaves, working 40 to 60 hours a week, wondering how to feed their families facing the possible threat of ending of homeless, living on the streets, all Thanks entirely to that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT who only cares about getting his own way & cares Zero about the people currently hurting because of a certain Spoiled, Selfish, Stupid, Stinking, Bastard Brat & all the republican Asshole Kissing Retards of that Oval Office republican Retard.

        • Sulig says:

          I see help needed in many many places. What do you think they would do sit and twiddle their fingers and sit and stare and lose their home. I am sure they are not starving and losing their homes. You believe about anything wouldn’t you. Keep watching the fake news.dummy.

        • Brenda says:

          Naive aren’t you.

    • Sharon says:

      John, I agree with you 100%!! Seems to me we are just hollering to the wind. We won in 2016, BUT WE LOST SOMEHOW. Can you imagine what it would be like if evil hell ery won?

    • Avi says:

      Potus doesn’ t have a clue. The border may be needed bcs chinese ships arenow coming into ports along s. America. European ships to s american and Caribbean ports all these countries trading leaving America out ! We owe so much money to china and we r so much in debt that Russia Germany and China r now gaining power. They have NO Respect for this President! Better start learning Russian German Chinese.

    • Lola Collins says:

      Thank you for your service, and you post. I would add mueller to your list. He was not the mst honest FBI director either. If he were honest he would not have chosen so many ”unreiabele” men for his team for this witch hunt.

  10. bagster53 says:

    well the perverted keyan freak needs to be behind bars for all his illegal executive orders , and cops are still being killed because of the war on cops he started , just in , a 22 year old female cop killed ,only 2 weeks on the job , more blood on the kenyan freaks hands, he started all this b/s

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      In fact 2 young ladies in blue were killed on the same day; one in CA and the other in LA. CA is still reeling a bit over CPL Singh’s death there not long back as well. It seems like nearly every day now an officer is killed in the line of duty in the US somewhere. There’s no excuse for that.

  11. Ex Fed says:

    To clarify RTC’s comments. Obama was born August 4 1961 at 7.47 PM
    7lbs 10oz 19″Long 6″ wide shoulders Delivered by Dr James O.W. Ang’awa
    at Coast Provincial General Hospital in KENYA Certificate # 32018 Per FBI & CIA and Grand Mother and Step Brother copies of Birth Certificate ….He also used
    the Name Harrison J Burwell when filing for Social Security when In Chicago

    • Carol says:

      He is an illegitimate president!!!

      • JANICE says:

        An Illegitimate president that ruined our country. One day the truth about his Kenyan birth will come out. Then I hope the creep spends the rest of his life in prison, and because I believe he’s as gay as gay, so maybe he can be butt f’d every day. Would love to see that happen.

  12. Charles says:

    If anyone crosses the border illegally, he/she/it is an illegal and a felon and not eligible to reside here. The jobs being created by Trump’s policies are meant for Americans clear and simple. If these migrants want a better life, they should vote their politicians out or fight for their independence. We don’t what people who do not qualify to enter this country.
    Our politicians behave like unuchs without any idea how to govern. Just imagine what would transpire if our Government threatened to to conquer just one of those Central American countries !
    The borders would be closed and illegal immigrants would be invading our borders.

  13. Janet says:

    It was good to see someone on the “wrong” side making an honest “right” answer! The wall needs to be built! STOP CRUCIFYING SARAH SANDERS FOR BEING HUMAN! She apologized for what was a mistake – so now are they going to burn her at the stake!????

  14. Jasper says:

    So SAD Obuma was a useless piece for 8 treacherous years…a smooth-talking LAZY IDIOTQ!

  15. Carole ANNE Quinn says:





  16. Mytake says:

    Good for Mike Morgan. He has seen it first hand and dealt with it for real. That is what Obama should do. He needs to look reality in the face and realize what a coward he is. He cares only about himself and his muslum buddies.

    • don says:

      tell me one thing the democrats has done for america and americans since trump was elected but every day every hour every week every month every year but to destroy the president morning noon and night wake up america

  17. Mary Amoss says:

    Black assMuslim should have never been POTUS in the first place and Obama was the worst president in history and should have never been since he is illegal and Muslim! He is the Traitor who brought all of them here and his other Traitor Hillary! Go back to Kenya and stay there!

  18. Chuck says:

    Mike Morgan is I’m sure not the only Democrat to disagree with Pelosi and Schumer . This situation is about pure jealousy and hatered and as long as those two are in power nothing Trump tries to do will meet with their obstruction . Its time for some one with common sense take over the party and put them in their place. Thank you Mike Morgan for a true evaluation of the Boarder that is NO FAKE NEWS

  19. Edward McClaughry says:

    The wall is great but those that hire illegal immigrants should be fined sufficiently to discourage their existence.

    • mark says:

      Humm, Do you think Alexandra got that message with a $1,500 fine for not have worker comp?
      I didn’t think so!
      That is because it is unAmerican to pay workers comp on illegals!!!

  20. Michael Hughes says:

    One of the points that the Democrats are trying to make is that the proposed wall would not be 100% effective in curbing the illegal invasion and that, therefore, whatever the cost of such a wall, it is too high. Their alternative seems to be hiring enough border security agents to stand, arm in arm, across the full length of the border. How cost effective would that be? Assuming that the Democrats actually think vetting the foreigners swarming over the border illegally would be a GOOD idea, the cost of a wall as a PARTIAL solution to the problem (thus cutting down the number of border patrol agents needed) would seem to be a cost saving no-Brainerd.

  21. Rex says:

    Obama is cursed along with his family that’s what happens to evil men unless they repent of their ways.

    • 32eagle says:

      mutant is not a real man and I doubt very highly a real USA citizen-evil absolutely!!!and his wife is another mystery easily solved man or woman?does it matter?yes it does-first lady?the queen of England wants to know so why hide things?

  22. Michael says:

    Build the wall, President Trump. We, the “true” American People, are behind you all the way. Declare a national emergency, for it is that, and we need the wall, now. Congress could care less about the American People and their security, all they want is to control the people—sounds like communism to me. Thank you, President Trump, for standing up for this great country of ours and its people’s security.

  23. omegatalon says:

    Obama, Pelosi and Schumer all voted for the construction of a Border wall over a decade ago; the only reason why they’re against a Border wall is because a Republican is in the White House and being the opposition party.. they don’t want to give anything to Donald Trump.

  24. Michele Sweitzer says:

    They should give President much more than he asked for so the wall is a very good one. We have to make it impossible or at the very lease, so darn hard for the illegals to get through. I will for sure vote Trump for a second term.

  25. cb says:

    Ask Nancy just how many dead agents it takes to see that walls work? She needs to be there foe a month, she may see the casualties of not having a wall !!!! Hell, she might be one of them…..

  26. RTC says:

    Obama should never have been in office to start with, not cuz of his color but cuz of his birth certificate & for those that doesn’t know : Michelle was born as Michael LaVaughn Robinson, I knew him b4 his sex change. We need to reinstate the law to BAN Muslim from taking our higher offices

    • Michael says:

      There is that certain law bout Muslims does not belong in America. This goes way back during President Icenour days back in the 50s but democrats are not fallowing our present law. Democrats are trying to do away our constitutions or become lawless country. It is time to find democrats that loves America and get rid of those that hates America.

    • Jason Casteel says:

      RTC, I don’t believe there is a person on the planet that despises Obama more than I. However, I find this notion about Michelle being a man a little much to swallow.

      How is it that a biologically born man, had two children? To me, that is a sticking point. Although surgery can change the physical appearance of a man to a woman, biologically, they are still a man and would never be able to have children.

      Maybe there is something I am missing. I am not trying to doubt your post. On the contrary, I want this to be true. Please, do what you can do to substantiate this. Thank you.

      • Linda Gibson says:

        Obama adopted those girls with the help of that Reverend friend of his. This is common knowledge. Wake up people and stop voting for those you don’t research or know anything about their history. Obama admitted alot of this when he left office. This is old news.

  27. Fidel says:

    Hope I never see that creep Obama bathhouse, I’d go straight to jail. Yes I’d destroy him.

  28. Navy PO2 says:

    Obama who?

  29. Tommie says:

    The Muslim never liked America but; He loves the money that he made and still makes!!!!

  30. Tom says:

    Obama is a useless P.O.S.

  31. vonniue says:

    this ass should leave this country him and his old lady never liked America any way go back to Kenya where hew was bvorn

  32. Mike W says:

    In 2013 ALL 52 democrats in the senate voted for a $46,000,000,000 bill introduced by Sen. Chuck Schumer for border security including fencing. That is a hell of a lot more than President Trump is asking for. The bill never made it to the floor for a vote in the GOP controlled congress. I would remind Schumer and the democrats that it was NOT President Trump who opposed them in fact he appears to agree with them. Is what we are seeing revenge for not passing Schumer’s bill back then or is their anti-Trump hatred so convoluted that they vote against what even they want? How petulant – as Nutty Nancy put it.

  33. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    Research speeches from DEMOCRATS , The two CLINTONS, OBAMA,

  34. I thank the president is correct about the border..He has been there and seen what is going on
    He talks to the people in charge so he will know the problem. The dems wants it to go on the way it
    is because they hate Trump. But Trump cares about the people and the usa And we the people need
    to back him so we can stop the open bordes..Lets stand against the dems and BUILD THE WALL

  35. Karl says:

    ODUMBA was a disaster and should never have been president. He hates America and is a muslim whether he admits it or not. He is the only person that ever held that office and is technically an illegal

    • Joann says:

      Yes I agree Obama was born in Kenya I remember Michelle speaking at a university saying that when they went back to his homeland and his grandmother on the news saying she was there at his birth Obama needs to go back to Kenya where he was born take his whole damn family with them bunch of corrupt Democrats who made millions while they were in the White House

  36. Audie Jordan says:

    I heard the interview with Officer Morgan. Not everyone who worked for The Government under Obama was a liberal/leftist nutcase.

    Had Obama gotten what he wanted, still wants, “President for Life”, he would have gotten rid of all who did not agree completely w/ him.

    I commend Officer Morgan.

  37. Steff says:

    Morgan just stated common sense. It appears that not all of Odummy’s appointees are stupid and unpatriotic. Maybe more of them will stand up and be counted now.

    • Karl says:

      ODUMBA was a disaster and should never have been president. He hates America and is a muslim whether he admits it or not. He is the only person that ever held that office and is technically an illegal

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